Friday, July 1, 2011

TCU to the Big East: 1 year from today

At one of the first home football games of last fall, I stopped in to say hello at the tailgate of friend of Spit Blood who is well connected to the athletic department (read: gives $$$) who told me that TCU was all but officially moving to the Big East. It seemed odd then, and frankly still does a little bit, but it was right after that weekend that the rumor really started to gain momentum. It became official on November 29th of last year, and exactly 366 days from now (because 2012 is a leap year), TCU will be a full-fledged member of an automatically-qualifying BCS conference.

Over the course of the next year, we'll try to orient you as much as possible to the Big East and it's member schools by posting things relevant to the Frogs' future conference home. For right now, you'll probably want to bookmark the Big East official website and read about the history of the conference on wikipedia. If you're the "message board type" of fan, you might enjoy interacting with other Big East fans over at Big East BBS. Try to play nice, though, since we are the new kids.

In between now and July 1, 2012, though, will be the oddity of the lame-duck season that Frog fans last experienced in 2004-2005 as TCU prepared to say goodbye to Conference USA. If you remember, the CUSA referees certainly did the Frogs no favors, and judging by the way the Mountain West handled the decision of where to play the TCU-Boise game this fall I have to say I'm not expecting anything different this time around.

While we're all definitely looking forward to this coming season, it's hard not to look forward to 2012 as the stadium will be completely done, Oklahoma and Virginia (and four TBD Big East foes) will be coming to town and the Frogs will just need to focus on the conference standings and not polls and computers and a fickle national media to determine whether or not they're worthy of playing in a BCS bowl.


shortnkerley's said...

Yeah Lyle, but we are the new kid with all the cool toys that all the hot girls love...

CounselorFrog said...

Counselorfrog journeyed to the wonderful/awful city of Morgantown last night just to check out the future enemy. Look for the upcoming post on "Counselorfrog's Wild and Wonderful Journey to Big East Country" coming upon my return.

Yes, I speak in the third person sometimes. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?

Tanner said...

im excited to play other teams at least. course ill be just as likely to go to new jersey to an away game as i was to go to wyoming.