Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spitblood Magazine Review: Texas Monthly

So I saw the new Texas Monthly yesterday and picked it up. Gotta say though, the cover was a little disappointing. We made the cover, but since it's a fold out cover, we're primarily on the part that is hidden when displayed on the newsstand. Baylor and Tech are there though, with their soon to be divorced parents. Of course, the photographer is an Aggie who I guess still can't completely shake that Big 12 bias and would rather have crappy conference mates front and center than show the best Texas football team from 2010.

So, open it up and there we are... with UTEP, SMU, Houston, UNT, and Rice.

And then there's this...

I guess we've found Andy Dalton's Evil/Short Bus twin/clone brother.

So, quick review:

Texas Monthly: College Football Madness 2011 Issue

Good: TCU is (sorta) represented on the cover, Coach P gets a nice big 6 page story about him, not overly UT happy, SMU ties with Rice and UNT for fewest fans on the cover (2)

Bad: Big 12 dominates the front cover, Dumb interview with Mack Brown, Fools have the pony winning the Mascot Death Match

Goofy: 5 pages about the new UT-San Antonio football team, Weird ass Andy Dalton looking Baylor fan, Absurd "National Lampoon's Vacation" parody poster featuring Rick Perry


VikingFrog said...

I can happily say I've partied with the painted up TCU fan on the cover, while he was painted up, and I was so glad he didn't remove it.

Also, I'm not too upset about being on the crack. Sometimes I like hanging around in the crack.

shortnkerley's said...

That UT chick on the cover is smokin. Someone find her for me and I'll um, convert her into a frog fan.

Jack Burton said...

by convert, shortnkerley means creep the shit out of...