Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Four More Frogs Taken on Day 3.

Will Kerley's Be Able to Rid His Mind of this Image Once and For All?

Perhaps as the Universe's way of leaving the TCU program in perfect balance heading into the offseason, four more members of the 2011 Frogs team were selected on Day 3 of the MLB Draft, matching the four who were taken on Day 2. They are...

Erik Miller - Cincinnati Reds - 31st Round, 995th Overall Pick.

Steven Maxwell - Chicago Cubs - 37th Round, 1,119th Overall Pick

Jerome Pena - Baltimore Orioles - 38th Round, 1145th Overall Pick

Kaleb Merck - Texas Rangers - 43rd Round, 1,314th Overall Pick.

Seeing as how two of these guys are of the Senior variety, they are gone anyway, but what does it mean for Miller and Merck? Personally, I have to think they both come back as most players picked this low could use some more seasoning if it is available. However, after watching what happened to guys like Wink, Max and Purke, you never know if Merck or Miller might want to take their chances rather than fall out of the Draft completely.

Also, I realize the need for all of the players due to the extensive minor league system in place... but 50 Rounds? Come on, MLB. There are so many picks that the Rangers drafted a paralyzed kid as a good will gesture. I also remember reading about an owner who drafted his own son, just for kicks. Let's get real here.


shortnkerley's said...

He'll come back. Damnit he'll be back. If I'm Schloss I'd try my hardest to convince him how fun riding busses from one shitty Midwest town to another and not making teacher's pay is the greatest experience ever. I hear the Reds have an opening in their bullpen, and you're just the guy for the job!

Tanner said...

i share the dislike.

Kacey said...

I think a total of 6 from the recruiting class were taken in the draft. I believe Crick is the only player really expected to sign. With so many good recruits coming in next year a few players on the bench might be competing this summer for a spot on the team.