Thursday, August 25, 2011

TCU-Baylor Game Day Weather

Barring the major change in the weather pattern that we've been waiting for all summer long, it looks like the Frogs' season opener against Baylor is going to be a hot one. The Weather Channel's 10-day forecast for Waco calls for a high of 103 on September 2nd, with a low of 78...which means it'll still be well above 90 when the game ends. I forget, which of these teams has had a cramping problem in the heat during their last few meetings?

And if you're wondering about the picture, that's the first image that popped up when I typed "meteorologist" into google images.


shortnkerley's said...

That is sexist and I'm offended.

NurseFrog31 said...

I'm not offended... just confused why that is the first image that comes up.

shortnkerley's said...

Because Mr. Google is a dirty, dirty pervert. Duh.