Friday, August 5, 2011

Homework for Remedial Frog Fans

If there's a TCU fan out there that I'd don't like, it's definitely the guy (or girl) who never shuts up about how big a Frog fan they are, talks incessant, hyperbolic shit to co-workers and friends who went to school elsewhere, criticizes the coaching staff for any minor misstep...and doesn't know a GD thing about the team itself. It's always funny when there's a momentous play in a game by a player that isn't one of the 2-3 stars that even my Mom knows and one these type of fans has to look in their program to figure out who it was. If you were one of those that saw the play above in last year's San Diego State game and were wondering who just caught the touchdown pass (it's Logan Brock, FYI), it's time for you to refresh your knowledge about the team for which you cheer.

Start by going back over the "taking inventory" posts I've compiled over the past few weeks, so you won't look like an idiot if Matt Brown or Jonathan Jones or Kenny Cain make a great play and you're stuck tugging on your friends arm to ask who #10 or #83 or #51 are:

-Running Backs
-Wide Receivers & Tight Ends
-WR addendum
-Offensive Line
-Defensive Line
-Special Teams
-Coaching Staff

...and then if you're really wanting to sound like you know what you're talking about, take some time and get to know the entire roster. It may sound tedious, but you'll impress people when you know things like that the Brock brothers and Josh Boyce played high school ball with Baylor QB Robert Griffin, or in the event that a lesser-known player like former walk-on Billy Pizor scores a touchdown...which he did against UNLV in 2009.

Maybe I'm overreacting. After all, if you're a clueless fan in the least you're not still out at the tailgate/rave acting like you go to SMU. But I'm guessing that a lot of you fit the description above and don't realize that you look dumb...and would genuinely like to be a better-informed fan. So no judgement- it's not easy to know everything about a team that even the local media ignores 97% of the time, but this is your chance to play catch-up in the final few weeks before the season starts.


shortnkerley's said...

This made me happy.

Lyle Lanley said...

Of course, about 5 players switched positions yesterday- so most of those inventory posts are now dated.

Cro-magnon Frog said...

Nothing Like a little TCU fan hate to start the morning. However, I agree that it's nice to know the team and with the amount of turn over/new faces that will be key players this year I think everyone could use a little brushing up.

Oh yea, and fuck you if you spend all your time at the tailgate and don't go into the game.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Let's hope this doesn't translate to the spring game, because lyle was basically unable to watch it I had so many number questions. Even the most criminally obsessed fans among us have our faults.

VikingFrog said...

When I watch games it's kind of like Russel Crowe in a beautiful mind. It all just kind of comes together and makes sense.