Friday, July 15, 2011

ESPN and Craig James are at it again...

Probably going to be working for Sports Illustrated soon.

By now, everyone knows that 2 of our least favorite things on this site (or at least mine) are Craig James, and almost everyone else associated with ESPN. I say almost because ESPN actually has some talent that isn't in the form of smokin' hot blonde sideline reporters (Jenn Brown, I want you inside me), such as Bruce Feldman. For those unfamiliar with Feldman's work, he puts together a lot of great stuff on, but it's mainly insider stuff. He has also been a treat to read lately in light of all the violations programs have been committing, because he's always got seemingly pretty good insight and informative sources. Of course, this is all like, my opinion, man, but seriously, I'll be sad to see him gone. Also, based on the uproar from basically every sports journalist in the country in the Twitterverse, I would say I'm not alone on this opinion. So why, you might ask, has ESPN decided to suspend one of their most popular college football writers seemingly on a whim? Well, the answer is simple- CRAIG JAMES.

I'm sure all 9 remaining readers are familiar with the Mike Leach biography that has come out this week- by the way, I can't wait to sink my teeth into that one. More James family bashing please- but what you may not know is that Bruce Feldman agreed to help Leach compile research and help put together a first person account of Leach's life. Seems like a pretty harmless act to me. In fact, after Leach was fired by the Texas Tech Craig James's, he said he wouldn't assist with the book without permission from ESPN. With that being said, ESPN GAVE FELDMAN PERMISSION to assist Leach in the writing of his biography. Also, in the weeks leading up to the release of the book and subsequent bullshit suspension, there are no mentions by Feldman at all of the book and no promoting it whatsoever.

So, it looks to most people that once again, ESPN has sided with their doo-doo chasing golden boy Craig "Death Penalty" James. Why is it that ESPN wants to hang on to this guy for dear life, and will actually go as far as to take paychecks out of viable journalists hands in order to keep Craig James and his crybaby bitch son happy? Does Craig James give really good head to the higher ups at ESPN? Does he have video of them cheating on their wives or something? I just don't understand why they stand by him at every single turn when most of the nation sees him for what he is and always will be- a cheating, sleazy, self absorbed, helicopter dad with a ridiculously inflated and misguided sense of self worth, and we have ESPN to thank for that. Savvy move ESPN, get rid of (suspend indefinitely) a tremendously popular, talented writer in order to keep your Friday night color guy on board and happy. How the fuck did such a complete and utter douchebag who came from the most notorious cheating scandal of all time emerge as one of the most untouchable assets to the ESPN family? Do the world a favor Craig, quit your ESPN job, run for Senate, get your ass handed to you, and then take your entitled little brat son on a trip down I-35 going the wrong direction with your hood popped. The world would be a better place.



John Lamberth said...

In the last few months, I've read "God Save the Fan" (Will Leitch, Deadspin), ESPN: The Uncensored History (Michael Freeman), and Death to the BCS (Dan Wetzel, et al) and all I can take away from this is that ESPN might be the most evil, ruthless, (yet genius) assholes on the planet. Pretty much though, if it ain't a TCU game, my DirecTV box is never tuned to an ESPN channel.
What's really ironic is how much of a struggle the network went through in their start-up years fighting against the "Big Networks" who always claimed that cable was an inferior waste of time and that no one could challenge or be as good as the existing OTA stations. Yet ESPN now has their opponents attitude towards the teams they cover.
The history of just asshole moves and rampant sexual harassment are just almost unbelievable. I'm somewhat surprised that any respectable journalist would even want to work for them.

Incidentally, Wetzel is releasing an updated and revised Death to the BCS in October. Gotta be some good words on the 2011 Rose Bowl I'm thinking!

John Lamberth said...

ESPN spins and backtracks.

shortnkerley's said...

Yep. ESPN took it back, which begs the question: why did Feldman go silent for about 2 days for no reason on twitter and ESPN? ESPN is so full of shit.

biffula said...

Jenn Brown, meh, too much forehead.