Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sorry Andy Richter, but UT Controls the Universe.

This is basically UT's attitude towards the rest of the NCAA.

The University of Texas. Just typing that name causes my blood pressure to rise and hate to fill my soul, especially if everytime you say it all you can hear is bongo enthusiast Matthew McConaghey's voice. They represent everything the world hates about America - Greed, corruption, megalomania, domestic abuse, you name it. Despite my feelings, though, I cannot deny that they are, hands down, the biggest fish in the NCAA pond. This was true even before Ohio State got kicked in the nuts for their own brand of arrogance. Both schools boast huge stadiums, huge football revenues and huge enrollments, but the difference is that the NCAA would never touch UT. Not in a million years, especially with the invention of the ESPN sponsored Longhorn Network.

Just in case you all somehow forgot the events of last summer, just remember one thing: UT almost destroyed the current landscape of college football. No other school could do that. Heck, no other collection of schools could do that outside of the entire SEC disbanding or something like that. The only thing that kept it all together was the Pac 10 shutting down the idea of the inevitable Longhorn Network and the Big 12 basically bending over and letting OU, aggy and, namely, UT give it to them however they liked. Those three schools get exponentially more money than the rest, but now that UT has their $300 million deal with ESPN, despite what the other two will tell you, the Big 12 is 100% UT and everybody else.

Seriously, you think you hate UT now, but just wait until the network launches. Since they will be intrinsically tied to ESPN, the amount of slobbing they get on that network will increase tenfold and we will just be forced to accept it as a "business decision." And who is going to stop them? They're only the biggest sports conglomerate in the world. Everyone can throw up their hands in protest, but what are you going to do, stop watching ESPN? Please.

It seemed, for a time, that everyone was just going to have to live with this new reality. But with the recent announcement that UT planned to air the high school games of featured recruits on the Longhorn Network, we may need to brace ourselves for Conference realignment round... whatever round we're in now. 2?

So your first reaction to that should be, "What. The. Fuck? With the NCAA getting on its sanctioning horse and punishing schools for giving recruits $5 for a cheeseburger, how can this POSSIBLY fly?" And, to some extent, you'd be right. For now. Big 12 Commissions Dan Beebe, hearing the cries of the rest of the Conference - ok, so he only really listens to aggy and OU, but that's called prioritizing and everyone does it - put the kibosh on that idea until there can be a mutually agreed upon resolution by all members. But again, really just aggy and OU, as they have already fired up a second round of rumors in regards to joining the SEC; SEC Commish Mike Slive neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, which should have folks from Waco to Ames shivering in their boots. OU has even gone so far as to suggest they could start their own network to counter UT's, but I'm pretty sure this is just a bluff because I'm not even certain they have electricity in all parts of Oklahoma yet.

The arrogance of UT knows no bounds, and this particular way they have chosen to give the middle finger to the rest of the NCAA is a new low. I mean, outside of flat out handing recruits envelopes full of money - something that I'm not denying happens down there - could there be a bigger recruiting advantage? "Come spoon with UT during the recruiting process - we'll put you on national television!" Let's face it - we have no idea what it's like to be a high level high school football recruit. But imagine yourself as a 17-18 year old and then amplify everything by about 7000 and that's about how it is. You're cocky. You're arrogant. You think you are the most important person in the world and no one can tell you otherwise. Think about how "cool" it was to go down to Austin for Roundup. Again, amplify that by about 7000 and that's Jonathan's Gray life at present. Not that I'm singling him out, but you get the gist. Most recruits get one look at Sixth Street and are sold; If UT gets their way, these kids will have been on University and ESPN sponsored television possibly months before they even set foot on campus and everyone they run into will know them by name. Who could compete with that?

While I can't envision a situation where this is actually allowed to happen THIS year, just the fact that it has even come up is pretty effing irritating, isn't it? And, you're absolutely kidding yourself if you think this is all going to go away. ESPN shows high school football games with some regularity during the year. Wouldn't it just be SO weird and ironic if, say, Aledo HS was featured heavily in the rotation this upcoming season? Or QB Connor Brewer's HS in Arizona?

