Friday, June 3, 2011

Basketball Gets in on the SMU Hate.

Reggie Brown
Welcome to the Hate Fold, Reggie Brown.

Despite that other basketball team still enjoying their season, the biggest Metroplex based round-ball news this week is clearly Jimmy Christian adding a new member to his bench staff. For those of you who missed the memo - and, all jokes aside, I've been so wrapped up in all things Mavs that I've occasionally forgotten to make bowel movements until it was almost too late, so this wasn't news to me until lyle brought it to my attention - now former-SMU assistant Reggie Brown took a lateral position with the Frogs, hoping to get in on the bottom floor of what should be a vastly improved team next season.

And while the hiring of assistants for our basketball program should never really make much news, consider in a vacuum what's going on with both programs at present: SMU just finished up a year where they were, at points, in contention in the CUSA race and advanced to the championship game of a post season tournament. Sure, it was the worst tournament available, one that has to beg teams to lower themselves to its standards to accept an invite, but it's a post season tournament nonetheless which is more than we can say. Coach Matt Doherty, despite all the negative press we've given him, DID still coach at North Carolina for a spell and appears to finally have the Mustangs headed in a positive direction. They're not going to win any titles or anything, but as long as they stay out of the cellar of their conference, they're doing better than their cross-plex rivals. Regardless, they appear to be headed down the right path.

As for TCU? Those bowel movements I mentioned above? Well, they were more pleasant to pass than TCU basketball has been to watch since the early aughts. I'm pretty sure I don't need to relive what happened this past season, but just in case you forgot, we were not good. Like, worse than SMU not good, despite beating them head to head. In other words, not exactly a place you'd expect a well thought of assistant to cast his lot.

So what is it that attracted Brown to TCU? Clearly it's not a winning tradition or any hope of making the NCAAs. It also can't be job security because, chances are, Christian and his staff may not even be around after this season. And while hailing from Arlington, TCU gets a slight edge in proximity, I think it's pretty clear why Reggie Brown decided to hitch his horse to the SS Horned Frog.

/completely ignores future Conference affiliation to make point.

SMU Hate, of course!

Seriously, Brown has little to gain by coming to TCU while we have everything to gain. Brown is born and bred in north Texas and played/coached at UTA before joining forces with Doherty in Dallas. He has been given a TON of credit for SMU's local recruiting and the moderate resurgence of that team, which is phenomenal for us because the lack of a local pipeline has perhaps been the biggest knock against Christian during his tenure. He's not being given a promotion by coming to TCU and I have to assume the pay is equivalent. So, by process of elimination, SMU hate is CLEARLY the issue at hand.

It's ironic that Brown's transfer comes right on the heels of my receiving of an email from SMU announcing sign up for their summer sport camps - yes, I get emails from SMU since I once purchased tickets to a TCU/SMU game thru them. I could remove myself from their mailing list, but it really helps fan the flames. Could it be that Brown just couldn't allow himself to be associated with another child being taught such things as teamwork and sportsmanship by one of the dirtiest athletic programs in NCAA history? That he seriously can't imagine being responsible for another child never fully realizing their potential because their parents chose to send them to the worst place possible for such an educating? Is he a disciple of Marvin Gaye and realizes that oftentimes in life we simply have to think of the children? I think it's very possible.

So let's raise our glasses to Coach Brown. He may not be the lone cog that's going to lift the Frogs back up to the Kurt Thomas era, but any and all SMU haters will always be welcome in our program, especially ones who directly hurt that school's chances with their hate.

Now, here's a picture of a monkey with no manners.

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