Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Scouting the 2011 opponents: Portland State

There are a lot of TCU fans out there that do not like see the Frogs playing FCS (Division I-AA) teams, but the reality of it is that schools from the lower classification of Division I are on the schedules of plenty of teams out there. Nowadays with a twelve-game regular season, a lot of conferences playing nine conference games and a lot of other teams scared to play TCU (don't everyone look at the barren wasteland of Lubbock all at once), you can probably expect an FCS team on TCU's schedule just about every year- like it or not. My only real beef with this scheduling strategy is that, for the sake of these posts, there is no preview of FCS teams on Having to lift a finger to do my own research makes me grumpy.

This year, the Frogs welcome Portland State to the half-completed Amon G. Carter Stadium on September 24th for an untelevised, daytime kickoff. A quick primer for those of you like me that are just now learning of the existence of Portland State University, it is a public school located in downtown Portland, Oregon. It was founded in 1946 and has a student body of nearly 30,000. Their football team, the Vikings, shares a stadium with the Portland Timbers of something called the MLS. Notable alumni of the school include SMU head coach June Jones, Kurt Cobain's ex-wife and unconvicted murderer Courtney Love and Miss America 2002, Katie Harman. Current Vikings' coach Nigel Burton took over from Jerry Glanville, who was the head coach from 2007-2009. You might remember Glanville as the head coach of the Houston Oilers ('86-'89) and Atlanta Falcons ('90-'93), but probably more from his video game: Jerry Glanville's Pigskin Footbrawl.

On the field, the Vikings were 2-9 in 2010, which was their fourth consecutive losing season. That schedule featured a 69-0 loss to Oregon and a 54-9 loss to Arizona State. The two wins came against Idaho State and familiar face to TCU, UC-Davis. They are led on offense by a pair of seniors, quarterback Connor Kavanaugh and running back Cory McCaffrey. Kavanaugh threw for 1,109 yards and ran for 506 in a season that was cut short by injury. McCaffrey led the team with 1,287 rushing yards and 10 TD's. Senior safeties Manua Latu and DeShawn Shead are the team's returning leading tacklers, having totaled 123 between them last year. Carl Sommer is a senior defensive end that led the team with 4 sacks.

2011 Portland State Football Preview...from their own athletic site


purplepeopleater said...

I'm not complaining or anything and I dont know the facts but uhh, didnt Notre Dame wanna come to Fort Worth this year?

Lyle Lanley said...

That's the first I've heard of that. Judging by the way other schools have avoided coming to Fort Worth like the plague in recent years, I'd say it's probably not true.

shortnkerley's said...

Considering their road schedule consists of Michigan, Purdue, Pitt (3 pretty common ND opponents), Wake and Stanford, I don't know where they would've wanted to sandwich us in, nor do I see why they would want to. Hadn't heard a word about that either, but who knows. It may have been discussed, but I dont see a big "power" like Notre Dame jumping at the opportunity to come to FW with no return game. That would be silly (see TCU v. Wisconsin rematch that never was).