Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hey. I'm PissBlood. K???

Hi. I'm PissBloodFrog. I am new to SpitBlood, but not to spitting blood - or peeing blood, as my name suggests. My posts will aim to be more of the entertainment and less sporty variety than what you're are used to. Though I will never quote a statistical or fact-based fact at all, my facts are more valuable, as anything I say could possibly be considered factual... in fact, they will be opinions.

So, do not be surprised if I try and tickle your rib bones with a poem, fun fact, picture or just a ripping good yarn (hopefully TCU related, but no guarantees).

While I hope to keep my true identity a mystery, I'll give you some fun facts about myself.

About Me: I hate Mustangs. I wear gay jeans, but am not gay.

For my initial post contributions, I will be keeping you up to date on the Horned Frogs' goings-on according to the Twitter and it shall be called Horned Fritters. For those of you who think Twitter is soooo SG (Super Gay), allow me to bridge the gap and get you this much closer to players' inner thoughts without you having to join.

So again, the point here is to take a look see into what goes on in the minds of current and a few former Frogs' domes. I will not post anything that may incriminate or otherwise defame said Frogs, but at times the true meaning of what they are saying gets lots in translation due to a variation of possible logical explanations, one being differing cultural dialects. Due to this, I may have to translate for you. For instance, whilst I would exclaim "Darn, that sure is cool!" Wide Receiver and yard-nommer, Josh Boyce (@jbtcu82) may say "Ish man, dat der is dumb live!" I think you get it.


greyharris said...

ummm, is this TCUManiac from KFC??

VikingFrog said...

Not the image I wanted to arrive to the office to this morning.

shortnkerley's said...

Pretty sure it's not TCUManiac. I'm pretty sure if you KFC finds out you contribute to both sites, they take you out to a field, shoot you, and bury you in a mass grave.

Cro-magnon Frog said...


You speak the truth and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. It got me to sign up for purple menace and there was no looking back

PissBloodFrog said...

Nah, nah. Ain't TCUManiac. Just a man with a guitar and a dream, that could really go for a dick sandwich. TCUManiac sounds like a complete tool though.

BigFrogBall said...

Welcome Piss.