Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blog Exchange Questions

Last year, we were involved with an exchange of questions between SB and leading up to the game. This year they reached out to us to do the same. Warning: These questions are deep, and worth answering. Give it your best shot.

1. Do you think Paschall will be able to complete over 90% of his passes against Phil Bennett's defense? We understand he was probably the highest recruited QB that TCU has ever signed, so we're expecting big things now that Red Baby Jesus has graduated.

2. Are you impressed that Gary Patterson can be so successful as a coach when he clearly spends a significant amount of time surfing the Baylor internet message boards?

3. If TCU played a legitimate Strength of Schedule, what BCS school do you think they would most likely be on par with? Show your work.

4. Is every TCU player sporting an ankle tat in solidarity with their 45-ish year old super fan almost got to know Coach Kaz personally?

5. How long do you think the Big East football conference will last before it disbands and where does TCU go after that?


Lyle Lanley said...

Wow. Those questions are dripping with condescension- and why not, Baylor won a bowl game as recently as 1992!

Hilarious how butthurt they are about that video of their meathead, President Camacho-looking assistant coach getting butthurt at some harmless shit talk after an epic beatdown. I especially love it how the guy acts as if his super-scary aggression has shut up the hecklers...who continue to heckle.

Armyfrog2000 said...

1. Yes. Coach F. will has Casey ready and it won't hurt when we run for 300+ yards on their sorry asses...
2. Coach P. Knows more about Baylor than a Southern Baptist asses know about suppressing their man-on-man love wet yes as always we are impressed with CGP.
3. How about TCU circa 2012. That's the type of question I would expect from a fan based and team that sucks off the tit of the University of Texas...AKA the Longhorn Network...oh and your team has won how many conference championships?
4. Yes and...we will still kick your sorry asses on Friday and every time we step on the field with a team that hangs their hat on loosing the Texas Bowl.

Rotten Arsenal said...

1. No, I fully expect that our new QB will be thrown off from time to time by the incomprehensible, chaotic movements of a new Phil Bennett defense that the mentally challenged defensive players will need at least 2 seasons to figure out whether they are the X's or O's. So, I figure Pachall will have several incomplete passes from laughing at Baylor guys running into each other.

2. Patterson doesn't read Baylor boards. He has assistants for that. Patterson is too busy watching game film of previous Baylor games and trying to figure out how the hell the Big 12 hasn't kicked you out of the conference.

3. What difference does it make. That's like asking: "If Baylor knew how to play football, could they win the Sun Belt?"

4. Naw, they just didn't want to be confused with the Baylor players who got tramp stamps in support Coach Kaz.

5. Longer than the Big 12 and I don't know where we'll end up. I can assure you it won't be the Sun Belt since they won't be needing any new members after Baylor joins.

LOLfolding said...

1. Completing 90% of one's passes is something players really only do against practice squad level talent. If 90% is the target we're setting, I think he can miss by a solid 25 pips and still hang 30 points tomorrow night.

2. CGP is fully dedicated to his program, spending his time searching out every bit of motivation he can find, even if he must lower himself to a message board which makes 2 girls 1 cup look pleasant in comparison.

3. It would appear from this simple Google search that TCU's SOS from last year is some 20 slots higher than Baylor's and nestled somewhere in the NC State/Notre Dame range. Baylor appears to have edged out Duke, so...kudos for that.

4. Solidarity is important on a football team. I really don't know anything about this ankle tat business, but I'm thankful the women around TCU are permitted to show their ankles if that counts for anything.

5. With a TV contract coming up for negotiation very soon, I anticipate the conference will enjoy many years of competition. Having teams join a conference is good. Having teams sawing off their own arm to get out of a conference is bad.

In all honesty, I'm anxious to watch the Baylor athletic program flail about and ultimately die a slow death once the Big 12 passes. You once left TCU on the side of a barren road and the program clawed back through some pretty retarded conferences to post a 13-0 record and win the most revered bowl game in the country. In the same amount of time, Baylor has effectively done nothing with the gift of a major conference, squandering over a decade of prime recruiting and fielding one of the most laughable FBS programs each year. Enjoy what's left of the easy living in the shadow of a $100MM UT athletic program because the world apart from Bevo is a very different place.

cmlakey said...

Hmmmmmmmm okay, I'll play:

1. Paschall probably won't get to pass too much considering we'll pretty much just be running the clock out after the first quarter.

2. You didn't hear?? GP is omnipotent; he knows all things.

3. I guess we'll find out what a BCS conference is like next year, whereas y'all will get to find out what a non-AQ is like. Don't worry though, I think the Mountain West will have an open spot.

4. I'll answer your question with another question. What's more embarrassing, a "45-ish-year-old" guy with an ankle tat or a coach representing a holier than thou school unable to control himself and threatening violence against said ankle tat fan?

5. An extension of #3. The Big East will be around after next year, which cannot be said with any certainty of the Big-whatever you call yourselves and no, you're not invited.

Kelly said...

It's PACHALL not Paschall.

VikingFrog said...

1. No

2. Yes

3. No

4. No

5. Yes