Friday, August 26, 2011

Spitblood Friday Award Predictions

Alright, so we are one week away from the season starting with the inevitable curb-stomping of Baylor (yeah, I said it). So I'm asking you, the spitblood readers, to make a couple predictions for how things shake out this season. It's seeming to become an annual thing that TCU has at least one guy win a national award or at least get nominated for one, thus getting to spend a raucous weekend at Disney World's plethora of theme parks infested with white trash who have their children on dog leashes. A few that come to mind over the past few years are Jake Kirkpatrick (Rimington winner), Tejay Johnson (Thorpe finalist), Jerry Hughes (name the award and he was nominated), and an a few others who got to stand up on stage as they announced the Walter Camp All-American teams.

So who is going to be the guy(s) up for national recognition this year? Also, do you see anyone on the roster who is still young but could potentially make a push for some major national attention in the years to come? Feel free to predict this year's Heisman as well, or maybe just predict which high profile player will be the next one to send his school up shit creek without a paddle due to cheating, since that seems to be an annual thing as well. As usual, I'm up to hear any sort of Friday morning hungover, foggy-brained theories that y'all have as well.


Angry Trey said...

I think Tank, Brock, Wesley, and Boyce will all get alot of recognition.

Lyle Lanley said...

I think Tank's got a good shot at either the Butkus or Lombardi awards.

I'm going with Trent Richardson for this year's Heisman.

hiphopfroggy said...

one word....Josh Boyce

shortnkerley's said...

Agree with Angry Trey. Congrats on your #4 TCU blogger status. We have since been demoted to 6th. Tank and Brock could both be All-Americans, but I think Tank has potential to be an award finalist for the Butkus award. Wesley has so much help in the backfield that he may go unnoticed nationally though. It'll be hard for him to duplicate last season with so many other talented fresh legs in there. I see Boyce being a big star, but the WR's this year are too talented and plentiful. With ESPN/BE games to come, he will emerge as the face of our offense over the next few seasons.

I'll go semi-dark horse for Heisman and take Robert Griffin III. HAHAHAHA, yeah freaking right. Marcus Lattimore out of South Carolina. If they win the SEC East again, I think he'll be the reason.

And the next player to screw over his program is...Anyone at Florida State. You don't just wade through mediocrity for a decade then start randomly inking top 5 recruiting classes right when a guy named Jimbo takes over...

Angry Trey said...

Hahaha thanks Short N Kerleys...I put alot of stock into that #4 ranking...Its real to me damn it!

Also like that Trent Richardson for Heisman pick by Lyle. That dude is going to be a handful this season.

Spit Purple said...

Tank is a Butkus finalist, Broughton turns into a first three rounds draft pick, Boyce is an all-American in '12, too many RBs for one to truly shine and I'll branch away from the SEC to say that Landry Jones wins the Heisman.

ItsAlreadyBeenBroughton said...

Tank and Maponga get 1st team All American nods. Either Dr. Ed or Mother Tucker emerges as a Doak Walker Finalist. Boyce 2nd team All American.

HFrog77 said...

You guys are too conservative. Remember you heard it here first:

Carder wins the Butkus award.

Pachall wins the Heisman enroute to TCU winning their first national championship in 70+ years.

You gotta dream!

And shortnkerley's -- the next player to screw his program was announced today: LSU QB Jordan Jefferson. Arrest warrant issued for him and LB Josh Johns for the recent bar fight.

FrogHorn07 said...

Boyce- Biletnikoff finalist
Carter- Wins Butkus, Bednarik semi-finalist, Nagurski semi-finalist
Brock- Butkus semi-finalist
Maponga- Hendricks semi-finalist
Wesley- Walker semi-finalist
McCoy- Thorpe semi-finalist

shortnkerley's said...

Well there you have it, HFrog 77. I guess kicking a guy's face in at bar is frowned upon even if you are the starting QB. What a freaking moron.

Boyce of Summer said...

Kyle Padron- The career stops here award
Zach Line- the sportsmanship award
RG3 & Kendall Wright- cutest couple
Jordan Jefferson- Most likely to be seen on cops