Sunday, September 25, 2011

And the Academy Award goes to...

Portland State Vikings
#84 Justin Monahan

Majoring in: Business Management and Leadership Bad Acting

Congrats jackass, I found something to legitimately hate about your team. The dive you took in the 4th Quarter would make Christiano Renaldo proud. That was really world class... like World Cup class even. It even kind of looked like you lifted yourself up by the back of the jersey before you fell down. I can only guess that the refs just felt pity for your team at that point and decided to help you save some face... I mean, really dude, they MUST have thrown that flag as a way to make people think that maybe there actually could have been interference caused by our guy's finger on your shoulder pad and not that you look like a complete moron falling on the ground. I wish I had been a ref on that one so that I could have thrown you an Oscar and given you the mic so that you could give a short speech thanking everyone before the band played you off.
I can only hope that one day I'll meet you in a stairwell so that I can poke you in the back and watch you fling yourself down the stairs.

Here, please enjoy this video of other complete douchbags falling on the ground for no good reason:


J said...

You're the idiot for having such a stupid website! You shouldn'tnominate yourself for "the dead beat worthless human being award"!

Rob L. said...

Wow, my 12 year old nephew comes up with better insults than J.

Rotten Arsenal said...

"You shouldn'tnominate yourself for 'the dead beat worthless human being award'!"

Okay "J(ustin Monahan)", I won't then. Not sure how this is even an insult.

Meanwhile, I amazed you were able to get to the computer and type this message without the help of a official. Seems like some ref should have thrown a yellow flag and given your IQ an interference call.