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The Notable Wins of Gary Patterson: 1st Iron Skillet

“When you have a younger football team, you can’t want too much from them at one time, because they can’t give it to you. This weekend we worked on that and creating a sense of urgency on both sides of the ball and I think we accomplished that goal.” CGP (Skiff 9/11/01)

A week after CGP got his first win against the-unbelievably-they-still-play-football-at North Texas, Patterson had his first opportunity to play for The Iron Skillet as a head coach. For the Die Hard Frogs (which was pretty much the only types of fans we had back then... LT or not), beating SMU was a big test in Patterson's progress.

So, for the third consecutive game of the season, Patterson took his team away from Fort Worth and traveled, this time, to the glorified high school football field where the ponies graze.

Incredibly, the Frogs made this one look easy. The defense really stepped up and owned the game. After trading field goals in the first qtr, the offense put the Frogs ahead for good with a short TD run. After that, the defense went for style points and scored on two SMU fumbles in less than a minute. The D also recorded 5 sacks for -48 yards, forced 2 more fumbles, and Safety Charlie Owens intercepted a pass and ran it back to the 1 yard line (he claims he was in). All in all, the Defense looked like the Patterson D that we all know and love, holding the white powder ponies to 148 yards total offense with just 39 of that on the ground.

The offense did it's job and added 2 TDs in the 3rd which, after SMU got a garbage time TD in the 4th, made the final 38-10. And Gary Patterson makes the most of his first opportunity to take the Skillet.

This was also the last game before the world changed. 3 days later, the Towers fell, the Pentagon was smashed, the passengers of Flight 93 showed incredible bravery, and about 3,000 citizens, fire fighters, police officers, and other innocents lost their lives. The TCU Skiff, which does not publish on Mondays, gave their game report that Tuesday morning. I'm fairly certain that very few people were reading it.

Getting close to game time

Spencer Tillman of CBS likes the Frogs: does this Vegas (or South Carolina) dirtbag:

Stop the Presses: GP Headed To Kansas State, Again...

K-State's Eco-Kat
K-State's New Mascot, EcoKat.
I swear to god I did not make that up.

According to a former HIGH RANKING source in the K-State Adminstration, and filtered through Baylor's message board, our very own Gary Patterson is still very much flirting with the HC position at his alma mater and keeps in very constant contact with the powers that be in Manhattan. Because an official that ranks so high that they are no longer at a school two years later certainly sounds credible.

But, let's say this is true - what has changed in the two years since GP, ya know, TURNED THE FUCKING JOB DOWN, to make him reconsider? Well, there's the back to back BCS games at TCU, but we back doored our way in, so they don't REALLY count. Then there's the new contract that pays him $3 million annually, but according to the source it's, "not about the money," so they have us there. There's also the fact that he more or less personally raised $143 million for a new, state of the art stadium, not to mention the near $5 million he previously raised for a new practice facility and offices for his staff, but again, wouldn't he rather go play in a stadium of comparable size in the middle of a corn field with shittier facilities? I know I would. I'm also pretty sure he helped us get into the Big East, a Conference that, by this time next year, will be stronger than the Big 12 top to bottom, but meh, anything less than the Big 12 is a failure I guess. And then, of course, there's the fact that he's pretty much rebuilt the TCU program from the ground up, has the most job security of any coach in the country and loves Fort Worth almost as much as it loves him, but again, is that enough for his "maniacal ego?"

Get fucked, Baylor. I hate to drive traffic to their bullshit version of killerfrogs, but I think we as fans need to cram in as much bulletin board material as possible in the next 48 hours. For your health.

Another plug for our sponsor:

We first announced this last week, but The Hardline* will be at The Varsity tomorrow afternoon from 3:00-7:00pm. If you're in the area, stop on by and tell Mike that you made a three-pointer tonight or commiserate with Corby about church, indeed, sucking. While you're there, you can pick up some great Horned Frog merchandise, such as the "GMFP" T-shirt that I've got my eye on. There'll also be plenty of moist and flavorful brisket and pulled-pork nachos for all. If you can't make it out, you'll get your ass hung up on now, you idiot.

Now is when the rest of you P1's fill our comment section with your favorite drops to stroke Grubes' ego.


Movement Watch: Week 1.

Can I take dump on aggy BCS hope?

In the past I've taken several approaches to these top 25 breakdowns. I've previewed every game played by a team ranked in the top 25, previewed only those games of teams ranked above us, only looked at games where an upset is possible and previewed only games where I think there's a legitimate chance of a win or loss causing TCU to shift positions in the ranking, for better or worse. This year, I'm sticking mostly to that last one and only previewing games where a win or loss would realistically cause TCU to move up or down in the rankings, although I will take a look at games where there is a genuine chance of an upset. This is why you will not see LSU/Oregon featured in this list because no matter who loses, they probably will not drop out of the top 10, and the #4 team beating the #3 isn't really much of an upset anyway. Although if LSU does lose, combined with their recent bullsh, it wouldn't be shocking if the media kicked them down the list based on new expectations. So yeah, I basically just negated everything I wrote above. Ah well...

Of course, these previews are all predicated on TCU winning their game of the week. If the worst happens, the Frogs drop a few games and fall out of the Top 25? Yeah, you probably won't see many of these after that. It's just how I choose to operate.

As with most opening CFB weekends, there aren't a WHOLE lot of teams primed for an upset, although, as I am sure you are well aware, there are a couple of very juicy matchups for our Saturday/Sunday viewing pleasure. For uniformity, AP rankings will be used until BCS are available.

Without further ado...

Potential Upsets, effecting:

#5 Boise State @ #19 Georgia. 7:00PM. Sat., 6:00PM.

Ah, the big boy that we've all pretty much had circled on our calendars since the schedule was announced, as Boise continues their annually impressive string of season opening roadies in the Georgia Dome. Just like last year's game vs. Virginia Tech at FedEx Stadium, this one is technically a "neutral" site, but if it's less than 75% Dawg fans, it will just be a testament to the lack of faith Georgians have in Mark Richt. But, if you've ever attended an SEC game, you'll know that, even when the deck is stacked against them, those guys are going to fill their stadiums, especially in a high profile season opener. In other words, Boise better come ready to play, because there are going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 60,000 grown ass men making barking dog noises at them for 4 quarters Saturday evening.

So who has the edge in this one? Clearly, rankings and history would suggest Boise, seeing as how they come out of the gate firing on all cylinders as fast as anyone, taking out Oregon and Va. Tech the past two seasons on day one. Even without Titus Young and Austin Pettis as safety nets, Mouthbreatherback Kellen Moore should do well with Tyler Shoemaker out wide and Doug Martin beside him. The defense should also be fairly stout, per usual. However, the school's All-Time Leading scorer-cum-shankmaster Kyle Brotzman is gone, which could make things dicey should this one come down to kicks.

As for Georgia, well, the expectations are probably higher than they should be. Aaron Murray returns as a, reportedly, much improved thrower of the footballs, but he loses his main target in AJ Green, who is now catching passes from AD in Cincy. Considering he was their leading receiver last year despite missing FOUR games, this doesn't bode too well for that passing attack. Second leading receiver Kris Durham has moved on as well. And the running game? My god the running game! After starters Caleb King and Washuan Ealey were both dismissed from the team for having bad manners, projected void filler Carlton Thomas was sent to his room with no dinner for week one. So... I really don't know how they expect to find the end zone enough times to counter Boise's inevitable three or four scoring drives. The big intangible for Georgia is that, after a string of disappointing seasons, Coach Mark Richt is coaching for his job so if his teams loves him, they'll play hard for him, but if the talent isn't there, what can you really do? Should be interesting.

