Thursday, August 11, 2011

Top Hoop Recruit Visiting TCU

While the Aggots in College Station are causing a stir by leaving the now falsely-named Big 12, TCU is starting to see the benefits of its manifest destiny from the big Big East coast matriculation.

Warning - breaking, freshly baked and piping hot sports news from the Twitter-verse:
This morning, Class of 2013's Julius Randle, a left-handed sophomore hooper from Prestonwood Christian Academy in N. Dallas, tweeted that he and two other highly touted recruits (Matt Jones of the Memphis, TN area & Marquan Botley of Dallas) were visiting the beloved campus in Fort Worth, TX.

According to, Randle is a 6-9 Dallas-native, ranked as the #1 power forward and #3 recruit nationwide. And let's not overlook that the name, Julius; which gives him a competitive advantage at just about any sport not involving Europe or water. Either way, he will be measuring the goal heights, swiping the window sills with his index finger in a rubber glove and inspecting the facilities in the coming days at the grain solo, known as Daniel Meyer Collesium. also described him as, "Marvin Williams meets Caron Butler with a Kevin Garnett-ish motor." Now... while I am not sure that makes sense or even what the hell that means, I knows he can dunk the baw and stuff. I also know that he has quite the list of serious suitors: Ohio State (cheaters), OU (cheaters), Mizzou (meh), KU (most likely to land him) and Texas (please, no).

This is great news considering crowd favorite and possibly best player, Ronald "Tuffy" Moss, has left the team after a frictional season with the Frogs. Just the fact that Julius "The Juice" Randle (too soon for nickname?) is visiting TCU, shows that the stout competition in the Big East is already shining brightly upon the face of the Horned Frogs' basketball program. The other recruits that are accompanying Randle are no slouches either. Both are ranked highly at their respective positions and are being recruited heavily by the nations top schools.


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