Thursday, June 30, 2011

Taylor Featherston Begins Pro Career Today

Former Frog shortstop and Colorado Rockies 5th round pick Taylor Featherston is set to begin his minor league career today for the Tri-City Dust Devils of the Northwest League, who are owned by Hall of Famer George Brett. For those who don't know, and I certainly did not, the Tri-City Dust Devils are located in Pasco, WA, so really, I still have no idea where they are located.

Featherston helped pace last season's team on their trip to Omaha with a series of clutch hits and some unforgettable defensive plays (the bare-handed misdirected ball off Witte's glove really comes to mind), and he led the team in hitting this year with a .335 average. Despite some defensive lapses in the field this season, his absence does leave TCU with a big question mark of who replaces him at one of the most important positions on the diamond, shortstop. I don't know what Schloss has planned as his replacement, but his bat could definitely be sorely missed, as well as his leadership as a 3 year starter.

Best of luck to Taylor at the next level and beyond, and maybe the great George Brett can teach you a thing or two while you're playing under him.

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