Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Scouting the 2011 opponents: Louisiana-Monroe

With ongoing construction at Amon Carter Stadium, TCU officials wisely scheduled the first two games of the 2011 season on the road, but the Frogs will be making their home debut on September 17th against Louisiana-Monroe...a late-in-the-game substitution after Texas Tech cancelled. The game is slated for a 1:00pm kickoff, and I'm sure we'll be out of this 100 degree-plus streak by then, right?

This is usually where I'd usually throw some ULM stats at you or tell you about the stars of their team like sophomore QB Kolton Browning, senior WR Luther Ambrose and junior linebacker Cameron Blakes. I could tell you that Warhawks' head coach Todd Berry feels like this may finally be the year ULM has an above-.500 season in Division IA/FBS/whatever they're calling it these days. But really, I'm not sure of a way of describing them as anything but a cupcake for the Frogs. I hate to provide bulletin board material for an opponent, but everyone involved in this game knows that TCU ought to win comfortably if they stay focused and execute. If this game is closer than expected or if ULM pulls off what would be a monumental upset, it will be more about TCU's failures rather than the Warhawk's successes.

One other note about this team is that they have an assistant coach you might recognize. Their defensive tackles coach is none other than three-time world champion and two-time Pro Bowler Leon Lett. So you Cowboys fans out there can either praise him for his contributions to those titles...or deride him for his two famous bone-head plays. Personally, I thought the Don Beebe play in the Super Bowl was funny, because the game had been decided way earlier. The field goal thing in that snowy Thanksgiving game against the Dolphins, though, still makes me pretty angry.

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Dan Beebe=Big 12 commissioner.
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