Monday, August 22, 2011

Frog Alumni Camp Report

-A quick recap from the Bengals-Jets preseason game: Andy Dalton was 8-for-19 passing for 86 yards and threw two picks for the Bengals. LaDainian Tomlinson had 26 total yards on 10 touches for the Jets, and Jeremy Kerley had 90 total yards on 7 touches- and a fumble, which was not lost. Bart Johnson didn't register any stats, but did get a write-up by one Bengals' wesbite.

-Curtis Clay had one catch for 14 yards in the Cowboys' game last night. Now I wish I had watched it...or at least tivo'd it so I could go back and see that part.

-Aaron Brown had 45 total yards on 8 touches in Detroit's preseason win over Cleveland, and is slated to make the Lions' 53-man roster, at least according to this Lions' blog.

-After a failed move to the right side, Marshall Newhouse was back to left tackle for the Packers against the Cardinals Friday night- and according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, is in the lead to be Chad Clifton's backup at that position.

-David Hawthorne recorded 4 tackles and Clint Gresham helped the Seahawks' punters average 46.8 yards in the team's preseason loss to Minnesota. There hasn't been a whole lot of talk about these two, although they are both expected to start.

-Jerry Hughes recorded 4 taclkes and half a sack in the Colts' game against Washington

-Quincy Butler, just days after signing a new contract with New Orleans, recorded one tackle in the Saints' preseason loss to the Texans.


LOLfolding said...

Dalton looked like garbage.

I'm going to be shocked if Aaron Brown doesn't make the Lions 53 man roster.

VikingFrog said...

Dalton did look pretty bad early on. Missed a couple easy throws and sailed one directly over his receiver into the safety's arms.

AJ Green didn't help him out much as he has about 4 dropped balles.

He did seem to get into a rhythm towards the end of his playing time, which is a good sign.

I still don't think it's right that he is starting. With such a short offseason he is way behind and I would hate to see the Bengals fans throw him under the bus early.

shortnkerley's said...

Dalton actually didn't look as bad as his stat line says. I streamed it on the interwebs, so I know this. His second pick was a bad overthrow, but his first pick was 100% AJ Green's fault. Then in his last drive of the first half he marched the all the way downfield, converting several third downs including some very nice throws on the run, and they punched in a 1 yard TD. The play that got them to the 1 was a Dalton check off to a slant to Jordan Shipley, and if Shipley could shake a tackle he would've had a TD pass. First 2 series were bad, but once he settled in he looked just fine.

Tanner said...

also, it doesn't help that the defense blows. i agree with snk about how he looked after he settled down, and that pick off of green was def green's fault.

on a side note, just now watching sportscenter, mark sanchez AGAIN mentions kerley by name as part of his receiving core. future def looks good for him.

Purple Strings said...

Video of Curtis Clay's catch: