Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ndamukong Suh Hates You

...if you're a quarterback from the state of Texas. Two years after he bashed Colt McCoy's brains in for three hours on national television, he attempted to decapitate Andy Dalton in a preseason game this past weekend.

If he though Roger Goodell wasn't watching, well, then I guess we know how he ended up at a Big 8 school. The commissioner slapped Suh with a $20,000 fine for the hit, which illicted this response from the ridiculously scary defensive linemen on his twitter feed (verbatim):


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LA Frog said...

Since the NFL has chosen to fine players for hitting/"roughing up" other players then shouldn't the fine hurt said players pocketbook -- $20K fine after the 3rd offense seems low for a player making $40M