Personally, I think this is another domino falling in the process of UT becoming an Independent. Not that the NCAA would not eventually step in and put a hold on their plans, but to this point the only ones who seem concerned are OU and aggy, and they would very likely have SEC sponsored Golden Parachutes in place if they become unenamored with UT continuing to call the shots. In other words, they probably aren't going to get too far out of their comfort zones when fighting this because they have more lucrative backup plans available.

But if they did? UT calls the whole thing off, takes their $300 mill. and becomes Notre Dame on steroids. And with ESPN fully behind them and the reality that they are the NCAAs flagship program, who is going to tell them they can't do whatever the heck they want with their TV network? I can't envision a situation where TCU would ever actually overtake UT as the undisputed team of Texas - on field results do not matter in that battle and never will - but if current trends continue, it will no longer be a race. For anyone. And that just makes me sick to my stomach.

For their part, UT is playing politics and saying the right things. Some choice quotes from Athletic Director/Mercurial Overlord DeLoss Dodds:

“We want to play by the rules,”..... “We want everything to be in the open with integrity. We’re for the conference.”

“ESPN knows we don’t want to violate any NCAA rules. They don’t want us to,”

“That would not be a way we want a recruiting advantage. This will be a service to high school football. We don’t want it tied to Texas.”

Pardon my French, but that's about the biggest crock of festering bullshit I've ever heard. If Texas was so FOR the conference, why would they create their own network outside of it and attempt to join the Pac 10 last year as financial leverage? If UT was so FOR the Conference, wouldn't they have INSISTED that everyone get a fair shake from the new TV arrangement they signed last year? If UT was so FOR the Conference, why on Earth would Nebraska and Colorado have left last year? If Texas didn't want a recruiting advantage, WHY THE FUCK WOULD THEY BE MAKING A PROPOSAL TO SHOW THEIR OWN RECRUITS ON THEIR NETWORK?!?! But, then again, they did go 2-6 in Conference play last year, so perhaps they really are giving back. And taking the disaster that is Garrett Gilbert off of the radars of other Conference teams was a pretty considerate of them as well.

But the, "ESPN doesn't want us to commit violations" remark could be the most telling. Clearly the Four Letter wouldn't want it's business partner to commit violations and diminish their asset, but as ESPN is one of the most corrupt, bottom line driven organizations in the world, good luck fighting that battle, NCAA. With ESPN controlling the flow of information in college football, this partnership with UT basically makes the school untouchable. DeLoss' comment wasn't so much a statement, it was a dare.

Maybe the NCAA and the Big 12 will put UT in their place. Maybe ESPN will decide not to shit where they eat. Maybe UT will get smacked with recruiting violations and last year's season will be seen as a harbinger instead of an aberration I could be wrong about my doomsday UT hostile takeover scenario. But I sincerely doubt it.

Sorry guys, I intended this to be far more hateful for UT, but the reality of the situation just made me depressed for the future more than anything. It basically took an Act of Congress to keep the Big 12 together last year. It may take an Act of God now. I guess we better cheer for the Mayans if we want it all to end. I'm going to go cry in the shower now.


LT4heisman said...

Will they only show games of recruits that have committed, or is it just a free-for-all airing of any given high school player they'd like to have?

BTW - That shark thing is hilarious. "I'm a sharrrk, suck my dick!" Greatness.

Tanner said...

agreed. i read those comments yesterday. dodds must think we're all brainless cattle to believe his comments. they will get the high school games, one way or another. whether the ncaa has the balls to actually say anything about it is the real question.

hopefully the ncaa will decide that this is a problem in the future, and will enact new rules to prevent it. if ut wants to start their own network to show their games that's one thing, but showing high school games? it is so obviously a recruiting tool that the ncaa can't ignore it. what they can do is let it slide. the skeptic in me sees this dragging out for 3 years before the ncaa decides whether or not to punish ut with 2 scholarship reductions and probation through impermissible recruiting violations.

