Friday, July 22, 2011

Advanced Scouting: Big East teams and trips

Despite TCU's move to the Big East still being one more season away, there's no doubt that every Frog fan is thinking about the transition and the new rivalries that will be forged once we get there. Because we'll all be paying a little more attention to the eight current members of the Big East a little closer this year than ever before, here are CFN's previews of each of them:

-West Virginia
-South Florida

...and since the new conference will bring a new set of away-game destinations, you're probably already thinking about which games you'll want to fly east to see in person. A Syracuse fan that goes by the internet name of Texan Mark has very dilligently put together a blog detailing the top attractions in Big East cities and includes tips on tailgating at Big East stadiums. Check it out, and bookmark it for future travel plans:

Texan Mark's Tailgate Guides

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