Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baseball Recruiting 2.0

Ludacris and the late, great Nate Dogg wrote a song about that team

What's the downside to having a school-record eight players drafted by Major League teams? The fact that six of those eight still have eligibility remaining, and whether or not they return will have a major impact on the direction that next year's team will take. The same double-edged sword applies to recruiting high school and junior college players, because they are also eligible to be you end up having to recruit a huge chunk of your roster a second (or third or fourth) time over the summer. That's not easy, since the clubs that drafted them are offering cold, hard cash- and large sums of it for those drafted in the early rounds. Sometimes selling a kid on the college experience and the chance to play in Omaha over a paycheck is like trying to convince an egotistical, mental midget freak athlete to stay and win a championship for his hometown instead of riding the coattails of another superstar in a city with more bottle service and fake breasts. But I digress...

Joining the six current Horned Frogs that can decide to stay or go (Matt Purke, Kyle Winkler, Taylor Featherston, Jason Coats, Erik Miller and Kaleb Merck) are eight potential future Frogs that also heard their names called in the draft. They are:

-Kyle Crick, a pitcher from Sherman picked 49th overall by the Giants

-Kevin Cron, a baseman/catcher from Phoenix picked 92nd overall by the Mariners

-Tyler Collins, an outfielder from Howard College picked 197th overall by the Tigers

-Cody Anderson, a pitcher from Feather River JC picked 428th overall by the Indians

-Jerrick Suiter, a pitcher from Valparaiso, Indiana picked 1,069th overall by the Blue Jays

-Derek O'Dell, a shortstop from Canyon picked 1,282nd overall by the Red Sox

-Kevin Cornelius, a shortstop from Weatherford picked 1,289th overall by the Yankees

-Brandon Finnegan, a pitcher from Fort Worth (Southwest) picked 1,374th overall by the Rangers

Obviously, the earlier they were picked, the higher chance that they'll never make it to campus. We'll keep an eye on all of the current and potential future Horned Frogs that were drafted over the course of the summer to see whether or not they sign with their respective pro teams or decide to be a part of TCU baseball in 2012. The deadline for them to sign is August 15th, so look for a large portion of the news to come closer to that date.

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