Friday, June 17, 2011

Matt Purke Update

Despite the fact that an injury-plagued sophomore season caused him to slip to the 3rd round of the MLB Draft, it appears that Matt Purke may not necessarily be ready to jump into pro baseball. According to Federal Baseball, a Washington Nationals fan blog, the Nats have serious concerns about Purke's signability. They also quote Nolan Ryan as saying that the reason the Rangers passed on Purke this year was because his monetary demands were actually higher than they were two years ago when he was their 1st round pick.

Purke's performance in the Cape Cod League this summer might be the biggest factor in all of his. If he pitches like he did as a freshman and puts the concerns about the health of his arm to bed, it might make the Nationals more likely to meet his demands. But as it sits right now, I think there's a decent chance we get at least one more year of #47 pitching for the Frogs.

1 comment:

VikingFrog said...

Either way the kid is a number 1 stunna.

I couldn't blame him if he left.

It'll be fun to cheer for him wherever he ends up next year.