The good thing about this game? It may not effect us either way. If Boise wins, UGA drops into the 20s and Boise probably remains where they are. And if UGA pulls the upset? They probably get a nice boost into the top 15 and Boise will tumble below us. So who should we pull for? The Conference backer/non-AQ chest beater in me clearly leans Boise... but, for some reason I just can't do it. We FINALLY control our own post-season fate, strength of scheduled be damned, so I say F Boise, F the Mountain West and their future BCS aspirations and Hunker Down.

#8 aggy vs. SMU. Sun., 6:30PM.

This one will, and should, jump out at anyone looking to pick a season one upset. Not because you believe in SMU, but because you don't believe in aggy. Every year there is a team with high expectations to go along with their high ranking, and every year that team gets kicked in the crotch sooner than later. And while my head says this year it will be South Carolina or Oklahoma State, my heart has to go with those clowns in College Station. Think about this perfect storm: aggy YEARNS to be relevant outside of UT's shadow more than anything in this world, as evidenced by this SEC song and dance. Like, they want to leave so bad they will reportedly pay in the neighborhood of 30 MILLION bones or clams or whatever you call them for the opportunity. It isn't official yet, but in their minds the ags have all but helped themselves to an extra serving of the Dreamland BBQ that is SEC status. And, good for them, recent reports suggest that this invite could come as soon as tomorrow, with aggy reportedly officially letting the Big 12 know their intentions to leave earlier this week. Do you realize what a shit storm College Station will be if this happens before this game? Absolute pandemonium... which will make them RIPE for the picking for a hungry SMU squad that wants nothing more than to replace them in the Big 12. If they get the coveted bid, I have a feeling they could revert back to their typical 7-5, Shreveport Bowl Bound form and the whoopers will still act like they won a national title. The games on the field will be secondary to what is yet to come.

I'm not saying the Translucent Trumvirate - work in progress, but let's go with it - of Kyle Padron, Zach Line and Cole Beasley are more talented than Ryan Tannehill, Cyrus Gray and Jeff Fuller, but I do think they are going to be a lot more of a handful for teams than we will give them credit for. Also, according to sources, SMU has a real, live, functioning defense this year led by 10th year senior and bluegrass aficionado Chris Banjo, who has seriously been at SMU since bluegrass was first popularized.

Admittedly, on paper, once they settle in aggy should cruise by SMU by a couple of touchdowns. This one is simply a circumstantial, emotional pick. But, as they did against Tech last year in the opener, I like SMU to keep this one close. I hate to pull for SMU, but an aggy loss here would be the biggest lul-fest of the entire college football season. Couldn't happen to a better group of folks.

#12 South Carolina @ East Carolina. Sat, 6:00PM.

Ok, so there's no valid reason why 6-7 CUSA team should be able to take out the defending SEC East champs who return just about everyone who matters... unless that valid reason is Cocks QB Stephen Garcia. WILDCARD!!! I'm not sure if Garcia has ever officially been kicked off the team, but he's been benched and backsassed by Coach Steve Spurrier, only to rise from the ashes, enough times to suggest that backup Connor Shaw must be REALLY underwhelming in practice. We threw up our hands when the infamous Casey, the Creator photos surfaced on the worldwide, but that's par for the course with Garcia. I mean, the night before the SEC Championship game he was basically recreating the Boats n Hoes music video from Step Brothers, except it was mostly Marriot Courtyard hotel room n Hoes. God bless him for taking full advantage of all of the tangible benefits of being an SEC QB in an under-educated state, though. Still, you could line me up under center and, as long as I had WR Alshon Jeffery and RB Marcus Lattimore propping me up, probably pull out a victory. I genuinely don't think ECU can pull this one off, but they owe us for 2002, don't they?

Potential ESPN approved Jumper:

#16 Notre Dame vs. USF. Sat., 2:30PM.

Ugh, have you heard how much the ESPN types are hyping this one? They're making an average South Florida team sound like a top 5 team, and you know why? So when Notre Dame wins, they can rocket the Irish up the standings to their "rightful place." Ugh, Virgin Mary or no, I don't see how anyone who didn't have the priviledge of spending their most formidable years in that toilet town of South Bend can honestly call this their team. I'll always hate UT frontrunners, but at least they've won something of substance since the early 90s. Blurgh. Notre Dame should be much improved now that Brian Kelly has had a season and two off seasons to install his offense. Given, it also helps when your Coach is such a blatant rule bender that he reinstates the teams' #1 alcoholic, drunk driving receiver Malcolm Floyd mere months after said coach was directly involved in the death of a student, but hey, who's counting? Karma's a bitch though, which is why I think USF could definitely pull the upset here. Being his alma mater, you know USF Coach Skip Holtz will be have veteran QB BJ Daniels fired up and ready to roll, which I'm not sure the same can be said for Dayne Crist across the field. With a name like that, if Dayne Crist isn't involved in the Most Eligible Dallas or wherever he's from, those producers will have clearly missed an opportunity.

Potential Upsets, non-effecting:

#24 West Virginia vs. Marshall. Sun., 2:30PM.

No real basis here, other than it's a major rivalry game and WVU had quite the distracting off-season. New WVU Head Man Holgo the Barbarian - thanks, EDSBS - will at some point have a talented 'Eers offense blowing up scoreboards, but considering he's still trying to figure out how to be a coach at all after being prematurely rushed into the position, will they be ready on day one? Eh, probably. Regardless, a win by WVU doesn't hurt us in the rankings as long as we win Friday.

#21 Missouri vs. Miami (OH). Sat., 11:00AM.

Another total shot in the dark, but hey, you can't just toe the company line and pick Baylor over TCU as your only week one upset. Unless you're at ESPN or SI or basically any of the major sports websites. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Mizzou breaks in a new QB but Miami breaks in a new Coach after former HC Mike Haywood left for Pittsburgh and BEAT himself out of that relationship. Mizzou probably rolls, but stranger things have happened opening weekend.

So there you have it. Not a ton of movement potential unless SMU or East Carolina shock the world, but never rule anything out. Gameday. It's almost here. Giddyup!

Morning Dump.

Mark and Gary, one in the same according to Baylor fans.

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Frogs to Join aggy in the SEC?


Apparently Yahoo Sports' Dan Wetzel thinks so. I knew I preferred their coverage to that of SI and ESPN for a reason.

Now, of course, this will NEVER happen. But, Wetzel has some very, very reasoned arguments for why it should, if only as a near-last resort. The SEC doesn't NEED to add anyone; picking up aggy is more an act of financial greed and pity that anything. They're not doing it because they live in the same dream world as those dog worshippers where aggy is relevant in the college football world. They're only doing it for the large fanbase, access to the Houston market and direct pipeline into Texas recruiting, something only Arkansas and LSU are able to commonly tap. So, if that's the logic, why stop at Houston? Why NOT go after Dallas/Fort Worth? I'm not here to suggest that TCU does or will ever carry the Metroplex market. But if you were package our recent meteoric rise in popularity with SEC affiliation, plus have access to perhaps the largest concentration of football talent in the country? Well, it'd at least make for a pretty spectacular experiment, wouldn't it?

