Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Late afternoon mini-dump

Separately, neither of these are worthy of their own post. I'm sure we could just include them in tomorrow's dump, but I'm guessing a lot of you have taken that gamble before and lost, so I'll just post them now.

First is what is sadly passing for journalism these days- just a slideshow of pictures with a few comments. Essentially, it's something you'd normally see from Bleacher Report, a publication deemed not worthy of being linked on our own admittedly shitty blog...but it was put together by a paid employee of the Dallas Morning News. We like it when they actually acknowledge the existence of the city of Fort Worth and TCU, so we'll help them out by giving them a modest boost in web traffic: 10 TCU football players you need to know for 2011.

Next is proof that TCU football is popular with the kiddos and has officially gone hip-hop. Jordy, you've met your Horned Frog match:


VikingFrog said...

While he needs to work on his delivery a little bit, that's pretty impressive that the kid knows every word to that song.

Travis said...

...even white boys need to shout...