Monday, July 18, 2011

Del Conte Live Chat at 2:00pm

Chris Del Conte has a live chat scheduled for 2:00pm today on, and given Sir Wesley Willis' courage in asking questions to GP in person last week, the readers of Spit Blood should at least attempt to get answers from CDC on some of the things we've all wanted to know about the state of the athletic department.

Whether it's about the move to the Big East, the stadium renovation, non-conference scheduling or anything else, you can submit your questions now by clicking here. Or, since I know how lazy and worthless most of you are- you can leave them in the comments section below for someone else to ask.


VikingFrog said...

Del Conte hasn't missed a home sporting event since he's been here the last two years. Pretty impressive.

LA Frog said...

Since my question did not come up today I ask the SpitBlood family: Assuming TCU has 5 non-conference (NC) games per year in the BE has TCU's schedule planning changed for NC games -- more east coast opponents or more of the current south central opponents or more west coast opponents for all the California alumni? Does GP still want to honor the Armed Forces teams (Army, Navy, AF)? It's all speculation, but...what else is there to do

Lyle Lanley said...

Just like in the 9-team MWC, I think you'll see the Frogs playing 8 conferences games and 4 non-conference games in the 9-team Big East...that's all subject to change with any further expansion, though.

I would think the non-conference scheduling will, like in the MWC, attempt to continue historic regional rivalries. SMU will probably stay, and if we can convince any of our other former SWC brethren to play us we'll do that.

I wouldn't be surprised to see TCU also stress West Coast (or at least WestERN) scheduling, too. The football program and the school have momentum recruiting that area, so why let that go away? Colorado and Utah have succeeded recruiting in Texas, but have both just forfeited their yearly trips to the Lone Star state. I don't know what other Pac 12 schools (as well as SDSU) would have any interest in playing the Frogs, but we've got history with Stanford and Arizona at least. I imagine that Del Conte still has a ton of contacts out there from his days at U of A.