Of course, the question facing any team potentially moving into the SEC is the one of, "Does the increased exposure and financial windfall of joining the nation's best conference balance out with the fact that you made your road to a national championship infinitely more difficult?" I have a feeling schools like Arkansas and, very soon, aggy would deep down tell you they may have been better off keeping the SWC in tact. Regardless, let's say the unthinkable happens, the SEC needs to expand and their top choices turn them down and TCU is extended an invite. Would you prefer this to the Big East, all things considered? Comment away.

Spitblood Giveaway: Jack Donnelly

It's that time of year again to promote great TCU companies and give away cool free stuff. Jack Donnelly - Original Khakis has offered a pair of purple searsucker pants for a giveaway on this here blog To become eligible for the drawing all you have to do is "like" Jack Donnelly's facebook page and then comment on today's post about the giveaway. Simply comment "Spitblood!" to enter the drawing. May the luckiest Spitblooder win.

Jack Donnelly will also be hosting a kick ass tailgate for the SMU game. If any of you were at the JD tailgate for Oregon State last year, you know they can throw a tailgate. This year, I hear they are going large. Stay tuned for details.

Week 1 Opponent Hate: The Baylor Bears

This was one of many "flukes" in last year's game, according to Robert Griffin III.

I'll be completely honest: I've been chomping at the bit to hate on another TCU opponent ever since the Rose Bowl ended and Wisconsin bitched, moaned and excused their way out of that loss and all the way into the upcoming season (remember, we are ducking them by not canceling this Baylor game according to them.) Digging up reasons to bash, humiliate, belittle and demean our upcoming opponent can be fun, and often times pretty challenging (I'm looking at you, Portland State)....

And then there's Baylor. I'll give them some credit, however, because it's been a long time since they've tried to claim that their basketball murder mess was a drug scandal. It's been over a decade since the baseball team went on a ruthless kitten decapitation rampage. They've been so well behaved lately, it's even been over half a year since a Baylor student thought it would be funny to tell a girl about the sleeping fellatio he made her perform the night before. But who wants to hear about all that stuff? It's gross, profane, stupid, and shows that Waco is a town that makes you so bored and sexually repressed that it causes you to take actions like that (well, those things and of course, what this guy did).

Okay, okay. I've decided to focus on modern day Baylor, because they're clearly much more on the straight and narrow now than they ever have been (right Perry Jones?). So I took the easy way out and have spent the past few days, okay weeks, scanning through Baylor fan sites looking for any sort of target, and I must tell you, the clueless delusion of the Baylor fan base jumps off the page. Really, there was so much of it that if I were to sort through it all and post all of the greatness I found on it would make a Sir Wesley Willis post look like Cat in the Hat. So I decided instead to pick what I considered to be the dumbest, most nonsensical thread on an entire website based on a nonsense idea (that would be the idea of Baylor ever making a significant dent in the college football landscape). What I came across was this "Top Ten reasons we can/will win the TCU game". While I respect them trying to talk themselves into how they could win this game, I will go through and break down why each of these 10 reasons are completely ridiculous and/or irrelevant to the actual outcome of the game. So without further adieu, here we go:

1) Most upsets happen early in the season (we're not favored, so if we win they will call it an upset

Yes, beating a top 15 team when you just had your first winning season since God was a boy would classify as an upset. However, can you show me any evidence that most upsets happen early in the season? You haven't had any luck with it lately, since you've NEVER beat a top 25 team under Art Briles. Pretty sure ole Artie has had a tough time against TCU too...

2) Scouting reports say TCU's weak point is their offensive line. (Bears d-line needs to play nasty and often)

So if our weak point is our offensive line, you're saying it would be to your benefit to keep your defensively line on the field "often"? Pretty sure that would mean we are dominating the game, and keeping your defense on the field a lot isn't exactly the desired result. Good strategy though. I hope this poster is Baylor DC Phil Bennett, because that is a brilliant plan.

3) As we've seen from the Texas game, and others, the Bears can score on one play.

Wait. A team can score on one play??? Pretty sure every single touchdown ever scored has been scored on "one play." Hell, even Boise isn't gimmicky enough to run two scoring plays at once. Taking away his horrible wording and sentence structure, Baylor's offense has scored 17 points on TCU in the last 3 meetings combined. That whole "one play" theory and explosive offense hasn't made a difference here, has it? Oh, and Texas sucked last year. Bragging about scoring on a 5-7 team is flat out silly. That's why I won't tell you our offense is great for scoring a bunch on Baylor. Don't give credit to those who suck, and Baylor, well, they're Baylor.

4) The game is in our house, and nobody comes in and disrespects us in our house.

Last year A&M and Oklahoma disrespected you in your house. The year before UConn, Okie State, Nebraska, Texas and Texas Tech disrespected you in your house. The last time TCU was in your house we disrespected you as well. Floyd Casey is about as intimidating as a litter of lab puppies. I think we'll be okay.

5) Gary Patterson is fat, and Art Briles isn't (they don't call it morbid obesity for nothing

Before I delve into the stupidity of this, I'd like to note that all of these are direct quotes and I'm not the idiot who doesn't know how to close parentheses or lacks the common knowledge of the English language. Anyways, even if this was true, what the fuck difference would it make? Gary Patterson wins football games, lots of them, and Art Briles doesn't. Seriously, the Gary Patterson "fat" thing is like a really funny running joke over there in the Baylor world. They like to compare him to Mark Mangino. Now if that doesn't display football ignorance then I don't know what does. Calling GP fat reminds me of someone who can't win an argument, or in the case a football game, resorting to the "you're gay" defense. It just shows weakness. But hey, maybe if GP wore long sleeves to games in September in Texas like Briles did he'd lose a few pounds, and also be too close to a heat stroke to assemble a logical game plan like Briles.

"Nice win Gary. Do you mind signing this for me?" -Art Briles
(Thanks Angry Trey for somehow having this picture on your blog).

6) The Bearmobile and redfish will be in the crowd, firing up the crowd

Not sure who or what the hell either one of these things are and I don't care to look it up, but if you cant get yourself fired up for an in state game against a team you envy then by all means, look to the redfish. If I ever say "Wow! Glad the Froghorn is behind the endzone! I wasn't that excited about today until I saw that!" then by all means, punch me in the crotch. Seriously.

7) Baylor is the older, more established university (it's like playing our younger brother)

Man, you must be one of those nerdy, fat, unpopular virgin older brothers and we must be the bad ass younger brother who you are really jealous of. Seriously, younger brother sure has grown up and owned big brother lately. 17-7, 27-0, and 45-10. Older brother sucks. Pretty sure like Harvard and Yale have been playing longer than anyone, so by your logic we should expect to see them in New Orleans in the championship game, right?

8) Our girls are better looking

But seriously, I don't know if there's a human being alive that actually believes that other than this guy, and deep down he knows he's wrong. It's not even close. Next please.

9) As in ancient Rome, we will throw the Christians to the Bears

This literally makes no sense whatsoever. Also, wasn't it Christians being thrown to lions? And is this an anti-Christianity stance taken by a Baylor baptist? What? I'm actually pretty confused. NEXT!

10) Robert Griffin is a better QB than "what's his name" at TCU.

Even when you might have an accurate statement, you lose all credibility by not knowing the name of the person you are comparing him to. I really don't even agree with this statement, since Robert Griffin is still yet to do jack-shit against any decent team he's faced in his illustrious Baylor career. Not to mention, Casey Pachall, the "what's his name" you refer to, has much, much more talent surrounding him. Like, Rose Bowl talent. Robert Griffin also doesn't play defense, and TCU has a much, much better defense to fall back on than the JV that Baylor rolls out there.

Alright, so there it is folks. The reason why Baylor is going to beat TCU. I mean, all those arguments are so logical and insightful, so I don't know how you can fight it. The saddest part might be that Baylor fans on that site actually agree with this clown. I mean, they encourage this kind of bullshit. I can't go on much longer because I have worked myself into some pretty severe anger shakes, but I encourage any of you who get bored at work or in school this week to head on over to, pick whatever asinine TCU related forum you can find, and just read away. If you've never experienced true Baylor delusion, you will find it there in full force. Or you can read some threads about how the Big 12 might crumble right in front of their eyes and they'll be inevitably fucked out of the potential super conferences in the future. Friday can't come fast enough. I don't just want to beat Baylor, I want to beat them until they cry. Stay tuned Thursday for "Opponent Players to Watch". I'll tell you right now that I refuse to make their player to watch Jar Jar Binks Griffin. I don't profile overrated whiny bitches with bum knees.

Morning Dump



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East side renovation approved

According to Mark Cohen's twitter feed (@TCUSID), TCU's board of directors has just approved the east side renovations for Amon Carter. The new side will feature a second deck similar to what was just added in the north endzone. No word on how that will impact section V, but there is a rumor that the student section will take over the lower deck seats directly behind the vistor's bench.

We got weather comin' in

"We do not have homosexuals at our school. At Baylor we do not have this phenomenon. I don't know who's told you we have this." -Baylor University president Ken Starr, who is probably not able to prove that blowjobs happen on his campus, either...

When Friday's season opener first moved into the range of the Weather Channel's 10-day forecasts, it looked like the Frogs and Bears would be playing each other in the same weather that we've had for the past three months: hot, dry and miserable. Not a big deal, I can handle sweating a little bit and you know GP's teams can deal with the heat better than Art Briles'.

But it looks as though Mother Nature my have finally found the kryptonite for the high-pressure system that has kept the Lone Star State hostage this summer. The revised forecast for Friday in Waco calls for a high of 94 degrees and a 40% chance of rain during day, 30% at night and humidity of up to 64%.

It is usually said that rain can increase the odds of an upset, but I'll let you debate whether or not that's true and which of these teams would fair better in the slop. After reading a study that said that as many as 37% of Baylor students were forced to enroll there by parents who wanted them to pray the gay away*, I'm holding out hope of seeing a re-enactment of everybody's favorite t.A.T.u. video.

*-it's not working:

See You In Waco Bitches

In honor of my love for movies and everything that is Horned Frog, I am going to try and produce some fun content this season at least once a week for you avid Spitblood readers. (as a recently married person I can't promise this will happen, but I'm going to try)

Most will be a pre game video that sends a message to our enemies. Messages such as "you guys are super idiot morons" and "go fuck yourselves".

Hopefully they get you guys laughing in your cubicles/offices/unemployment lines and produce funny looks from your coworkers.

You're coworkers will be like, "What are you laughing at?" and you'll be like, "oh this really funny video I'm watching on the internet, you know... the world wide web?" and then they'll be like, "what is it a video of?" and you'll be like "Mind your fucking business."

So, having said that.

I give you the first in my series of pre game smack talking videos.

I call it... "See You In Waco Bitches."

Be on the lookout for the DVD boxset of my videos come Christmas time.

“Just be sure you don’t smoke it”

I know we have some readers that don't like these Breaking Bad posts, so out of respect to their whining and the creative efforts of Viking Frog, I'm posting this so that it appears below his video. But I'm not going to quit posting them now, because how could I after last night's episode? I don't want to give away too much, but for those that watched last night- has Uncle Hank cemented himself as your favorite character on the show? Honestly, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have both taken home hardware for their work on this show- I think it's Dean Norris' turn.

Season 4, Episode 7: "Problem Dog"


Morning Dump

Road blockades loom for TCU's win streak Star-Telegram

Andy Dalton will be on the Dan Patrick show in the 10:00am hour

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Night Leftovers: 8/28/11

Yeah, I'm sure this will be unpopular, but hey at least it involves TCU Athletics as opposed to a TV show.

The SpitBlood SNL will just recap the previous weeks Horned Frog sports that don't get the press in an easy and short format so you can be super edumacated on all things TCU Athletics.

TCU Volleyball

The Lady Volleyfrogs participated in the TCU Invitational at home this weekend against Texas Tech, Grambling State, and Connecticut. The Frogs swept the competition, beating Tech 3-1 on Friday, Grambling State 3-0 Saturday afternoon and also shut out future Big East conference rival Connecticut 3-0.

TCU Soccer

The Lady Frogs dropped a tough one at home to Rice 1-0 on Friday night. Coach Dan Abdalla blamed the players but his gameplan sucked, just like it's sucked for several years.

Finding someone who likes Craig James is like trying to find a BCS Buster in the Sun Belt...

SI. com posted their College Football TV Roundtable with Stewart Mandel, Andy Staples and George Schroeder on Friday and Craig James sure came up a lot.

You can read the thing on your own, but this one response by Mandel pretty much gives you the entire feel on their feelings on their fellow "journalist":

"I wouldn't trust Craig James to report on sixth-grade volleyball."

And remember it is absolutely not true that (or so I've read on the always reliable internets) that Craig James killed 5 hookers while at SMU

New depth chart

There are a few major changes those of you that have been paying attention will notice. First, we have 13 positions listed on offense, not really sure what's going on there, one of those extra positions is a receiver slot that features only freshmen. Additionally at receiver you'll notice that a freshman appears on the two deep at each wr spot. Looks like we'll get to see a lot of this new class early. On the defensive side a pair of freshman are on the two deep at the tackle positions, Ray Burns has earned a starting role at NT and Jeremy Coleman has fallen down to third string. Freshman Sam Carter has moved his way into a starting role at safety. What are your thoughts on the changes? Do you think this is the line-up we'll see in Waco 5 days from now or does GP have something else up his sleeve?

In other news, ESPN's bottom line currently claims that Texas A&M has been extended a bid and an announcement that they're joining the SEC may come as early as Thursday. Feel free to give us your thoughts on this too.

The Notable Wins of Gary Patterson: #1

"I’m relieved. It took the bowl game and then Nebraska before finally pulling out a win. I don’t care who the win is against. We could have played some church school over in Fort Worth as far as I’m concerned. We’ll take it." Coach Patterson - Skiff, 9/2/01

At some point this season, CGP WILL collect his 100th win as a head coach (hopefully against Air Force). Since the greatest victories of the Gary Patterson era have been recounted, we're going to next look at some of the notable wins that on a more personal level.

After being thrust into the position of fill-in head coach after Coach Fraud bailed for the Mobile Bowl loss to Southern Mississippi and then his "moral victory" in the loss to Nebraska to start his career as the official taskmaster of the Gridiron Frogs, Patterson got his first win in Game #2 of the 2001 season.

