Friday, July 8, 2011

TCU-LSU to be an annual affair?

In Peter Finney's article about the upcoming LSU-Oregon game at Cowboys Stadium in this morning's New Orleans Times-Picayune, Gary Taylor of the Tarrant County LSU Alumni Chapter hints at what could be a major development in future non-conference scheduling for the Frogs:

"It was wild last year at the Cotton Bowl...especially on game day, when you had 3,000 tailgating. Right now, there's talk about what could be an annual LSU-TCU series in Dallas beginning in 2013. I know one thing: Those folks love the crowds the Tigers bring, the numbers, the enthusiasm"

Whoa! I'm fairly opposed to moving games off campus, but when you've got a premier SEC program willing to travel to your back yard EVERY YEAR, you might have to reconsider things a bit. You have to think that Mr. Taylor meant to say Arlington instead of Dallas (a distinction of which he should be aware as a Tarrant County resident), but even if it's over in Fair Park that's an incredibly easy trip to make when you're headed to watch your team play the likes of LSU in a packed stadium...on an annual basis.

Perhaps we shouldn't get too excited just yet, though- there have certainly been rumors about big time non-conference games in the past that have fizzled before those games became reality. It should be noted, too, that LSU's own athletic website does not list their scheduled trip to Fort Worth in 2014, while they do list the Frogs' trip to Baton Rouge in 2013. What to read into that, I don't know. This is definitely something to keep an eye on, though.

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LOLfolding said...

Arlington's an afterthought. Tough to hold that against them.

I can't wait to see what impact our new stadium will have on stories and rumors like this.