Monday, July 11, 2011

The Frogs have come a looooong way...

Whether it's at TCU, SMU, Tulane or any other private school in a major metropolitan area, the blueprint for football success always includes numerous mentions of the Miami Hurricanes. If you watched the 30 for 30 about the Miami program, you probably drew a lot of parallels between the Schnellenberger/Johnson 'Canes and the Patterson Frogs...although GP's teams don't have quite the rap sheet.

What you might not know is that Miami and TCU were semi-regular opponents of each other for a period stretching from the late '40s into the '70s, with the Hurricanes winning five times out of eight against the Frogs. Then the two schools faced each other again in October of 1992, at the height of Miami's national dominance:

Aside from every player wearing comically large shoulder pads, the other big difference is that back then, the Frogs were nothing more than a squashed fly on the windshield for Miami- who rolled TCU 45-10 that day on their way to an appearance in that year's "national championship game" at the Sugar Bowl against Alabama. It's clearly a different story in Fort Worth these days, where the Frogs have been in the national title discussion themselves each of the past two seasons and are on the other end of embarrassing scores.

If you're not a big fan of looking back at the dark ages of TCU football, our own Counselor Frog has promised a series of posts highlighting the greatest moments in the Patterson Era- so be on the look out for that sometime later in the summer.

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shortnkerley's said...

So, if TCU is the early '90s Miami, does that make Casey Pachall Heisman winner Geno Torretta? Hopefully we actually win the title, and don't get our shit packed in by Alabama like Miami did.