Almost exactly 10 years ago, on September 1, 2001, the Frogs traveled to scenic Denton to take on the mighty University of North Texas Eagles. The Frogs had some confidence from the Nebraska game and a weaker opponent to take out some frustrations on. It was by no means a dominating performance by the Frogs, by UNT was never really in the game either.

Casey Printers threw a TD to Kevin Brown late in the 1st Q and that was pretty much all the needed. From there, the defense largely did its job, limiting the Mean Green to 23 yards in the air. The run defense was still in it's infancy and allowed 106 yards. Still the defense gave up only a field goal, had 2 sacks and a fumble recovery. The Offense, along with the TD pass, had 4 field goals from Nick Browne (who had played a soccer game the night before) but also gave up a safety (ugh).

Final Score: TCU 19 - UNT 5 Not the prettiest win or even a particularly impressive win, but still... it was win #1 for the Gary Patterson Era.

Notable GP quotes:

“I told Casey he and I are on the same boat. I am a new head coach. He has been asked to be the leader of this offense. We are both doing it with a younger football team. It would be very easy for me as a head coach and him as a quarterback to get very frustrated. We have been used to older players for three years doing certain things for you, and sometimes things aren’t the way you want them to be.” - Skiff, 9/5/01

Original Press Coverage:
TCU Daily Skiff

Frog Alumni Camp Report

-While the Jets prepare for their Monday night exhibition against the crosstown rival Giants, Ben Shpigel of the New York Times reports that LaDainian Tomlinson is prepared to show everyone in 2011 that his age is not an issue.

-Aaron Brown is making a strong case to make the Lions' final roster. In last night's 34-10 preseason win over the Patriots, Brown compiled 78 total yards on 7 touches, including a 9-yard touchdown reception from backup QB Shaun Hill in the third quarter.

-Daryl Washington recorded 7 tackles, 5 of them solo, in the Cardinals' preseason loss to the Chargers. ESPN's NFC West blogger, Mike Sando, provides some examples of why he considers Washington a player on the cusp of a breakout season.

-Stampede Blue, a blog that covers the Colts, has issued their latest projection of Indianapolis' 53-man roster. Jake Kirkpatrick and Michael Toudouze are included in their projection, holding down the #2 slots at center and left tackle, respectively. They do, though, include Jerry Hughes as part of their projected cuts.

-Jason Phillips recorded two solo tackles in the Ravens' 34-31 preseason win over the Redskins.

-Drew Coleman recorded two tackles, one of them solo, in the Jaguars' preseason loss to the Bills.

-The Saints take on the Raiders in a preseason game tonight on NBC, and Quincy Butler may get a few chances to return punts.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

An Article That Can't Wait For The Monday Morning Dump

Assembling More Than a Football Program at T.C.U.
Joe Drape - New York Times

In the midst of Hurricane Irene, the New York Times still retain the resources to pump out one of the better articles I've read all year regarding yours truly: The TCU Dynasty.
I got the chills 3 times, but I'm a softy.

Scouting the 2011 opponents: UNLV

TCU's last regular season game as a member of the Mountain West will be a home game against UNLV on December 3rd. The Rebels are one of four MWC programs that TCU has gone 6-0 against since joining the league in 2005, and the Frogs have outscored UNLV in those six contests by an aggregate score of 243-43.

Former Rebels coach Mike Sanford brought UNLV to the brink of their first bowl game since 2000 with dual 5-7 seasons in '08 and '09- including an impressive road win over Arizona State- but was replaced by Bobby Hauck last year. Hauck was the architect of a I-AA powerhouse during his time at Montana, but was only able to win two games in his first year in Sin City.

Sophomore Caleb Herring is pencilled in as the starter at quarterback, but don't be surprised to see one or both of the NFL-sized backups play this year or even take over the #1 job. Sean Reilly is a 6-4, 210 lb JUCO transfer and Taylor Barnhill is a 6-4, 220lb strong-armed true freshman from Justin Northwest HS in TCU's back yard. With the QB situation possibly in flux, expect sophomore tailback Tim Cornett to shoulder a heavy portion of the offensive productivity.

On defense, corner Quinton Pointer will be in the sights of NFL scouts this season after missing nearly all of 2010 with a knee injury. There's also hope that a quartet of young defensive tackles, led by sophomore Nate Holloway (6-3, 350) and true freshman Desmond Tautofi ( 6-3, 300) can help the Rebels improve on a run defense that ranked 116th in the nation last year.

There aren't a whole lot of big expectations for this team this year, but most folks around the conference seem to believe that Hauck will turn this program around eventually. It'd be a shock to see them make a bowl game, but so would another 2-10 campaign. We'll get a preview of the 2011 Rebels on Thursday night, when they take on Wisconsin on ESPN.

-CFN 2011 UNLV preview
-CFN 2011 UNLV offensive breakdown
-CFN 2011 UNLV defensive breakdown
-CFN 2011 UNLV depth chart

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Top Moment (so far) of the Patterson Era

After scaling the BCS mountain in 2009, the TCU football program and its fans realized that simply crashing the party wasn't nearly satisfying enough when their last-minute drive to win the Fiesta Bowl fell short. They rolled straight through their 2010 regular season schedule (minus a close-call against San Diego State) to finish 12-0 once again. This time, though, the BCS wasn't able to shove them aside to sit at the kid's table: they were sent to Pasadena to take on Big Ten champ Wisconsin in the Grandaddy of them all: the Rose Bowl on January 1, 2011.

A great deal of Frog fans got to spend New Year's Eve out in Los Angeles. I, on the other hand, flew out there the morning of the game. Either way, we all got to experience the friendly nature of the trim & tan Wisconsin fans before the game. Seriously, I've never seen so many arrogant fat people in my life...although it should be noted that I didn't grow up in Houston.

Once the Badger fans chanted halfway through the national anthem and the game finally began, the first play caused many of the purple-clad in attendance and watching on TV to have their life pass before their eyes when Montee Ball reeled off a 40-yard gain down to the TCU 28 yard line. After five more rushing attempts netted the Badgers 18 additional yards, Scott Tolzein was unable to connect with Nick Toon on a 3rd & 8 pass attempt and Wisconsin settled for a field goal to claim the lead, 3-0.

Then Andy Dalton went to work, accounting for every yard in a 10-play, 72-yard drive that drained 4:16 off the clock. He ran the ball 4 times for 19 yards, including an 11-yard scamper the gain the drive's initial first down. He was also 4-for-7 passing, including 3 completions to Jimmy Young. On 2nd & 7 from the Wisconsin 23, he sold an amazing pump fake to unlikely decoy Jeremy Kerley and found Bart Johnson open in the endzone to give the Frogs a 7-3 lead.

Whereas the Badgers had moved the ball mostly on the ground during their first drive, they went to the air the second time around. With the help of Tolzein connecting on all three of his pass attempts for 58 yards- including a 28-yarder to fullback Bradie Ewing to set up a 1-yard plunge by John Clay- the Badgers used just 2:56 to drive the ball 67 yards and retake the lead, 10-7.

Jeremy Kerley then returned Wisconsin's kickoff all the way out to the 43, giving the Frogs a short field with which to work. On the second play of the drive, Dalton again worked his pump-fake magic and found redshirt freshman Josh Boyce deep for a 44-yard gain all the way down to the Badger 12 yard line. From there, it was all Dalton- a 1 yard gain on a keeper, followed by a 7 yard run and then the 4 yarder into the endzone. The play was reviewed, but eventually ruled a touchdown. 14-10, good guys.

