Friday, June 3, 2011

Spit Blood Predictions: Fort Worth Regional

One of our weekly features from football season is back with the return of Spit Blood Predictions for this weekend's NCAA Regional at Lupton- which starts at 2:00pm when Oklahoma faces Dallas Baptist (if you can't make it out for any of the games, they're all on Judging by our traffic numbers, we haven't picked up many readers since the end of football season so most of you know the drill- post your predictions in the comments section. Do you think the Frogs win the regional this weekend? If not, who does? Also, which TCU player will have the best performance at the plate? Which Frogs pitcher will shine on the mound? Who makes the best defensive play?


shortnkerley's said...

OU beats us in the champ game bc we are out of pitchers. Weik brings his hot bat here and keeps it up. Mitchell and Crichton will shine, but ultimately, Erik Miller, my season long enemy, will keep us from advancing. Taylor Featherston will make the best defensive play, but also the 6 worst, committing 6 errors in 4 games.

I'm the ultimate pessimist.

VikingFrog said...

Frogs come out thirsty and don't lose a game all weekend. We destroy OU in the championship game Sunday and revenge is O so sweet. Rice loses their regional and we host the Supers.

I haven't watched enough games to comment on specific players.

Ultimate "don't know enough about baseball" baseball fan.

Adam said...

My heart says TCU sweeps through the field.

My head says that OU wins by only playing three games.

FunkytownFrogFan said...

The game will be on tonight at 7 for anyone who's interested.

CFBMN said...

Ouch Viking - I'll hold up the Minnesota connection when it comes to BB knowledge, then... I say the Frogs surprise us all and pitching is decent and the hitting clicks at just the right time. Purke makes a bid for the upcoming draft with a great performance against OU in game 2. Coats has a big hit; do I care about a good def play? If the Frogs can stay under three errors in any given game I'll be happy. I'll go with Brance I guess.

Can Wink finish it in 3 games? If not, I agree with shortnkerleys (we could play 3 straight against OU) but I say yes.

Tanner said...

wheres all the homers? elander as offensive mvp, hits 3 homers, though i'm ultimately in agreement with snk as far as featherston.

2 errors all weekend, tcu sweeps, with a 4-2 game over zero U to take the championship. crichton totally dominates.

miller = no comment.

Lyle Lanley said...

TCU will win if they can win the first two. But I'm not so confident in their ability to come back if they find themselves in the loser's bracket.

I think that Coats steps up with a big weekend at the plate, Kyle Winkler comes back with a dominant performance on the mound and Rivera makes a crazy, run-saving catch in the outfield.

Slay Purple said...

TCU in 3, with OU losing to DBU today. The curveball is that VT does the most offense damage, while Wink goes 8 with 12K's. T-bird limits himself to 1 E. However, if we get more than 4 E's in any single game we don't advance..