Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"The Bible" is here!

OK, OK- so there are technically 79 more days until TCU vs. Baylor. But the ceremonial start of football season is here as Dave Campbell's Texas Football magazine, aka "The Bible", has been released! I picked up a copy at lunch, and from what I can tell so far they have TCU at #11 in the nation preseason and Tank Carder is the collegiate Defensive Player of the Year. I've also been told by a friend of Spit Blood that works for the company that publishes DCTF that the decision to put Johnathan Gray on the cover was made before he committed to UT- so that means there could've been a Horned Frog on four straight covers (Hughes winter '10, Dalton summer '10, Patterson winter '11...too bad J. Gray fell for the allure of 6th Street). If the Rangers continue their slide, this magazine (along with season four of Breaking Bad) might be the only thing to tide me over until kickoff in Waco on September 2.

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