Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A little Clarification

As most readers know by now, if you are any sort of TCU fan, Tech backed out on TCU for their scheduled game during this upcoming season. The initial reasoning from Tech was "we have to work around the new conference realignment", which I for one called total BS on. They decided to cancel our game but stay with the Texas State and New Mexico games, which screamed cowards. Now, old coach Tuberville is backing off that excuse and basically said what Mack Brown doesn't have the balls to say, "We're scared to play them." Thank you coach Tubs for putting a smile on my face today and saying what all of your counterparts didn't want to admit to in the past. Here is the link to the story on ESPN Dallas.


LA Frog said...

I love his honesty. Tubbs says he wants to play TCU when his team's ready (get better players, understand the 4-2-5 D they are installing, etc), but that means TT will never play TCU

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Sorry for the double post, buck... but since I already wrote it I'm just going to keep it up there.

BuckNasty said...

Figured you would be drawing up a novel for the post, but went ahead and made a little link post. No worries. It definitely deserves multiple postings/enormous hate.

Ice Frog 86 said...

Let's just get this over with.

OU and TAMU need to tell UT later and go to the SEC. This TV deal is just proof UT needs and can go off on their own.

Baylor should go to the Big East with TCU and OSU and Tech join the MWC.

Missouri started this mess and they got picked over now they paying the price.

John Lamberth said...

No way Baylor goes to the Big East. Baylor has had plenty of time to make a name for themselves in their "Big Boy Conference" and they haven't. They need a big bowl of humble pie and join CUSA or some other "nobody" conference that they've belittled all these years.