Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Varsity - Fort Worth

Two friends of Spitblood have opened The Varsity - Fort Worth next to our founding father's favorite bar, The Qui Lounge. Finally, Frog Faithful have more variety when searching for apparel and merchandise to support TCU. The grand opening was yesterday, and from what I've heard they were well received. They're online store will be up and running soon, but check out some of what they have to offer on their facebook page.

If you have any ideas of what else you would like to see them carry, let's hear it in the comments section or you can always email They are open to ideas and are here to give the fans what they want.

A note from the owners:

After years of the same old merchandise from area stores and websites, you finally have a fresh option for TCU gear. The Varsity - Fort Worth will open on August 17th at 3515 Bluebonnet Circle. We carry men's, women's, children's, and all kinds of other great TCU merchandise. Our website will be up shortly after. Until then come check us out.

Go Frogs!

Beau & Andrew


VikingFrog said...

They should stay open till 2:00 am. I'd probably make some sweet impulse buys walking out of the Oui post game day.

LENEtown Fizzle said...

it would be a good idea to sell beer

D said...

That and a purple gator skin couch to sit on while I watch hot models try on multiple styles of post game lingerie