Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Notable Wins of Gary Patterson: 1st Iron Skillet

“When you have a younger football team, you can’t want too much from them at one time, because they can’t give it to you. This weekend we worked on that and creating a sense of urgency on both sides of the ball and I think we accomplished that goal.” CGP (Skiff 9/11/01)

A week after CGP got his first win against the-unbelievably-they-still-play-football-at North Texas, Patterson had his first opportunity to play for The Iron Skillet as a head coach. For the Die Hard Frogs (which was pretty much the only types of fans we had back then... LT or not), beating SMU was a big test in Patterson's progress.

So, for the third consecutive game of the season, Patterson took his team away from Fort Worth and traveled, this time, to the glorified high school football field where the ponies graze.

Incredibly, the Frogs made this one look easy. The defense really stepped up and owned the game. After trading field goals in the first qtr, the offense put the Frogs ahead for good with a short TD run. After that, the defense went for style points and scored on two SMU fumbles in less than a minute. The D also recorded 5 sacks for -48 yards, forced 2 more fumbles, and Safety Charlie Owens intercepted a pass and ran it back to the 1 yard line (he claims he was in). All in all, the Defense looked like the Patterson D that we all know and love, holding the white powder ponies to 148 yards total offense with just 39 of that on the ground.

The offense did it's job and added 2 TDs in the 3rd which, after SMU got a garbage time TD in the 4th, made the final 38-10. And Gary Patterson makes the most of his first opportunity to take the Skillet.

This was also the last game before the world changed. 3 days later, the Towers fell, the Pentagon was smashed, the passengers of Flight 93 showed incredible bravery, and about 3,000 citizens, fire fighters, police officers, and other innocents lost their lives. The TCU Skiff, which does not publish on Mondays, gave their game report that Tuesday morning. I'm fairly certain that very few people were reading it.


killabytemusic said...

actually this was not a conference game. SMU was still in the WAC. I was 11 back then so you can double check me on this

Rotten Arsenal said...

My mistake. I'll edit that. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of all the movements of the football nomads.