Friday, July 29, 2011

Spit Blood Predictions: The 2011 Season

Believe it or not, the offseason is nearing it's end. The Baylor game is 35 days away, but the players will be starting practice next week. We've still got a few of our inventory posts to go, but since it's Friday* I figured we'd roll out one of our usual end-of-week features from past falls. It's time for you, the half-dozen or so people that read Spit Blood, to go on the record and register your predictions for the upcoming season. In the comments section, let us know what you think the Frogs' record will be, who any potential losses will come against, what bowl game TCU will play in (and against who). If you're really feeling adventurous, throw in one more wild-card prediction for the season.

*-Hahahaha, you thought you were done with that, didn't you?


Dave said...

Two losses: BSU and BYU

Both of those teams have something to prove this year, and our younger guys won't be able to stack up... But it'll be a helluva learning experience.

10-2, Poinsettia Bowl

FrogHorn07 said...

11-1 (6-1)

Loss @ Air Force

Playing Air Force the week after Baylor at Colorado Springs is a very formidable test, and I see the Frogs falling. But similar to the 2005 Frogs they rally and win out the rest of the season including breaking Boise's home win streak. An early loss and beating Boise late boost our rankings enough to get a third straight BCS birth.

Bowl: Orange, versus Florida State

Extra: Josh Boyce breaks TCU single season receiving yards record (1012yd, Harrell, 2003)

Rabble Rouser said...

I'm going to base my prediction off of the EA NCAA 2012 dynasty season I just completed on XBox.

Regular Season Record: 10-2

Losses to Baylor 21-14 (Pachall was an INT machine also I was slight distracted by talkin to my gf on the phone, so it's all her fault) & Boise State 13-7 (Boise scored their only TD on a BS fumble by Wesley by the sideline that went for 6 & Pachall got hurt. M. Brown rallied us back and with zero's on the clock hit LaDarius Brown for the game winning TD from 10 yards out which he caught and then dropped when he got popped. Real heartbreaker.)

Bowl Game: Orange Bowl versus ACC champ Maryland.

Frogs 28
Terps 7

(FYI Boise lost the next week after our game to SDSU which dropped them below us at 10-2 (UGA) but strangley enough Houston was undefeated and was ranked above us, so it was weird we made a BCS Bowl.

Final TCU Ranking #5

Also OU beat Mighigan State to win the NC.

Tanner said...

12-0 BCS bowl

defense wins our games, and pachall grows up quickly from several close calls to beat up on boise and ride the train one more time to the BCS promised land. we have a very winable schedule, and i think we take advantage of it.

2 point wins over air force, possible byu.

Rabble Rouser said...

Also Case Keenum won the Heisman FWIW

Slay Purple said...


Seems pretty ambitious, but our RBs & WRs will be solid. We will average 250 rushing yards/game with another 180 through the air. Air Force will be our toughest game because they actually have a defense. I am calling that we beat Baylor by 3 TDs and Boise by 2 TDs as well.

On defense I expect either Maponga or Broughton to get double-digit sacks. Tanner will break 120 tackles this year. We will drop a few big plays in the air because of our young secondary.

Extra: SMU beats A&M and College Gameday heads to the potato state to watch a couple undefeateds play.

SuperSweet HornedFrog said...

Do yall really think we can lose a game or two and make it to a BCS bowl? I predict we go undefeated and make either the orange bowl or national championship and skye dawson will take us to new heights

Garrett League said...

Doomsday: We pull a UT, lose to SDSU, BYU, Boise, AF, and BU.

purplepeopleater said...

Thanks for making me sick to my stomach there G.L.

Rabble Rouser said...

@Garret Leauge: If we were really going to pull a UT that would mean losing to SMU & CSU as well...

NurseFrog31 said...

Everyone seems to be going with undefeated or 10-2. I'm going with 9-3 and Poinsettia Bowl trip. Losses at Baylor, Air Force, and BSu.
They'll all be close, I'm saying 7 points or less each game, but our inexperience in key positions costs us. Baylor is a grudge match which is rough to have on the first week, I don't see us making it out of Colorado Springs in one piece, and I have a feeling Napolean Dynamite will put on a clinic in the biggest game of his last regular season.

I hope I'm wrong. I really, REALLY hope I'm wrong.

Rabble Rouser said...
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Rabble Rouser said...

If we open the season 0-2 I will be suicidal

purplepeopleater said...


HornyFrog said...

relax guys we are going undefeated again. just pray to gary...

VikingFrog said...

12-0 bitches.

Airforce gives us a scare in week 2 but we survive.

We take down Boise on the blue.

Byu is a blowout in the frogs favor. Jerry jones hates Mormons.

My wife's prediction: "fabulous"

CHam said...

11-1. BSU only loss. I think our run defense will be damn solid and we'll have the AF run game pretty well covered.

Baylor will be a tough game, a little nervous on how Pachall begins his starting career, but I think we'll have good fan support. I know I'm going to be shamefully drunk in Waco

Texas Hammer said...

Nurse Frog sounds hot.

Texas Hammer said...

Oh yeah 13-0 bitches.

ctbeecherl said...


Tough loss to Bayor in the opener and Gary goes ape shit on the team in which we rally to 11 straight.

Pachall really hits his stride half way through the season and turns into the quarterback we all want him to be. Wesley and Tucker both have 1000+ yard seasons with the amount of running we do early in the year.

Defense steps up like always on the line and no one runs against us worth a shiz. Our safeties struggle the most against Baylor but realize they need to step it up after Gary rips into them.

Extra. Braylon Boughton finally makes an monster impact after realizing how the defense works. We already know he is a physical beast.

HornyFrog said...

oh please...baylor?? maybe airforce, but by now gary knows the ins and outs of countering the option. no, if we lose its to SDSU, they arent going to be great but we are going to underestimate them again

Lyle Lanley said...

I'm gonna go with 10-2. I think we actually beat Boise, but lose two earlier games...I'm not sure exactly who those would come against, though.

I see an Independence Bowl berth (they'll want TCU the last year they can get the Frogs) against...North Carolina.