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Is it Game Day yet?

About this time last year, I tried to predict where your favorite Saturday morning TV show since "The Wuzzles" would be visiting during the 2010 season. You can debate whether I suck at it or if it's just plain difficult to predict where Game Day will head on any given week, but I was 3 out of 14 in my first try. I'm going to tweak the rules this go-round in an attempt to improve on that by naming two alternative choices- if I hit on one of those, I'll be expecting partial credit since I am a product of shoddy public schooling.

-Saturday, September 3rd:
My money's on: LSU vs. Oregon at the Deathstar. This is essentially like the free space in bingo, since it's already been reported that Game Day will be at Jerryworld for this one. Over 80,000 tickets have already been sold for this game that will most likely be a match-up of two Top 5 teams.

Had this one not already been chosen, my two alternate picks would've been Boise State vs. Georgia in Atlanta and BYU at Ole Miss. They've been at the Georgia Dome for Week 1 each of the past three years, and you've got to be intrigued by the dynamic of "The Grove" being invaded by teetotaling Mormons.

-Saturday, September 10th:
My money's on: Mississippi State at Auburn. You think there's some tension between these two schools after all of the Cam Newton drama last fall? The defending "champs" will be replacing a number of key weapons (including Newton), so the Bulldogs might smell blood in the water (mixed metaphor count: 1) after they somehow kept coach Dan Mullen from bolting to Florida over the offseason.

Two others to consider: They were at this game last year in Tuscaloosa, but don't rule out Alabama at Penn State- you know ESPN will want to showcase a game in Happy Valley during what could be Joe Paterno's last season...although he may never actually retire. Also Utah at USC features the Utes' first Pac 12 (that's gonna be tough to get used to) game.

-Saturday, September 17th:
My money's on: Oklahoma at Florida State. Depending on the preseason polls and how things shake out in the first few weeks of the season, this one could be a match-up of Top 10 teams, and the Sooners might even be #1 heading into Tallahassee. Hard to believe the Seminoles haven't hosted Game Day since 2003, isn't it?

There aren't a whole lot of games that will have ESPN questioning whether or not to be at OU/FSU, but don't rule out Michigan State at Notre Dame (remember the trick play the Spartans beat the Irish on last year, hours before their coach had a heart attack?!) or Colorado vs. Colorado State in Denver, which is an underrated rivalry that has produced some extremely entertaining games over the past decade or so.

-Saturday, September 24th:
My money's on: LSU at West Virginia. The over/under on number of people that die at this game is currently at 1.5. There might be a reason ESPN has never sent it's people & equipment to Morgantown for Game Day before, but with LSU likely to be coming in highly ranked and all of the offseason drama among the Mountaineer coaching staff, there's always a first for everything.

If Disney's insurance company nixes a trip to the Mountain State, other games that might be in the running are a key SEC West game and rematch of a thriller from a year ago, Arkansas at Alabama, and Oklahoma State at Texas A&M in a game featuring the two teams most likely to challenge Oklahoma for the top spot in the poorly-named Big 12.

-Saturday, October 1st:
My money's on: Nebraska at Wisconsin. This will be the Cornhuskers' first Big Ten game, and might be a preview of the first-ever Big Ten title game. With their three-head running back monster back and a new quarterback, the Badgers look tough this year and you know Madison will be rocking for this one.

Other choices could include Nevada at Boise State in a rematch of one of the best games ever played, as well as Alabama at Florida because, you know, it's just a huge game more years than not.

-Saturday, October 8th:
My money's on: Texas vs. Oklahoma in Dallas. I picked this game, incorrectly, to host last year- but the AT&T Red River Rivalry has been the site of Game Day four of the past ten years ('01, '02, '08 and '09) so I feel like it's a relatively safe pick- unless the Longhorns continue their struggles of a year ago.

The other two games they might pick are Florida at LSU- because it's hard to imagine Game Day going two straight years without a trip to Baton Rouge, and Ohio State at Nebraska (if my October 1st pick was wrong) as the Cornhuskers host their first Big Ten home game.

