Tuesday, August 2, 2011

TCU's 2012 Big East Schedule....Take 2

I guess Brett McMurphy of CBS got some bad info earlier today, because now he's amended what he believes TCU's schedule will be the first year in the Big East. NOW he's saying:

-West Virginia
-South Florida


In addtion, he is also reporting that TCU's first home game at the completed stadium will be against Grambling. I know some of you don't like I-AA opponents or bands, but (if this is true)Grambling's band is going to absolutely clown our own band and they'll create additional demand for tickets. OU, UVA, West Virginia, Louisville, Cincinnati, South Florida and Grambling is a home schedule that will sell, pardon my french, a shitload of season tickets. I would even wager that every game would be sold out...and then some considering the rumored standing room-only areas in the new version of the stadium.

All this being said, I guess we all ought to wait until TCU announces this officially before we start booking any flights...


LA Frog said...

Opening the new stadium against Grambling! Is this guy making a bad joke?

VikingFrog said...

I thought I'd heard we were opening against OU?

Did I mishear?

LA Frog said...

I really hope for OU on the Sept 1, 2012 to open the new stadium -- does Grambling sell more tickets than a home date against Boise St? They owe us! And they have an open date in Sept in 2012. I say go "balls to the wall" in 2012 -- no cupcakes

ThunderFrog said...

No cupcakes would be awesome. I really wish GP would quit the whole "we have to play a D-2 school" thing. It always feels like a major waste of money.

Travis said...

VikingFrog: I don't think you misheard nor "misremembered" as the Rocket might say. I too thought I read that OU was first home game?
LA Frog: I like the Boise idea. Of course they would bitch and moan(they do that anyway since last season) because they would want a return game. You see, this year "wouldn't count" since we were conference foes and they already played a game in Ft.Worth.(Bowl game-2003) I hate them almost as much as Notre Dame and Texas!

How about UT once they go independent after this year? They will need to fill a schedule. Gladly do a home and home!

Rabble Rouser said...

While playing OU in a brand spanking new ACS on the opening weekend of the 2012 season would be amazing with all the hype and anticipation, I kinda hope we do open against Grambling so we can get a tune up before what could very well be the defending national champs.