Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Big Purple Headed Horned Frog Computer

I found out today that the Big Black Cowboy's Computer has a younger brother that used to work in the TCU library. With all the updates going on at TCU he became a little outdated and obsolete, so he reached out to me and asked if we might be interested in paying him a little extra something on the side to appear on our blog and talk sports with our readers.

He sounded pretty desperate and has acquired all sorts of Viruses over the years, so I figured we could help him out and give him a shot. Plus he asked to be paid in Free AOL subscription discs so he could get back to his pornography collecting, so I'm sure I have a couple of those laying around somewhere to give him.

Ladies beware... his sense of humor is a little sexist, but I don't have much control over what he says as his spam filters haven't been updated in years.

Thanks to Gordon Keith and the Musers for making his black brother so famous and allowing us to give Purple another chance at life.


shortnkerley's said...

First of all- fuck yes. I'm completely thrilled this happened.

Second. Yes, we should be concerned that the defense isn't up to par, but hopefully they grow up and improve as the season goes on. That's all we can ask for, or else passing teams will give us fits all season.

VikingFrog said...

Nursefrog, sorry for BPHHFC's crude jokes. Hopefully if he earns enough money he can upgrade his McAfee subscription and tell some better jokes.

I'm extremely concerned with our offense. We have become so used to being the #1 offense in the nation and playing hard-nose defense that I don't even know what to think. Amazingly we have an offense that seems to be able to put points up at will as well.

But SDSU and Boise State really worry me on the schedule ahead if we can't shore things up in the secondary.

The good thing is I feel if we can get the defense taken care of, this team will be salty and force to be reckoned with.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

hay ya hah hyahyaha. Congratulations, you have officially eased the loss of frog talk/ask a frog.

I think we should be concerned only if the scoreboard gets super dinged this weekend against ULM. Last week was a vast improvement over the Baylor disaster, and the score would've been lower had we played the starters the entire game and without Pachall's fumble. They'll round into form. It won't be a top ranked defense for the billionth straight year, obviously, but it will function.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

If SDSU scares you, watch tape of their game last week against Army. OOOGLLAAAYYYY performance. Clearly they'll get better between now and then, but so will we.

VikingFrog said...

Interchange the word defense for the word offense wherever necessary in my comment.

NurseFrog31 said...

I would like to say I was offended, but having lots of military friends, I have heard all of those before. He definitely needs knew material.

I was worried about SDSU, but after that Army game, I'm confident we will wipe the floor with them this year. If that is a team that barely put together a win over one of the worst teams in college football, we should be fine. The only team I'm worried about now is Boise. But even then, we still have a lot of time to get the defense ready for that one, and will stand a pretty good chance if they grow up and "hunt together" as GP says.

We'll also do better if Ross never sees the field. Just go for 2 every TD.

CounselorFrog said...

Gotta be one of my favorite bits. Hi ya ha, hi ya ha

BuckNasty said...

Has anybody noticed that we are currently ranked 112th out of 120 in total defense?