The Badgers, looking to re-take the lead, returned to the ground game on their next possession. They were able to move the ball 55 yards in 13 plays, eating up 6:58 off the clock, helped greatly by Montee Ball's 39 rushing yards on just 5 carries. They got the ball all the way down to the Horned Frog 22 yard line, where they lined up on 4th & 3 for a 39-yard field goal attempt that would've brought them to within 1...but Phillip Welch missed (barely) wide left. The three missed points seemed like a big deal at the time, and would feel a LOT bigger later on...

Looking to protect their 4-point lead, the Frogs got the ball back with 8:34 remaining in the quarter, but after a quick three & out they punted the ball back to Wisconsin with 7:04 left...and they wouldn't see the ball again for the rest of the half. They appeared to have the Badgers stopped on a three & out of their own, but an 11-yard gain on a 4th & 9 fake punt run by Brad Nortman gave the Wisconsin drive new life. Tolzein went 4-for-4 passing after that, and drove the Badgers to the TCU 21 where Welch made a 37 yard field goal as time expired to pull Wisconsin to within 14-13 at halftime.

The Frogs began the second half with the ball at their own 24, and drove into Wisconsin territory on a 33-yard pass from Dalton to Ed Wesley in which #34 bounced off two would-be tacklers and raced down to the Badger 25. A 12 yard completion to Jimmy Young and a 12 yard run by Matthew Tucker set up Luke Shivers' 1 yard touchdown run that concluded the Frogs' scoring for the game and extended their lead to 21-13.

From there, it was on the Horned Frog defense to hold the much-ballyhooed Wisconsin offense at bay and protect the 8-point lead. The Badgers' first possession of the second half began at their own 5, and a healthy dose of Montee Ball runs and Tolzein-to-Toon passes got them to the outer edges of field goal range. Then on 3rd & 6 from the TCU 37, Tank Carder burst through the line on a delayed blitz and absolutely smothered Tolzein. The sack cost the Badgers 8 yards and forced them to punt. The Frogs were then able to take 4:30 off the clock before Anson Kelton's punt was downed at the Wisconsin 3 yard line- where their last possession of the 3rd quarter resulted in a quick three & out. End of 3: TCU 21, Wisconsin 13.

TCU's first two turns with the ball in the 4th quarter took up a combined 5:19, and were sandwiched around a failed 6 play, 10 yard drive by Wisconsin that took up 2:29. So when the Badgers got the ball back at their own 23 with 7:32 remaining, just about everyone knew that this was their last chance to try to get back in the game. On the first two plays, John Clay busted up the middle for gains of 14 and 30 yards before the Badgers took a time out with a 1st & 10 on the TCU 33 with 6:31 left. White knuckle time.

Montee Ball managed just 4 yards on the next two plays, but Tolzein found Lance Kendricks for a 10 yard gain on 3rd & 6 to move the chains again for Wisconsin. John Clay got the ball on each of the next four plays, taking the ball to the TCU 14, 10, 8 and 4...all while the clock continued to tick. The Wisconsin line seemed to be having their way, and the Badgers had seized all of the game's momentum. Ball then scored from 4 yards out with exactly 2:00 remaining and the Badgers lined up for a potentially game-tying 2 point conversion try:

Honestly, it took a couple of moments for the reality of the play to sink in with me. The way Wisconsin had been driving the ball at will, I was almost sure they'd convert the try and tie the game up at 21 apiece. And as happy as I was with Tank's miraculous play, I knew that if the Badgers recovered the onside kick, there was a good chance they'd be able to score again to win it. Luckily, the sure-handed Bart Johnson was there to take the drama out of the onside kick and the Frogs were just one first down away from victory.

Matthew Tucker was stuffed for no gain on first down before Wisconsin took their last timeout with 1:52 remaining. Redshirt freshman Waymon James gained 6 yards on 2nd down, and then 5 on 3rd & 4 to seal the game for TCU. That was the first of about a thousand times that evening that I muttered to myself "we just won the Rose Bowl". An absolutely unreal feeling, and the proudest I've ever been to be a TCU graduate.

I realize it's a little silly of me to have just completely recapped a game that happened not even nine months ago...and that most of you either still have saved on your DVR or own on DVD. I also could've just posted this well-put together highlight video- but hey, you enjoyed reading this, right? Let's hear your Rose Bowl memories in the comments section.

Spitblood Friday Award Predictions

Alright, so we are one week away from the season starting with the inevitable curb-stomping of Baylor (yeah, I said it). So I'm asking you, the spitblood readers, to make a couple predictions for how things shake out this season. It's seeming to become an annual thing that TCU has at least one guy win a national award or at least get nominated for one, thus getting to spend a raucous weekend at Disney World's plethora of theme parks infested with white trash who have their children on dog leashes. A few that come to mind over the past few years are Jake Kirkpatrick (Rimington winner), Tejay Johnson (Thorpe finalist), Jerry Hughes (name the award and he was nominated), and an a few others who got to stand up on stage as they announced the Walter Camp All-American teams.

So who is going to be the guy(s) up for national recognition this year? Also, do you see anyone on the roster who is still young but could potentially make a push for some major national attention in the years to come? Feel free to predict this year's Heisman as well, or maybe just predict which high profile player will be the next one to send his school up shit creek without a paddle due to cheating, since that seems to be an annual thing as well. As usual, I'm up to hear any sort of Friday morning hungover, foggy-brained theories that y'all have as well.

Dalton much sharper in preseason game #3

You've got to love logging on to and seeing the headline "Dalton outshines Newton in Battle of Rookie QBs". I'm sure we all wish that the two had been able to face each other last season, but after Dalton's rough first two preseason games it was just good to see him excelling again. His final stat line in last night's 24-13 win was 11-for-17 passing for 130 yards with the touchdown you see above and no interceptions.

And if seeing a former Frog QB beating Scam Newton in a meaningless exhibition game gets you a little bit fired up, just wait for Dalton vs. Colt McCoy in Week 1 of the real games.


Morning Dump

Rotation keeps TCU backs stronger Star-Telegram

Gary Patterson coach Gary Patterson on winning, defense and replacing Andy Dalton Sports Illustrated

Bonus Nuggett:
Sorority recruitment has record numbers TCU360

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spitblood Magazine Review: Texas Monthly

So I saw the new Texas Monthly yesterday and picked it up. Gotta say though, the cover was a little disappointing. We made the cover, but since it's a fold out cover, we're primarily on the part that is hidden when displayed on the newsstand. Baylor and Tech are there though, with their soon to be divorced parents. Of course, the photographer is an Aggie who I guess still can't completely shake that Big 12 bias and would rather have crappy conference mates front and center than show the best Texas football team from 2010.

So, open it up and there we are... with UTEP, SMU, Houston, UNT, and Rice.

And then there's this...

I guess we've found Andy Dalton's Evil/Short Bus twin/clone brother.

