Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Frog Alumni Camp Report

-Jeremy Kerley had 99 total yards on 8 touches in the Jets' preseason opener against Houston last night. I saw him have a few good looks on kick returns and also get blown up for an 8-yard loss on a reverse before I quit watching. LaDainian Tomlinson had one carry for four yards in that game in limited playing time for the Jets, and Jason Teague recorded one tackle for the Texans.

-Andy Dalton was 11-of-15 passing for 69 yards in his preseason debut against Detroit. He had an interception on his first possession. Bart Johnson didn't record a reception for the Bengals, but was thrown to once. Aaron Brown had 70 total yards on 9 touches for Detroit.

-Zach Roth was signed by the Patriots over the weekend, and was back in practice Monday after being injured on Saturday.

-Colin Jones got some pretty vanilla praise from the San Francisco Chronicle, who said he "did what he was supposed to do" on punt coverage in the 49ers' preseason opener against New Orleans.


LOLfolding said...

I'm just glad Suh didn't actually rip Dalton's head off. I have little doubt he's capable of doing so.

VikingFrog said...

I keep reading that wasn't a dirty play.

I've watched it several times and it was.

Worst part is that's the second time he's done that.

LOLfolding said...

I do think that was a dirty play, but I don't think Suh's necessarily a dirty player. Dude plays hard and I'd love to have him on my team.