Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stadium Work Continues

Some of you have probably been following the construction of the stadium via the webcams...and then some of you probably have a crappy computer like I do and can't get it to work. One of the taller, goofier friends of Spit Blood sent me this picture earlier this afternoon, showing the progress being made on the video board being installed in the southeast endzone. Chris Del Conte included a picture of this in his weekly Notes on a Scorecard, where he also mentioned that 18,300 season tickets have already been sold. That's nearly 5,000 more than this time last year, and they are hoping to reach 25,000 before the home opener against Louisiana-Monroe on September 17th. With a temporary capacity of about 32,000, that means there will only be about 7,000 tickets remaining for each individual game. I'm no expert on supply & demand, but what that suggests to me is that you better go ahead and buy season tickets before you're forced to buy your way into the game from a guy whose other job is selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door.