Monday, August 15, 2011

“He’s like Scarface crossed with Mr. Rogers”

I'll be interested to hear what people thought about last night's episode of Breaking Bad. It was the type of slow-moving episode that a lot of people would describe as "boring", but those people, like Jesse, simply do not get it. I loved the suspense and mystery of not knowing Mike & Gus' intentions and oh my goodness did we get some pay-off in the final few minutes! I won't spoil it for those of you that haven't watched yet, but I think I finally actually hate Walter White. I still want things to work out for him, but even when the universe decides to throw him a bone, his stubborn pride gets in the way. Sounds like the end is in sight, though, as AMC has renewed the show for a 5th and final season, which will consist of 16 episodes that will start production in early 2012.

Season 4, Episode 5: "Shotgun"


VikingFrog said...

Walter let his pride get in the way, but Hank becomes a non-factor if he leaves the case behind, so it makes sense for the show.

I'm still a little confused about what the "test" was for Jesse? "The kid's a hero"? For all Jesse knows that guy was coming to kill him on their last stop. I just thought it was more saving his own skin than heroic. Obviously him returning to pick up Mike showed he is loyal and wanting to do what he does best... cook, but I'm not 100% sure of Gus' intentions here.

How priceless was Gus' line to Mike the Cleaner.

"Obviously you both will be reimbursed for the damage to your vehicles"

Everything is business to that guy, and I love it.

Last thing I noticed. Has Skyler started putting on some lbs? She's never been incredibly hot, but I feel like she's getting a little wider each show.

shortnkerley's said...

I think it's time for Skyler to go away. She's cramping Walt's style, and really just starting to piss me off. Gus- kill her please. Thanks.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I think the whole Jesse thing was to kind of jolt him back into reality, give him a sense of pride and accomplishment as well as get him out of that house. I think Gus knows he can't kill him without killing Walter too, which he doesn't want to do, so the next best thing is to bring him into the fold. I think he knows Jesse doesn't like being a lab rat.

Also, have you noticed Mike's coughing and how he wouldn't let Jesse smoke? Maybe there's something there and Gus knows he's going to need a new bag man/enforcer? Still, can't IMAGINE it'd be Jesse, right?

Loved Walt's look at Hank/Marie's when he was pouring the wine, as well as the one when he was talking to Walter, Jr about moving back in. That dude is so not ready to move back in and take orders, should be interesting to see. I bet Skyler effing LOSES It after that speech at dinner. And yes, she's totally put on pounds and had some sort of botched facelift.