Thursday, July 28, 2011

Guest Blogger: TechTard Stat Hate Edition

With Texas Tech's football vagina resurfacing in the news again, our friend Rotten Arsenal had a chance to develop some Tech hate in the form of stats. Enjoy this deprecating spew of numbers that further proves Texas Tech's irrelevance in the football world.

Okay, so we’re all up to speed on Texas Tech bailing on their scheduled game with TCU in Fort Worth for the 2011 season, right? And, despite what the TechTards want to claim, TCU did not initiate the cancellation of last year’s game in Lubbock, as Angry Trey shows us in fine detail.

So, this post is not so much directly aimed at the current events as it is a Historical Stat Hate Post – Texas Tech Edition.

Of all the idiot fans we’ve dealt with lately due to our recent national exposure, there are some that really stand out. Almost any Big Ten School fan is wonderfully arrogant about their undeserved status as a power, but they can be somewhat forgiven because “they ain’t from around here” and their little brains do well to remember where they live. They can’t be expected to know much about Texas Football.
And the SEC… arrogant as hell, but it’s a little harder to deny them since they seem to have a stranglehold on the Post Season #1 ranking of late.

Then you get to our state brethren… the UT, A&M, Baylor, SMU, and Tech. These guys are all horrifically bad. But UT at least has a recent history of success, A&M and SMU do have National Championships in their trophy cases, and even Baylor has got a long historical tradition of something resembling relevance (at least pre-Big 12). So as stupid as their fanbases can be, they at least have SOMETHING to base their ludicrous egos on.

But then you have Texas Tech… and they have… absolutely nothing. Jack Shit. Fuck All.

Texas Tech Started playing in 1925, almost 30 years after TCU and 10 years after SMU. Only Houston of the old SWC has a younger program than Tech. They are the youngest member of the Big 12-2. They started out as an Independent and then in 1932 joined something called the Border Intercollegiate Athletic Association. There they faced teams like Arizona, Arizona State Teachers’-Flagstaff (Northern Arizona), Arizona State Teachers’-Tempe (Arizona State), University of New Mexico, New Mexico A&M (New Mexico State), Texas Mines (UTEP), Hardin-Simmons, and West Texas Teachers (West Texas A&M). They then spent 3 years as an independent again before joining the SWC in 1960.

Now, while Tech had success in the Border Collie Whatever Conference (8 outright championships, 1 co-championship), they have been almost completely irrelevant ever since. In fact, since joining a real conference, Tech has just 3 CO-Championships. That’s right… they have shared a conference title 3 times in the last FIFTY years and have no outright championships. None.

They were SWC Co-Champs in 1976 with Houston (although Houston beat them head to head that year) and again in 1994 when they shared it with EVERYBODY ELSE IN THE SWC except Houston and SMU. A&M had the best record but had to forfeit the title because of NCAA sanctions, so 5 teams with 4-3 conference records shared the title. It should be noted that TCU beat them that year.

And the Big12 hasn’t been any better. They had that one co-championship for the South Division in 2008 that they “shared” with OU and UT.
So, in the last 50 years, they have not only been the definition of mediocre, they don’t even have a significant co-championship claim.

Overall win percentage, Tech is an above average .564 with 519 wins in 949 attempts (TCU is .529, 580 wins in 1150 games) and on the surface, it would seem that Tech has a little bit of bragging rights there. Of course, this record is largely due to their incredible ability to be mediocre. In 85 seasons, they have 6 seasons in which they won at least 10 games (TCU, over that same period, has 11).
Head to head, Tech has the series going 28-23-3 against the Frogs, although it should be noted that 18 of those wins came during the incredibly awful 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Tech came into the SWC at the right time essentially. Right when the bigger schools started to become juggernauts and the smaller schools struggled to compete, Tech came into a conference rich in tradition and beat the poor schools and lost to the rich schools. Pretty much what it has always done.

How have they done against other Texas schools? Well, they are 36-32-1 against Baylor (which looks decent now, but before the current 15 game Big12 win streak, they were a pitiful 21-32-1), 11-18-1 vs Houston, 15-45 vs Texas, 32-36 vs Aggie, 32-16 vs SMU, and 27-20 vs Rice. So again, Tech has a long history of beating the not so good teams and losing to the better teams. Mediocre.

Bowl record: 85 seasons, 34 bowl appearances, 12 wins and 1 tie.

Against other Conferences, Tech looks remarkably similar to TCU. Both have losing records all-time against current Big12 teams (.415 for TCU, .474 for TT) and big winning records against current MWC teams ( TCU=.721, TT=.677). Other conferences are about equal as well. So, despite a massive number of terrible seasons for TCU, Tech and TCU’s overall winning percentages are roughly similar. See, it all evens out. TCU had some great seasons and some horrible seasons to be about a .500 historical team. Tech just had nothing but mediocrity.

And then there’s rankings… the highest Tech has ever finished the season in the AP is 11 (1938 and 1973). They’ve finished in the Top 20 3 times in the last 20 years (18(2004), 20(2005), and 12(2008)). In their history, they have ended the season ranked in the AP 11 times (TCU=16).

And as far as history and legacy go, Tech fans just have absolutely nothing to brag about. There are no National Championships, no Heisman winners, no major college football awards named after former players, and no NFL Hall of Famers. TCU, however, does have all of those things.

So, looking at it knowing Tech’s history, the decision to cancel the game against TCU in 2011 just seems to be part of Tech’s goal… to achieve mediocrity. Why play a possibly notable game when you can play other non-attention grabbing teams.
Tech fans really should step back, look at what they have “achieved” and contemplate whether they actually have anything to really be proud of… but they won’t because rational thought is not in the Tech Toolbox.


shortnkerley's said...

Well done. I want this for Baylor, SMU, and Boise too. Thanks. The most hateful person here loves your stat hate.

Angry Trey said...

A+ posting! Tech people drive me f'ing crazy.

Rotten Arsenal said...

Baylor Stat Hate from last year:

WWHD (What Would Hughes Do) said...

"Number of people who come to your games" is the way most Tech fans measure their success when it comes to TCU. A quick attendance stat, dated but interesting-

Home Attendance for Gumnut Cottage (credit to Lyle for the great name):

Avg: 41,913

1983-1995 (SWC era)
Avg: 36,888

1996-2008 (Big 12/BCS Money era)
Avg: 46,813

Rotten Arsenal said...

I'm thinking about Boise and SMU stat hate, but I have to hit it from the right angle. Baylor and Tech are easy because it's all about them thinking we're the irrelevant ones in a nobody conference. BSU really doesn't claim much except current arrogance because of recent success, and head to head, they do have us beat 2-1 including that excruciatingly painful loss in the Fort Worth Bowl (although beating them in their home stadium this year would be a prefect bookend). SMU doesn't really claim much other than they are a better school... they really don't even try to one up us in sports, just academics and "pretty campuses". Which, when you are talking about football, really sounds stupid.

Rotten Arsenal said...

There is another piece I want to work on soon that does a comparison of "wins per student on campus." That is, comparing all the Div I Top whatever the hell we're called this week schools and compare the success of the big schools vs the little schools.