-Saturday, October 15th:
My money's on: Miami at North Carolina. Game Day has never been to Chapel Hill, and this one could be a big game in the ACC's Coastal division. Don't overlook the storyline of Tar Heels' coach Butch Davis facing the Miami program that he built to the verge of a national title before Larry Coker finally got it done.

By this point of the season, a lot of ESPN's choices will depend on how the standings look at the time. Because of this, I'm just choosing two SEC games- Florida at Auburn in "The other Cam Newton Bowl" and LSU at Tennessee. The Vols haven't had Game Day on their campus since 2004.

-Saturday, October 22nd:
My money's on: Wisconsin at Michigan State. This could also be a preview of the inaugural Big Ten title game, and in an odd scheduling quirk the Badgers will have to return to East Lansing a second consecutive year to try to avenge their only regular-season loss from a year ago. All of those storylines could add up to Michigan State hosting Game Day for the first time since 2005.

Aside from that one, USC at Notre Dame is always an intriguing game, but the fact that it'll be on NBC is probably why Game Day hasn't been to South Bend since the Irish hosted #1 USC in 2005...that and because, you know, they aren't really good at football anymore. Auburn at LSU is another possibility.

-Saturday, October 29th:
My money's on: Florida vs. Georgia in Jacksonville. "The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party", like Texas-OU, seems like a safe bet. Game Day was there three times between 1999 and 2005, but not since. Even though this game might not be as hyped as it has been in year's past, I think ESPN will seize the opportunity to have cameras in Jacksonville t get some footage for the "30 for 30" that will air after the Jags leave town entitled "Why did Jacksonville ever have an NFL team in the first place?"

If the Heisman campaign for Andrew Luck is still going full steam, ESPN might spend their Halloween weekend in LA for Stanford at USC. And I hate to keep going back to the Big Ten trough, since I think that league is fairly overrated, but Michigan State at Nebraksa has potential to be big.

-Saturday, November 5th:
My money's on: Texas A&M at Oklahoma. The Aggies will have had plenty of chances to spoil the preseason hyped they've been getting before this one, but if they live up to their potential it's hard to see ESPN not making their first trip to Norman since 2008.

Game Day loves going to a non-BCS site at some point late in most seasons, and they love the pageantry of the service academies, so Army at Air Force might be an option here. Also, the Nick Saban factor alone will always make LSU @ Alabama intriguing.

-Saturday, November 12th:
My money's on: TCU at Boise State. Over the past three seasons, these teams have battled neck and neck- mostly in the media- for BCS positioning. They've played each other in three bowl games, but this will be their first regular season meeting and the only one they'll have as conference mates in the Mountain West. Add on top of that the fact that Boise lobbied the conference to move this game from Fort Worth to Boise, and this one is tailor-made for Game Day- especially if at least one of these teams still has a zero in the loss column.

If it's not the Frogs and Broncos, I'm guessing that at least one Florida school will be featured in this week's show. Miami at Florida State is still one of the best rivalries out there, and Florida at South Carolina still features the Steve Spurrier storyline and is the rematch of a great game a year ago as well as the College World Series finals.

-Saturday, November 19th:
My money's on: Arizona at Arizona State. Am I reaching here? Yeah, probably. But this rivalry has never been the backdrop for Game Day so I figured it was worth a guess. Plus you know Herbstreit knows how to get in trouble in a town like Tempe...

Another option in the Pac 12 is USC at Oregon. Even though the Trojans have clearly already been dethroned in that conference, Autzen Stadium will be absolutely rocking when they come to town. Another wildcard guess is what could be a big game between two of the largest schools in Conference USA with Central Florida at East Carolina.

-Saturday, November 26th:
My money's on: Alabama at Auburn. Thanksgiving weekend is a time for traditional rivalries, and as hard as it is to believe, the Iron Bowl hasn't hosted Game Day since 1996! This game has featured one team trying to spoil the other's national title hopes the past two years- could it be three in a row?

The rivalry between Michigan and Ohio State has been featured by Game Day five times, and moves to the holiday weekend for the first time, but I'm gonna go with two rivalries that are not as widely publicized but still create a lot of bad blood between the fanbases: Clemson at South Carolina and Kansas vs. Missouri in Kansas City.

