Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Popping my Morning Dump Cherry

Reason #9 to be Excited for TCU Football in 2011 - SportDFW

TCU Athletics Year in Review 2010-2011 - SportDFW (probably not as awesome as Sir Wesley's)

Matt Purke, don't go play for the Natinals please - Federal Baseball, whatever that is.

Dalton be locked the F Out - footballnewsnow.com

Sorry I don't have any links to Dirk getting shitfaced at some club in Miami, Cuban being unable to do anything without looking like a huge tool, any videos of Jason Kidd beating his wife, Rick Carlisle's breakout role in The Mask, or any soundbites of Jason Terry being the cockiest human being this side of Lebron James. It's probably time to shift this thing back to a TCU blog now. Football season is just around the corner...kind of.


Sir Wesley Willis said...

Looks like somebody's a little grumpy that his team is about to have to go into a second lottery tank to return to their former glory.

shortnkerley's said...

We are in the process of cloning Tim Duncan in a lab, so I'm not worried. If that fails, we will just tank a season and get the greatest power forward of all time in the draft...