Sunday, August 28, 2011

New depth chart

There are a few major changes those of you that have been paying attention will notice. First, we have 13 positions listed on offense, not really sure what's going on there, one of those extra positions is a receiver slot that features only freshmen. Additionally at receiver you'll notice that a freshman appears on the two deep at each wr spot. Looks like we'll get to see a lot of this new class early. On the defensive side a pair of freshman are on the two deep at the tackle positions, Ray Burns has earned a starting role at NT and Jeremy Coleman has fallen down to third string. Freshman Sam Carter has moved his way into a starting role at safety. What are your thoughts on the changes? Do you think this is the line-up we'll see in Waco 5 days from now or does GP have something else up his sleeve?

In other news, ESPN's bottom line currently claims that Texas A&M has been extended a bid and an announcement that they're joining the SEC may come as early as Thursday. Feel free to give us your thoughts on this too.


Worth Hills Caddy said...

Personally, I would put little weight in this, or any depth chart put out by the team. GP is notorious for not providing ANY information that could benefit a future opponent, i.e. depth chart. Also, the way we like to rotate players in at virtually all positions, it really doesn't matter who the "starter" is.

Anyone have any insight as to who the player who might be academically ineligible is?

Lyle Lanley said...

I hate to speculate on individual players' academic issues publicly. My educated guess is that it's someone not represented on that chart.

Worth Hills Caddy said...

Have the media game notes been posted yet? I cant find them on gofrogs, where they are usually posted. That depth chart looks like it was cut and pasted from there.

Good lord, I am a loser.

Phrynosoma said...

@worth hills....tank