-Saturday, December 3rd:
My money's on: The SEC Championship Game in Atlanta. The past few years, this game has essentially been a national semifinal- there's no reason to think it can't be again this year. With Game Day not visiting the Georgia Dome at the beginning of the year, I feel pretty safe saying title sponsor Home Depot will request this episode in their back yard.

Championship weekend will have a different feel this year, as two conference title games come online and one goes away. Oklahoma at Oklahoma State, though, could be a de facto Big 12 title game, making Stillwater a possibility. The first ever Big Ten Championship Game in Indianapolis might also catch they eye of ESPN.

Clearly, trying to pick beyond the first couple weeks of the season is a pretty futile exercize. I think I can improve off of last year's 3 correct guesses, though. What do you think? That's what the comments section is for...

Good News for Dalton.

Rookie quarterback Andy Dalton tosses a ball.
Andy Dalton pictured here metaphorically taking the football
from Cincy's departing Red Headed Gunslinger.

We're all familiar with the QB situation in Cincinnati, with Carson "Sack-riding my Heisman until the shine comes off" Palmer basically throwing in the towel and saying he'd rather retire than spend another year in the Mistake By the Lake, or whatever body of water in Ohio Cincinnati was mistakenly created near. The wrench in the whole equation, though, is that Cincy and stubborn owner Mike Brown appear to be calling his bluff, denying his requests to be traded or released and seeing if he will really go through with his threats. And, with the caveat that you completely disregard the source, it looks like Palmer is making good on his bitching.

Truthfully, I think the Bengals were pretty well prepared for this; why else would they have used such a valuable pick on Andy Dalton? And now that Palmer has officially sold his house in suburbia - even taking a loss just to put a fine point on how eager his to get the F out of dodge - the Bengals front office is looking pretty competent for perhaps the first time in their lack luster history.

This is pretty great for a multitude of reasons, aside from the obvious, "Dalton's only competition quit the team" angle. For one, assuming the lockout lifts in the coming weeks, the team can move forward with breaking in a new QB. Dalton has already worked out a little with the team, albeit only in those of the unorganized sort, so it's extremely important that he begin learning OC Jay Gruden's system ASAP. With Palmer out of the picture, the coaching staff can zero in on Andy - who, let's not lie to ourselves, is inevitably going to win the job over Palmer, Jr. - and build an offense to suit his strengths as well as one that he can acclimate himself to as quickly as possible. There are apparently already plans in place for the latter half of that as the staff will get to work on initially shrinking the playbook for Dalton as soon as the lockout goes away. Detractors will suggest that it's because Andy has a limited skill set and therefore needs a dumbed down playbook in order to succeed, but anyone with half a brain would understand how unique of a situation this draft class is in as far as the learning curve and that even the most NFL ready QB in the world would have a tough time grasping an entirely new system in half the time. Just wait for the hilarity that will ensure once Carolina fully grasps that Cam Newton's plays at Auburn were SERIOUSLY numbered "one," "two," three," etc. Have fun with that, new OC trying to turn around a disastrous franchise.

And with Palmer backing up his talk, hopefully Mike Brown will realize that he has proved his point and ship him to Minnesota, Seattle, San Francisco - heck, I'd take him over Romo, but only because I just don't like the guy - for some help in other areas of need, of which there are many. Maybe pry away a capable receiver as it looks like the TO-Ocho is coming to an end. I don't know, I'm not a GM. But while I respect Mike Brown sticking to his guns and making Palmer make an ass of himself, I think he's got to get SOMETHING for him, no? It will be interesting to see that situation play out.

An anecdotal side note that is at least partially related: A few weeks ago I was at a playoff game for your World Champion Dallas Mavericks and noticed a bright, red spot in my periphery as I was heading up the stairs at halftime. Lo and behold it was one Andy Dalton - Dalton at a Mavs game? Take THAT, Houston - so naturally I pestered him for menial conversation and a photo op. Somewhere in the back of my margarita enhanced mind, I knew I wanted to ask him about the situation with Carson and get his superficial take, but all I could come up with was, "So Carson Palmer... Fuck that guy, huh?" Being the gentleman that he was, Dalton more or less ignored the comment, but I could sense that, deep down, we were on the same wavelength. So based on that one completely random and meaningless encounter/body language assessment, I think it's safe to assume that Palmer's failings in the residential real estate market will help AD sleep better at night.

