Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Everyone Hates Craig James.


I realize the inherent laziness of copy/pasting someone else's work and making it a post, but it's not like I'd be the first to do so on this very site. Besides, it's quite relevant.


Rotten Arsenal said...

Oh Jeebus on a pogo stick... did you guys go all the way through and watch Craig Shames' video? That made me want to throw up.

HAIR said...

I want to donkey kick him so bad. So bad.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

The best part about it, though? Apparently ESPN employees can't be involved in any political cause, so if he really does run for Senate he will have to drop ESPN. It's a double whammy of good news for us because not only will be not have to watch that asshat muck up college football for us, but we get to see him humiliated in the political arena as well.

Craig James for Senate!!