Chris said...

The fact that you begin your article with how much hatred you have for UT immediately takes away any credibility you hope to gain by spewing this nonsense in written form. Have you ever seen the .gif of James Vanderbeek crying on Dawsons Creek? That's what I imagine you to look like while you were writing this Pulitzer prize winning piece. The fact is, every school not named UT is coming off like a bunch of whiny little bitches right now. Why? They didn't think of it first and even if they did, they aren't relevant enough to get it (TCU) or they can't afford it (A&M).
Is Notre Dame on NBC a problem for you? Why not?
Texas will not be scheduling anything on the network. ESPN will. Are you hoping ESPN gets handed violations? You're entire rant absolutely reeks of jealousy and irony. You speak of the arrogance of UT as if you aren't coming off as arrogant yourself.
Maybe one day when TCU draws more than 20 K at a football game people will pay attention to you.
Get over it, deal with it. The University of Texas is your daddy. We aren't going to apologize to anyone for being smarter than you.

shortnkerley's said...

For the record, UT is nobody's daddy. They went 5-7. They can't even claim being Baylor's daddy, or Iowa State, or UCLA. Pretty sure the only gripes were about the airing of HS games on their exclusive network, and also their airing of a conference game (2 things that were not originally agreed on).

Also, you watch Dawson's Creek? Super gay, dude.

Lyle Lanley said...

Oh, UT fans...

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I'm not sure Chris' comments really illicit a response... but I'm REALLY failing to recognize my arrogance in the post.

And TCU attendance smack is SO 2005, sweetheart.

shortnkerley's said...

SWW, clearly this guy hasn't caught up with modern day yet, since he makes Dawson's Creek references, a dated "your daddy" Pedro Martinez reference, thinks UT is good at football, and claims we get 20K at football games.

I really can't get over the Dawson's Creek thing. Are you the first male in history to use that as a jumping off point for shit talk? I think so.

Lyle Lanley said...

Griffin Gilbert to Garret Gilbert:

"I don't want...your life"

Chris said...

Ahhh 5-7. Good comeback. Every team on the planet has a down year. But we are just a couple of years removed from an MNC. 1-1 In National Championships since 2005.
TCU has 2 good years and little fans come out from e everywhere beating their chests. get a grip.
The LHN will be seen by subscribers of the network. Not an entire nation.

Chris said...

Whaaaaaaaaa!!!! I'm a TCU fan!!! Pay attention to me please!!! I'm relevant and stuff!!!

shortnkerley's said...

Youre on our blog paying attention, bitching like Mack Brown 2008 style. Looks like we've got your attention. Go back to your Dawson's Creek marathon, tool.

Chris said...

Maybe I will. I hear Pacey and Dawson get in a big fight!
Did you just call me a tool? You mad bro.
Why you mad?
Oh that's right, you're a TCU fan. I'm on here because someone sent it to me in a text and we thought it might be fun to play your silly little game.
Don't call me a tool. It REALLY hurts my feelings. Real bad. Can you tell?

CounselorFrog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shortnkerley's said...

Going 5-7 and having to rely on Garrett Gilbert really brings out the rage in people. Give him a break. He's a UT fan looking for football info on a TCU site. I guess he wanted to read about WINNING.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

So starting an internet slap fight makes you a big man? You have to understand, by coming on here all you're doing is validating what it is we do here. I'd love it if more opposing fans would come and lash out, it really drives content. So, thanks for your interest, Chris.

and again, where was I being arrogant? The title of the post is "UT CONTROLS THE UNIVERSE" for chrissake. If I'm being arrogant, it's helping your side. Why are you complaining?

SnoSkiDrew said...

You stupid TCU fans need to give chris a break. UT played great in their bowl game last year.

cryoburn76 said...

This goes for TCU as well.

Reed said...

"Have you ever seen the .gif of James Vanderbeek crying on Dawsons Creek?"

HAHA too gay for a t-shirt fan, chris has to be a horn alumni