Of course, none of this really matters as no moves can occur until the lockout is lifted, so just consider it food for thought to tide you over until the situation can be resolved. Or at least until NCAA Football 2012 comes out in two weeks. Giddy!

Taylor Featherston Begins Pro Career Today

Former Frog shortstop and Colorado Rockies 5th round pick Taylor Featherston is set to begin his minor league career today for the Tri-City Dust Devils of the Northwest League, who are owned by Hall of Famer George Brett. For those who don't know, and I certainly did not, the Tri-City Dust Devils are located in Pasco, WA, so really, I still have no idea where they are located.

Featherston helped pace last season's team on their trip to Omaha with a series of clutch hits and some unforgettable defensive plays (the bare-handed misdirected ball off Witte's glove really comes to mind), and he led the team in hitting this year with a .335 average. Despite some defensive lapses in the field this season, his absence does leave TCU with a big question mark of who replaces him at one of the most important positions on the diamond, shortstop. I don't know what Schloss has planned as his replacement, but his bat could definitely be sorely missed, as well as his leadership as a 3 year starter.

Best of luck to Taylor at the next level and beyond, and maybe the great George Brett can teach you a thing or two while you're playing under him.

From Thorns to Roses

Tired of new video montages of the 2010 season? I didn't think so. Thanks to whoever "beaudacious14" is on youtube for making this one.

Morning Dump

Notes on a scorecard

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Everyone Hates Craig James.


I realize the inherent laziness of copy/pasting someone else's work and making it a post, but it's not like I'd be the first to do so on this very site. Besides, it's quite relevant.

Arrieta Scratched From Start

Jake Arrieta Jake Arrieta #34 of the Baltimore Orioles pitches against the Washington Nationals at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on May 20, 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Last week I posted a story about how Jake Arrieta was going for his league leading 9th win of the season, and he got it, working 5 innings and allowing 3 runs in what eventually became an Orioles blowout win. However, the reason he was limited to just 5 innings was apparently due to a sore elbow, and that sore elbow is keeping him from starting tonight, which is his scheduled turn in the Orioles rotation. It doesn't appear to be too serious and he should start Saturday if things go as planned, but an elbow injury sidelined him to close out the 2010 season, so I'm sure both he and the Orioles are going to proceed with caution. Hopefully he can rebound with a solid start Saturday against the light hitting Braves and record his league-tying 10th win, at least until Roy Halladay pitches another complete game for the Phillies and their video-game filthy rotation. I know the chances are slim, but wouldn't it be great to have a Horned Frog in the All-Star game managed by Ron Washington?

Good Pub for TCU

In December of 2009, Fort Worth, Texas magazine (for those of you unfamiliar- it's essentially Texas Monthly just for Fort Worth) hired the legendary Dan Jenkins to write a cover story entitled "On the Shoulders of Giants", that was all about the amazing transformation that the TCU football program had undergone over the previous decade.

They're at it again in the July 2011 issue, except this time the cover story is all about the amazing transformation that the university has undergone along with the athletic department. As you might've read in the Star-Telegram the other day, applications from out of state have skyrocketed in the past few years. In the magazine, Nancy Bartosek goes deeper to find the reasons why TCU is "the hottest school in Texas"- a coordinated effort by the academic leadership of the school to attract students to a small but elite school in a major metropolitan area with a surging athletic department that has resulted in applications going up by 300% in a decade.

Anyway, it's a good read- and good publicity from the school, even if it is from a local magazine that gets ad buys from the school on a monthly basis. Go pick up a copy before the print industry dies.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Virtual TCU vs. Boise

If you're like me, you'd watch just about any kind of football right now- seriously, last night I watched about a quarter of the replay of Auburn-Oregon on ESPNU, even as mad as it made me to watch that BS- so you'll find this snippet of a virtual game between the Frogs and Boise State way better than the Wimbledon and women's soccer that ESPN is currently eye-raping us with.

