Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Virtual TCU vs. Boise

If you're like me, you'd watch just about any kind of football right now- seriously, last night I watched about a quarter of the replay of Auburn-Oregon on ESPNU, even as mad as it made me to watch that BS- so you'll find this snippet of a virtual game between the Frogs and Boise State way better than the Wimbledon and women's soccer that ESPN is currently eye-raping us with.

I originally saw this on Angry Trey's Blog, where he mentioned that NCAA Football 2012* comes out today for X-Box and PS3, so I assume that is big news for those of you that still play video games. Yes, I still have a Sega Genesis hooked up to my TV at home, but it's mostly a conversation piece...aside from the occasional latenight NHLPA Hockey '93 battle.

*- Why is it NCAA Football 2012? It's coming out before the 2011 season.


Tanner said...

rose bowl replay on espnu. right meow.

Angry Trey said...

It was just the demo today. Full copy comes out on July 12th.