So, quick review:

Texas Monthly: College Football Madness 2011 Issue

Good: TCU is (sorta) represented on the cover, Coach P gets a nice big 6 page story about him, not overly UT happy, SMU ties with Rice and UNT for fewest fans on the cover (2)

Bad: Big 12 dominates the front cover, Dumb interview with Mack Brown, Fools have the pony winning the Mascot Death Match

Goofy: 5 pages about the new UT-San Antonio football team, Weird ass Andy Dalton looking Baylor fan, Absurd "National Lampoon's Vacation" parody poster featuring Rick Perry

Hardline at The Varsity next Thursday

Sportsradio 1310 The Tickets' Hardline will be broadcasting live from The Varsity next Thursday, so Frog fans/P1's head that way after work to show your support for our friends and sponsers of this site. And be sure to check out their cool new gear before it is bought up by all the frat stars and sorostitutes.

Top Moments of the GP Era: #2

Having already won at Virginia and Clemson early in the season, survived a frigid upset attempt by Air Force in Colorado Springs and blown out BYU in Provo, the last big test for the 2009 Horned Frogs would finally be at home. Frog fans were already excited when they learned that Utah would be coming to Fort Worth on November 14, 2009- a Saturday, marking the first time these teams would be facing each other in a non-Thursday game- but the anticipation continued to grow as that date approached.

As the season progressed, TCU fans began to look ahead to the Utah game, realizing that by gaining a measure of revenge for the 2008 loss that the 2009 team would all but guarantee their trip to a BCS bowl. Rumors started to circulate in early October that the team would be wearing special uniforms for the game, designed by Nike. It was a date so circled in red on Fort Worth-area calendars that even GIRLS could be heard saying "eh, we'll just send them a gift" in regards to weddings unfortunately scheduled for the same day. It wasn't just sold out, it was sold out to the point of standing-room tickets going for $75 on ebay and craigslist. As if the build-up to the game couldn't be any more, ESPN decided to bring Game Day to Fort Worth for the first time ever.

I wasn't among those who got to the Game Day set early enough to be right up behind the stage, but I did wander down there to see what was an ugly, faculty-only parking lot in my days at TCU transformed into the center of the college football universe for a few hours. The atmosphere down there was ridiculous, so much so that I secretly worried if some of those rowdy fans would still have that same kind of energy when the game kicked off later that night. With that thought in mind, I went home and at least attempted to take a nap while watching some other games.

I don't recall exactly when I got to the stadium to start tailgating, but I do remember being astonished at how many people were already there. I'm usually one of the early arrivals, and even getting there earlier than normal, I walked right into a party that seemed as if it'd been going for a while. And whereas you usually can't pry some people away from the tailgate until well after kickoff (if ever...), that night the stadium was probably 75% full more than an hour before the game began.

When Jeremy Kerley fielded the opening kickoff in his own end zone, did ANYONE expect him to take a knee and settle for starting the first drive at the 20? If he had taken that kick to the house from 100+ to open the game, my brain might've just melted- so maybe it's a good thing that he only got it out to the 13. Andy Dalton took over from there, guiding TCU down to the Utah 41 in just 8 plays. That's when true freshman Matthew Tucker rumbled down the right sideline to the endzone, giving TCU a 7-0 and prompting a celebration in the east stands that was considerably more raucous than these folks in the upper deck.

On the ensuing kickoff, Tyler Lutrell DESTROYED Utah return man David Reed and Malcolm Williams recovered the ball at the Utes' 16 yard line. Unfortunately, Ross Evans missed a 26-yard field goal and a measure of momentum. Two possessions later, after a shanked Anson Kelton punt gave the Utes a short field to work with, Shaky Smithson scored on a 10-yard run to even the game at 7-7.

Dalton then went to work answering the Utes, driving the Frogs 80 yards in just 1:46 with the help of a 14-yard completion to Bart Johnson that drew an additional 15-yard face-mask penalty, a 15-yard completion to Jimmy Young and the 16-yard scoring strike to Ryan Christian on a swing pass in which Christian- the former walk on- put on display the finest jukes I have ever seen on a white boy.

Not wanting to be outdone, Jerry Hughes then made his presence felt. He combined with Wayne Daniels to stop Eddie Wide for a 2 yard loss in 1st down, made the tackle on 2nd down and then sacked Jordan Wynn on 3rd down in a 1:58 sequence that was mostly filled with the thunderous call of "Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuughes!". On 4th down, Greg Burks blocked the punt and Tanner Brock recovered it at the Utah 23. Four plays later, Jeremy Kerley scored from 3 yards out to make it 21-7 Frogs.

Hughes had a QB hurry to help force a three & out on Utah's next possession, and Kerley took the punt return 39 yards down to the Utah 29. On the first play, Dalton hit Jimmy Young for a 28 yard gain down to the one, and Antoine Hicks finished the job, putting TCU up 28-7 with 12:34 remaining in the 2nd quarter. If the route was not sufficiently on at that point, Tank Carder picked off Wynn's 2nd down pass attempt all of 46 seconds later and took it to the house, putting the Frogs up 35-7 and setting off a completely ridiculous celebration in the east stands.

During the TV timeout before the next kickoff, someone in the Amon Carter PA booth decided to take advantage of the ridiculous amount of electricity and enthusiasm in the air by blasting "Sandstorm" and causing an impromptu rave in the stands. It was a move that was pretty awesome in it's original, spontaneous form- but the attempts to recreate it since (both in the stadium and at meathead tailgates) have been fairly lame. Even so, it was a very memorable couple of minutes.

I am probably not the only one with very little memory of the game past that point. The game was OVER, and every flask in the stands was in the process of being quickly emptied. The Utes did manage to score three touchdowns in what amounted to extended garbage time, but so did the Frogs and the final was 55-28. Fans stormed the field when the game was finally over, and a browned-out Sir Wesley Willis got his picture taken with Jerry Hughes.

TCU did still had two games left, at Wyoming and against New Mexico on Senior Day, but after the Great Frogasm of 11/14/09 there was no doubt that they were FINALLY headed to the promised land of the BCS. It was a glorious, glorious day that would be very hard to top. Little did we know at the time the roller-coaster ride the team would take over the next 13 months that culminated in the #1 moment in the Gary Patterson Era- which we'll tackle tomorrow...

TCU-Baylor Game Day Weather

Barring the major change in the weather pattern that we've been waiting for all summer long, it looks like the Frogs' season opener against Baylor is going to be a hot one. The Weather Channel's 10-day forecast for Waco calls for a high of 103 on September 2nd, with a low of 78...which means it'll still be well above 90 when the game ends. I forget, which of these teams has had a cramping problem in the heat during their last few meetings?

And if you're wondering about the picture, that's the first image that popped up when I typed "meteorologist" into google images.

SMU invites itself to the Big 12

During all of the conference re-alignment drama of the past two years, I think everyone around the country was wondering about the intentions of a certain sleeping giant located just north of downtown Dallas. Well, just wait for the ripples because SMU athletic director Steve Orsini has thrown down the gauntlet- letting the world know that the Mustangs are pushing for membership in the Big 12.

