Monday, July 18, 2011

Scouting the 2011 opponents: Baylor

In 46 days, the Horned Frogs will renew one of their oldest rivalries when they take on the Baylor Bears for the 107th time in a series that dates back to 1899...when both schools were located in Waco. TCU eventually wised up and moved to a city that's not just a place to stop for gas on one's way to Austin, but the Frogs will be returning to that College Station clone with an interstate for the first time since 2006 on September 2.

The big story with Baylor is, of course, Robert Griffin "THE THIRD". RG3 (as he's known to Baylor fans), or Jar-Jar Binks (as he's known to the rest of us) is obviously a pretty gifted athlete and an excellent college quarterback...unless you talk to the Baylor faithful, in which case he is better than Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Michael Vick combined. Honestly, the hero worship of Vince Young in godless Austin has nothing on the idolatry of Griffin by the holier-than-thou green & gold Baptists. The pedestrian 164 passing yards and 21 rushing yards on 14 attempts in last year's 45-10 loss to TCU were, according to Griffin himself, a "fluke". So at least we know that no one has called out the emperor for his lack of clothing.

As much as we poke fun at Baylor, I do think that they are still a team on the rise and playing at their place in a season opener on national television is definitely a daunting task. Griffin will grab the headlines for the Bears, but Art Briles has raised the talent level in that program to higher than it's ever been in the post-Teaff era. This team isn't nearly as good as their fans think, but they are way too good to be overlooked by the Frogs.

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Tanner said...

overlooked? no. i think everyone is looking right at them, considering RG3's comments last year.

i don't know about offense, but I've been watching for long enough to doubt our defense, which again will be like a crushing pile of wet blankets. frustration ensues, turnovers, etc. etc. etc. wash, rinse, repeat. i predict a favorable game. course that doesn't mean it will be easy.

the freakin stadium isn't even on campus. who does that?

VikingFrog said...

Would anyone be interested if I were to try and put together a bus to head down on Friday? I really would not like to stay in Waco Friday night.

Lyle Lanley said...

I bet our friends at might be able to help us out with getting a bus trip put together- I hope Dear Leader doesn't mind a little free promotion on his site, unlike the fascists that run killerfrogs...