Saturday, August 27, 2011

An Article That Can't Wait For The Monday Morning Dump

Assembling More Than a Football Program at T.C.U.
Joe Drape - New York Times

In the midst of Hurricane Irene, the New York Times still retain the resources to pump out one of the better articles I've read all year regarding yours truly: The TCU Dynasty.
I got the chills 3 times, but I'm a softy.


Rotten Arsenal said...

THAT is exactly why I am proud to be a TCU Alum.

Hank said...

History has shown that a number of great coaches have won National Championships at major universites. But to win one at a small school like TCU, like so many of us beleive that Coach Patterson can, will undoubtably put him in class someday that is and will forever be unsurpassed in NCAA history. When he does win those National Championships at TCU, I predict that he will eventually go down as the greatest coach in college football history.

Reed said...

Wonderfully written