Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Notable Wins of Gary Patterson: #1

"I’m relieved. It took the bowl game and then Nebraska before finally pulling out a win. I don’t care who the win is against. We could have played some church school over in Fort Worth as far as I’m concerned. We’ll take it." Coach Patterson - Skiff, 9/2/01

At some point this season, CGP WILL collect his 100th win as a head coach (hopefully against Air Force). Since the greatest victories of the Gary Patterson era have been recounted, we're going to next look at some of the notable wins that on a more personal level.

After being thrust into the position of fill-in head coach after Coach Fraud bailed for the Mobile Bowl loss to Southern Mississippi and then his "moral victory" in the loss to Nebraska to start his career as the official taskmaster of the Gridiron Frogs, Patterson got his first win in Game #2 of the 2001 season.

Almost exactly 10 years ago, on September 1, 2001, the Frogs traveled to scenic Denton to take on the mighty University of North Texas Eagles. The Frogs had some confidence from the Nebraska game and a weaker opponent to take out some frustrations on. It was by no means a dominating performance by the Frogs, by UNT was never really in the game either.

Casey Printers threw a TD to Kevin Brown late in the 1st Q and that was pretty much all the needed. From there, the defense largely did its job, limiting the Mean Green to 23 yards in the air. The run defense was still in it's infancy and allowed 106 yards. Still the defense gave up only a field goal, had 2 sacks and a fumble recovery. The Offense, along with the TD pass, had 4 field goals from Nick Browne (who had played a soccer game the night before) but also gave up a safety (ugh).

Final Score: TCU 19 - UNT 5 Not the prettiest win or even a particularly impressive win, but still... it was win #1 for the Gary Patterson Era.

Notable GP quotes:

“I told Casey he and I are on the same boat. I am a new head coach. He has been asked to be the leader of this offense. We are both doing it with a younger football team. It would be very easy for me as a head coach and him as a quarterback to get very frustrated. We have been used to older players for three years doing certain things for you, and sometimes things aren’t the way you want them to be.” - Skiff, 9/5/01

Original Press Coverage:
TCU Daily Skiff


Sir Wesley Willis said...

I'm not One to complain about fresh content, but we seriously just did this exact same feature less than a week ago

Lyle Lanley said...

It was definitely a different time for TCU football back then. I was a freshman, and I could only convince 2 of my friends to drive the half-hour up to Denton for the game.

Rotten Arsenal said...

These aren't notable team wins or great wins, or even wins that brought TCU any real recognition. These are wins that meant something to GP's personal resume.

Reed said...

SWW i learned something new in this article, and enjoyed the old quotes

CFBMN said...

Interesting that ten years later the team is again relying on an untested qb named Casey P.

Maybe only interesting to me...

Rotten Arsenal said...

Let's hope this Casey P doesn't turn out to be another player version of Franchione