Friday, August 12, 2011

Spitblood Predictions

Miss Cleo, WTF is going on with the Big 12 (-2-1)???

So with all this talk of aggy finally moving out of the house of UT and headed to the SEC, obviously there are going to be some MAJOR shake ups in the college football landscape in this region. So where does everyone wind up? It looks like FSU might join aggy in the SEC, so where would that put the remaining member of the University of Texas 9? Does the Big East add some more football members, maybe an OU, Ok. State, Missouri or Kansas/K State? Does Texas try to renegotiate and make it a little bit more of a fair shake than the current fistfuck of a situation they have the other members not named OU in? Is there even going to be a conference based in the Southwest anymore, which could be the biggest hotbed for football talent in the country? If/when Baylor and Tech come calling, do we even listen, or do we relegate those fringe teams to obscurity by watching them waste away in a depleted WAC, or hopefully, in Baylor's case, The Sun Belt? Before people get all up in arms about how silly my thoughts on Tech and Baylor are, please know that it's Friday morning and I'm in an optimistic mood about seeing those programs get what the deserve.

Also, does this finally signal what all UT fans want, which is a move to independence? All UT fans, alums and T-shirts alike, will claim this to be a victory for them, but they are suffering from a Billy Madison-esque case of Loser Denial. The Aggies called their bluff, beat them to the punch, and now have left them scrambling again, but they'll be fine because they're UT. Really, all I want is for Tech and Baylor to be screwed over, and judging by the panic on all the Baylor fan sites, I'd say there's a pretty good shot. It'll be hard to ride UT's coat tails when they are independent, Baylor.

So, let me know what you think will happen in the comments section. As usual, any sort of crack pot scheme is accepted and appreciated, because, in all seriousness, none of us have any clue, and the person who probably knows more than anyone else is too busy trying to become the President of the United States right now.


Tanner said...

oldie, but still hilarious.

Rabble Rouser said...

-SEC adds A&M to the SECw and an ACC school to the SECe (VT, FSU, etc..)
-ACC fills the spot with WVU
-TCU is stuck joining a conference they didn't sign up for much like Boise was when they joined the MWC then BYU, Utah, and TCU bailed.
-Not sure what Big 12 does but they won't be adding the Frogs anytime soon. Probably Houston, BYU, Air Force, Louisville, etc...
-The greedy assholes at UT officially have ruined cfb as we know it.
-I really enjoy the irony that we can't go to a playoff because of the traditions of the bowl games but then have no problem throwing away traditions in conference reallignment which is nothing more than a money grab. So ghey.

Rotten Arsenal said...

My favorite part (I'm now lurking at Tech and Baylor Message Boards) is how they (Baylor especially) seem to think that if the Little 9 comes offering us a spot in their increasingly weak conference, that we'd jump at the chance. Oh, and that BYU and Notre Dame would also be shoe ins.
Notre Dame and BYU are never going to join a conference that they'd have to compete with UT for $$. Delusional as always.

shortnkerley's said...

Rabble- Big 12 falls apart without UT and A&M, in my opinioin. They cant fall back on just OU and Okie Lite. Conference will be snatching up the remaining teams like crazy, except of course for the Baylor's and Iowa State's of the world.

FrogHorn07 said...

1) ATM and FSU go SEC
2) Syracuse, WV or South Florida goes ACC to get back to 12 teams
3) Texas goes indy
4) The Big 12 (now short 4) offer BYU and TCU to get back to 10 teams
5) Big East offer UCF, Houston and SMU to get to 10 teams
6) CUSA raids Sun Belt or WAC for a team or three to get to 10 or 12 teams.

shortnkerley's said...

Norm made a good point on the ticket just now- why would you leave another conference to go to the Big 12, which is completely falling apart? Any remaining Big 12 teams that think that is a viable option are delusional, but that's something we've clearly accused many of their fan bases of being in the past.

Rotten Arsenal said...

If BEast and/or ACC get raided, I can see a Super League made up of the best of those left. Good Basketball/bad football might get jettisoned for football, but damn would that be one hell of a basketball conference if they merged.
I just don't see TCU joining whatever the Big 12 becomes. Texas owns the league by money, but it's OU's league based on winning. Can't see the Okie teams sticking around to be led around on a leash by UT. Most likely though, UT goes independent, Okie teams join Big10/SEC as the Superconferences start, Tech begs the Pac, and Baylor is screwed.
I can see very soon that we end up with probably four superconferences composed of SEC/PAC/Big10/and a BEast/ACC hybrid.

Cro-magnon Frog said...

I think Big 12 is done. I think Big east loses 1 team to the ACC maybe West Virginia. but then replaces it with someone else. maybe 2 teams like a Kansas and Kansas St.

The main reason why I think the Big East is more viable long term than the Big 12-2-1 is because the power is more spread out in the Big East. One team does not control everything. So if one or two teams leave. We can replace them. But if Texas leaves, the conference crashes. If any other team leaves, texas will say screw it and then the conference crashes.

You can't show me any 1 team that can kill the Big East like that and that is why I think we make our way through this whole conference shuffling OK.

Frogger98 said...

The legislature steps in at the last minute and prevents chaos because of Baylor and Tech being totally screwed by this.

The SEC, who is now thinking they want a presence in Texas calls up TCU and sees how serious it is about the BEast.

We leap with FSU and end up in the best conference in the country.

This is the craziest scenario I could think of.

The Showstopper said...

Big East is in a position of power with the new TV contract coming (much more lucrative than the ACC).

FSU leaves for SEC. Big East takes VaTech & Miami back and takes UVA because they're attached at the hip with the Hokies now.

The Dude said...

Seeing as how the Big East is PRIMARILY a basketball conference, inviting KU in makes the most sense. K-State would probably come along for the ride.

Rotten Arsenal said...

I don't know what's gonna happen, but I find it hilarious that Techtards seem to think ND would love to join whatever's left of the Big 12, and for that matter, they'd lure Air Force and BYU.

The Showstopper said...

The Big East will thrive from this. Why? Notre Dame. Notre Dame wants to continue as an independent in football and needs a strong conference for their other sports. It's in their best interests to help the Big East survive and thrive - which they will do.