I originally saw this on Angry Trey's Blog, where he mentioned that NCAA Football 2012* comes out today for X-Box and PS3, so I assume that is big news for those of you that still play video games. Yes, I still have a Sega Genesis hooked up to my TV at home, but it's mostly a conversation piece...aside from the occasional latenight NHLPA Hockey '93 battle.

*- Why is it NCAA Football 2012? It's coming out before the 2011 season.

Andy Dalton wants you to buy season tickets

Even though Andy Dalton will be living in Cincinnati this fall (that is, if there is a "this fall" for the NFL), he still wants as many people as possible cramming into Amon Carter Stadium on Saturdays in his absence. The all-time winningest quarterback in school history is placing calls (or, more accurately, he recorded this call and a computer is making the calls) to urge TCU fans and Fort Worth residents to buy season tickets to watch the 2011 Frogs attempt to build off the momentum created over the past few years. Someone named Rob Gordon recorded the message left on his machine by the future College Football Hall of Famer:

Andy Dalton, professional pitch man

Nice work, AD. I'm thinking there's probably a Cincinnati-area furniture store or car dealership that ought to get in the Andy Dalton business and pay him big bucks to recreate this or this.

Morning Dump

-ESPN Insider article


Athletic Department:

Be sure to sign up for Spitblood's Countdown to Kickoff Golf Tournament on July 23 at Whitestone Golf Course in Benbrook, TX. 4 man teams, $100 per player. Many prizes will be given out, including the coveted purple blazers to the winning team. Sign up and pay by July 11 to guarantee you and your team's spot. Email or click the link on the right side of the page.

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Scouting the 2011 opponents: BYU

When BYU decided that it was going to take their ball and go home to play alone just because they were butt-hurt that Utah got invited to the Pac 10 instead of them, we all figured that the 2010 match up between the Frogs and Cougars would be the last- especially since GP essentially said so in a press conference.

But then Texas Tech backed out on their game with the Frogs and Boise State got their game in Fort Worth moved to the blue turf and all of a sudden, TCU was as in need of a non-conference game as now-independent BYU. So now the Cougars have one more "last shot at revenge" against TCU at Cowboys Stadium on October 28th to try to save face from the combined 101-17 shellacking they've taken from GP the past three seasons.

The Cougars are playing a mostly WAC schedule this year, with 5 of their 12 games against teams from that conference- along with Idaho State...who is somehow not good enough for the WAC...who just invited a team (UTSA) that has yet to play a single down of football. I'm not sure going undefeated against that schedule gets you into the BCS- increased access to which BYU stated as a reason for striking out on their own. Anyway, they've gone the route of Army and Navy by inking bowl agreements before the season so if they win six games in 2011 they win a trip to play in the...Armed Forces Bowl, at SMU again this year while construction continues on Amon Carter Stadium. That's probably a major selling point to recruits.

Here is what has to say about the 2011 Cougars, along with something from ESPN's Outside the Lines that should further help sell the collegiate experience in Provo to top-tier athletes:

-CFN 2011 BYU preview

-CFN 2011 BYU offensive breakdown

-CFN 2011 BYU defensive breakdown

-CFN 2011 BYU depth chart

-ESPN's look at the inconsistent enforcement of BYU's Honor Code

2011 roster full of shared jersey #'s

With almost all of the incoming freshman and JUCO transfers now residing on campus and working out with the team, has posted at least a rough draft of the 2011 football roster, which for some reason has always been a highlight of summer for me. I guess it's because the newest Horned Frogs are assinged jersey numbers for the first time, and you can start to visualize some of them blossoming into stars over the next 4-5 years.

The roster for this fall, however, exposes one of my football pet peeves: the shared jersey number. Obviously, with over 100 members of the team, you're going to have to have some guys doubling up. But I always figure you're going to have two walk-ons that have no chance of sniffing the field sharing some random, undesired number in the 30s or 40s...although at TCU, those are usually the numbers of all-conference linebackers. A quick look at the numbers of the incoming players, though, shows that it might not just be the no-name backups playing the sharing game in the next few seasons:

2-Jason Verrett AND Trevone Boykin. Verret is a JUCO transfer corner who is supposed to contribute right away and Boykin is a quarterback that will likely redshirt, so the window for them to be stars at the same time is fairly small.