I'd love to go off on a rant here about the improbability of SMU gaining an invitation from the man (Dan Beebe) who was in charge of dismantling their program back when they were successful (and cheating), or that they should respect TCU's hard-earned right of first refusal to board that sinking ship, but we're running short on time and need to move on to another story in the "Good luck with that, guys" department:

Fox News: Group Looks to Remove Stigma from Pedophilia

Morning Dump



Athletic Department:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Boise State Mascot: The Video Pirate

So I'm a few days late on getting this put together and it's largely died down already, but there was a bit of a kerfuffle that started over the weekend and came to a head on Monday.
It all started when some guy named "Taylor Little" posted a video called "Fremont Highlight" on his Vimeo account. It was a highlight video for Boise State football that was shown in Vegas during a pep rally before the 2010 MAACO Las Vegas Bowl. Somehow, word got back to the Frog Nation that this video was up and it was quickly discovered that the opening of the video HAD DIRECTLY LIFTED THE MUSIC AND VOICEOVER FROM THE 2009 TCU FOOTBALL INTRO VIDEO. It also uses the music from our 2010 video. I got to see the thing and it was just jaw dropping... I mean, the video used our "Fight 'em til Hell Freezes Over..." slogan.

The video was made by "Christopher Mitchell", a May 2011 graduate of BSu who worked for the Broncos, presumably producing other video work for them as well. In fact, he won an award for his rip-off video.

From what I can gather, the folks at KillerFrogs got wind of this and went on the offensive. One member went so far as to strike up a sting conversation on Mitchell's Facebook page. Mitchell tried to claim that he found the audio on YouTube on a New England Patriots video and that he tweaked it a little bit so that it wouldn't violate Copyright Law because he "know[s] a lot about" Copyright Law. BTW, nobody has managed to bring forth this alleged Pats video.

ConcussionLLP, the creator of the original video was notified by one of the KF members and lo and behold, the video disappeared Monday afternoon. But it didn't come down before pro-TCU Ben Findlay wrote up a piece for The Mountain West Connection called "Stay Classy Boise: Interweb Ethics". He provides all the evidence and links (including the original KF discussion).

I knew I should have downloaded a copy Monday morning, but alas, I didn't and now I'm trying to see if another pops up somewhere.

But what REALLY makes the Boise Hate runneth over is the fanbase's reaction. Based on the responses on Findlay's column as well as BSu Scout Board (Here & Here) the overall reactions can be summed up as:

1) Who cares where it came from, the BSu video was better anyway
2) A complete disregard for the fact that an employee and student of BSu made a school sanctioned video from plagiarized material and then gave the guy and award and showed the video in public
3) An absolute failure to understand the importance of Copyright Law and why this is a big deal

4) They think this is the most awesome BSu video ever

I'm hoping that potential employers search for "Christopher Mitchell" and "Boise State", and are quickly brought up to speed that along with the first two search terms, "plagiarized another company's material to make an award winning publicly broadcast video" should go hand in hand.

Top Moments of the GP Era: #3

To say the 2004 season was a disappointment would be a profound understatement. The Frogs' last season in Conference USA turned into a nightmare as the defense failed week after week and the school missed a bowl game for the first time since 1997. Confidence in the football program sagged, and when the 2005 schedule was released I very clearly remember students in one of my classes laughing at the thought of how bad Oklahoma- who had played in the BCS title game in 2004- would destroy the Frogs. Little did they know that they'd all witness the rebirth of TCU football on September 3, 2005 in Norman.

To open the game, Tye Gunn led TCU on a 9-play, 47-yard drive that stalled just outside of field goal range. They settled to play the field-position game, a strategy that only really works if you're able to stop the opposing offense. They did just that, forcing Oklahoma to punt on their first possession, but the Sooners were able to down the ball at the 4 yard line, negating any field position advantage for TCU. When JeJuan Rankins returned Bryan Cortney's punt to the TCU 39 at the end of the next possession, it looks as though the Sooners were seizing the momentum, which many felt was inevitable. But six plays later, as OU quarterback Paul Thompson scrambled inside the Frogs' 5 yard line, David Roach knocked the ball from his grasp and Eric Buchanan recovered. The first quarter ended in a 0-0 tie, and all of a sudden the Frogs had some confidence.

TCU's first possession of the second quarter started at their own 16 yard line, and looked doomed early on until Gunn hit Cory Rodgers for a 12 yard gain on 3rd & 11 to keep it going. On the next play, Gunn again moved the sticks with a 14-yard gain to walk-on Derek Moore- prompting most Frog fans to rifle through their game programs to figure out who this #13 was. The momentum continued on the next play, when Donald Massey gained 32 on a reverse to get the Frogs into OU territory. Six plays after that, facing a 3rd & 12, Gunn found Moore again- this time for a touchdown to give the Frogs a 7-0 lead over the #5 team in the country.

Confidence continued to grow when OU went three & out on their next possession. Starting at their own 46, the Frogs used a 41-yard screen pass from Gunn to Lonta Hobbs to set up a field goal to give them a 10-0 lead to take into the locker room at the half. I'll never forget the looks that Frog fans in Norman were giving each other standing in line for either the concession stands or the bathrooms at halftime. Given the lack of sleep and questionable dietary intake I had been practicing so far that weekend, I was asking myself if this was real life back before that was a youtube catch-phrase.

When the second half began, Adrian Peterson and the Sooners decided to show the Horned Frogs why Oklahoma was ranked so high. They marched the ball 72 yards in 9 plays (taking up just 3:51 on the clock) to pull to within 10-7. Peterson, who had been the runner-up for the Heisman in 2004 as a freshman, had 43 of those yards on just 6 carries. Momentum had swung back in the home team's favor.

The two teams traded punts after that, and the Frogs looked to be doing that again facing a 4th & 13 from their own 28. The snap on the punt was bobbled, though, and the Frogs lost twelve yards on the play- giving the Sooners the ball on the TCU 16 yard line. The scenario could've played out a lot worse, but six plays later OU kicked a field goal to tie the game at 10-10 with 1:40 remaining in the third quarter.

After a few more stalled possessions by each team, Oklahoma got the ball back at their own 31 with 13:32 left in the game. But on 1st down, Jamison Newby broke through the offensive line and knocked the ball from OU quarterback Rhett Bomar's hands as he sacked him. David Hawthorne jumped on the loose ball, giving the Frogs the ball at the Sooner 17. Robert Merrill took care of all of those yards in 3 runs of 13, 2 and 2 yards to put the Frogs ahead for good, 17-10, with just over 11:00 remaining.

From that point, everyone in purple had their eyes on the game clock. Try as they might, the Frogs just could not take any significant amount of time off the clock in their remaining possessions. Fortunately, though, the defense held Peterson to just 5 yards on 5 carries for the rest of the game, forcing the Sooners to try to beat them through the air. They only got into TCU territory once, but Drew Coleman picked off a long pass attempt by Paul Thompson to thwart that threat. The Sooners' last chance started at their own 20 with 2:05 remaining, but Thompson could only find receivers open on short routes, and OU moved the ball just 12 yards in the first five plays. On the sixth, a desperation 4th & 8, Jared Kessler sacked Thompson to end the game and give the Frogs their first win over a Top 5 team since a victory over #1 Texas in 1961.

Not only did the nation learn that the Horned Frogs were back that day, but I think most TCU fans that were in attendance learned something about big time college football as well. It was only the second time that Oklahoma had lost at home under Bob Stoops, and yet their fans were humble and gracious in defeat- just as friendly after the game as they were beforehand. The Sooners haven't lost at home against since, giving Patterson and the Frogs something to brag about that the Aggies, Red Raiders and Bears cannot. Despite the horrible loss the following week, the win still catapulted the Frogs to an 11-1 season that saw them finish in the Top 10 (#9 in the coaches poll) for the first time since 1959.