Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Boise State Mascot: The Video Pirate

So I'm a few days late on getting this put together and it's largely died down already, but there was a bit of a kerfuffle that started over the weekend and came to a head on Monday.
It all started when some guy named "Taylor Little" posted a video called "Fremont Highlight" on his Vimeo account. It was a highlight video for Boise State football that was shown in Vegas during a pep rally before the 2010 MAACO Las Vegas Bowl. Somehow, word got back to the Frog Nation that this video was up and it was quickly discovered that the opening of the video HAD DIRECTLY LIFTED THE MUSIC AND VOICEOVER FROM THE 2009 TCU FOOTBALL INTRO VIDEO. It also uses the music from our 2010 video. I got to see the thing and it was just jaw dropping... I mean, the video used our "Fight 'em til Hell Freezes Over..." slogan.

The video was made by "Christopher Mitchell", a May 2011 graduate of BSu who worked for the Broncos, presumably producing other video work for them as well. In fact, he won an award for his rip-off video.

From what I can gather, the folks at KillerFrogs got wind of this and went on the offensive. One member went so far as to strike up a sting conversation on Mitchell's Facebook page. Mitchell tried to claim that he found the audio on YouTube on a New England Patriots video and that he tweaked it a little bit so that it wouldn't violate Copyright Law because he "know[s] a lot about" Copyright Law. BTW, nobody has managed to bring forth this alleged Pats video.

ConcussionLLP, the creator of the original video was notified by one of the KF members and lo and behold, the video disappeared Monday afternoon. But it didn't come down before pro-TCU Ben Findlay wrote up a piece for The Mountain West Connection called "Stay Classy Boise: Interweb Ethics". He provides all the evidence and links (including the original KF discussion).

I knew I should have downloaded a copy Monday morning, but alas, I didn't and now I'm trying to see if another pops up somewhere.

But what REALLY makes the Boise Hate runneth over is the fanbase's reaction. Based on the responses on Findlay's column as well as BSu Scout Board (Here & Here) the overall reactions can be summed up as:

1) Who cares where it came from, the BSu video was better anyway
2) A complete disregard for the fact that an employee and student of BSu made a school sanctioned video from plagiarized material and then gave the guy and award and showed the video in public
3) An absolute failure to understand the importance of Copyright Law and why this is a big deal

4) They think this is the most awesome BSu video ever

I'm hoping that potential employers search for "Christopher Mitchell" and "Boise State", and are quickly brought up to speed that along with the first two search terms, "plagiarized another company's material to make an award winning publicly broadcast video" should go hand in hand.


Lyle Lanley said...

From now on, please refer to Boise State as "Blue Tech"

purplepeopleater said...

You know, I never really had a problem with Boise. I didnt run into any bad fans at the Fiesta Bowl. At least not like the smorgasbord of douche bags in Pasadena early this year. But I guess I'm starting to come around.

Travis said...

Still none worse than the Iowa Lite fans at the Houston Bowl a few years back!

Lyle Lanley said...
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Lyle Lanley said...

Worst fans I've encountered:

1) Memphis fans at the 2002 game that ended with an on-field brawl...that resulted in a Memphis player being EXPELLED. Having encountered the same fanbase at the Final Four (that they cheated to get to) a few years later, I am not impressed with anything involving that university.

2)Houston fans at their dump in 2003. You guys looked really smart chanting "overrated" to our team after they BEAT yours!

3)Wisconsin fans before the Rose Bowl. Go eat some more cheese, you pompous for no reason Middle-America nothings.

Angry Trey said...

Lyle, love the "Blue Tech" idea and agree completely about the Wisconsin fans. Such assholes.

VikingFrog said...

It would almost be better if the guy just owned up to it. "I thought it was an awesome audio clip so I used it in my show"