Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Same Song, New Singer

A common theme throughout the short history of Spit Blood has been to rip on teams that display a ridiculous amount of hubris. Whether it's the "we're the center of the universe" kind emanating from Austin, the "we're taking our awkward Morman ball and going home to play alone" kind from our former conference mates at BYU or the NBA's Team Icarus, we like taking shots at those who think they're invincible.

This brings us back to "THE" hubris from "THE" Ohio State University, which reached it's kharmatic (that's a word, right?) tipping point when school president Gordon Gee decided to open his mouth to criticize TCU. I think we all know how that's worked out for Gordon and his totally heterosexual bow ties. The Horned Frogs are +1 Rose Bowl Tropy while Gee is -1 football coach and -1 hotshot quarterback that will probably sell a ring to Lebron if the "King" thinks he needs to take another shortcut to glory.

Now that Jim Tressel and his equally masculine sweater vests have been forced out of Buckeye Land, Gee has turned the reigns of his school's football program to Jason Biggs...I mean Luke Fickell. The new coach's first order of business: picking up right where his predecessor left off in the denial game. Fickell, an Ohio State alum who had worked under Tressel since 2002, says he didn't know anything about the NCAA rules violations.

Is the NCAA going to accept this, just because the Buckeyes chose a fresh-faced replacement that they'll pay less than 25% of what Tressel was making to be the sacrificial lamb? If Tressel trusted this guy enough to promote him to co-defensive coordinator and the administration trusted him enough to give him the head coaching job, do you really think he didn't know what was going on? It's this kind of repeated attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the NCAA that led to SMU's program being decapitated in the late '80s- a fate I would cheer to see handed down on Ohio State.


shortnkerley's said...

Lebron James- big Ohio State fan. Good to see another James frontrunning effort turning to shit. God I hate Ohio State.

Travis said...

The NCAA will "never", unless truly egregious violations occur and it is proven that a wide-spread lack of institutional control exists, give "The" Ohio State, the #2 revenue producing program, right behind our "good friends" in Austin, the death penalty after how it decimated those cheaters over in Dallas. However, the will knock them down two or more rungs the way things are shaping, and I too will enjoy watching a good fall!

Travis said...

Oh, the coach does look like the actor from American Pie now that you mention it.