3-Chris Hackett AND Brandon Carter. These two are at least on opposite sides of the ball, but both have been speculated to be candidates to play as true freshmen. I guess you have to hope they don't serve on special teams together...

12-Chazten Gonzales AND Kolby Griffin. Griffin, a corner, keeps his high school number from St. Pius X in Houston, while Gonzales adds a 2 to the 1 he wore as a QB in Oklahoma.

17-David Porter. The receiver from DeSoto will share a number with redshirt freshman safety Sam Carter, who is expected to compete for a starting job this fall.

24-Quincy Aldridge. He'll actually be sharing a number with TWO players, as Dwight "The Myth" Smith and fellow safety Danny Heiss (a walk-on, but one that is expected to push for playing time) already sport 24.

Among the numbers assigned to the other incoming players:

9-Jamie Byrd. The hard-hitting safety from Florida was the only newbie to get a single-digit number all to himself. Was that just luck, or do the coaches see something special in him?

15- David Bush. The speedy receiver from Tyler will share #15 with Rick Settle, a walk-on quarterback-turned-safety.

27- Travoskey Garrett. Garrett is a tall corner from East Texas, and takes over #27 from Jason Teague...a tall corner from East Texas.

28-James Bailey. The safety from Everman, listed as "J.D. Bailey", takes over #28 from Colin Jones.

36-Deryck Gildon. He's already been on campus for an entire semester, and performed well enough in spring drills (those of you at the spring game will remember his pick-six) that Dave Campbell's Texas Football named him this team's breakout player for the fall.

39-Laderice Sanders. Hopefully he'll remind us a lot of the last hard-hitting Frog LB to wear #39...

42-Austin Terry. #42 might not be the most ideal number for a linebacker, but just look what Tank did for #43, Hawthorne did for #46, Washington did for #41. I'd say this is a perfect fit.

57-Davion Pierson. This is another player taking over the jersey number of a departed successful senior at the same position. Where would last year's team been without Cory Grant holding things down at DT?

59- Carter Wall. I'm usually not a fan of offensive linemen wearing numbers in the 50s, but after seeing what Kyle Dooley did after switching to #55 last year, I'm cool with it if they can block!

61-Jon Lewis. Hopefully this becomes a number we get used to hearing after short gains or losses from opposing tailbacks.

65-Brady Foltz. Big bro Blaize wears #66, so if they've got a younger brother then I bet GP will reserve #64 for him.

72-Bobby Thompson. He's already 6-6, 290lbs. Look for #72 to be protecting someone's blind side in the coming years.

76-Jamelle Naff. Another big incoming OL (he already weighs 311 lbs), Naff's #76 is sure to be seen on the interior of the line in the next few seasons.

84-Dominic Merka. If you were still thinking this high school QB might play the same position at TCU, forget it- the coaches gave him Evan Frosch's number and he's a tight end all the way.

85-LaDarius Brown. The last player to wear #85 came to TCU as a highly-regarded recruit (as does Brown), and then became one of the most integral and versatile players on the best team in school history. No pressure or anything...

88-Cam White. Maybe this is just a coincidence, but if the coaches think there's even a chance for Brown & White to be Kerley & Young Part II, then I'm excited for the future of this program.

96-Chuck Hunter. Yet another example of an incoming Frog taking over the jersey number of an outgoing all-conference player, although #96 will move inside to tackle from end, where friend of Spit Blood Wayne Daniels wore it last year.

I've made this post the last few summers, and each time it seems like there is still plenty of change afterward- so perhaps this whole thing will be obsolete when the season kicks off 67 days from now.

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Former TCU star Matt Carpenter tells how a major league dream came true Star-Telegram

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Scouting the 2011 opponents: New Mexico

We're continuing with our look ahead to the Frogs' opponents for the upcoming football season (just 70 days away!) moving from our preview of one of the toughest tests of this coming fall to- at the risk of supplying some bulletin board material for New Mexico here- one of the least daunting.

The Lobos will have one last chance to break into the win column against TCU while the two are both members of the Mountain West- the Frogs have won each of the six meetings between the teams since the MWC expanded to nine in 2005 including last year's 66-17 thrashing in Albuquerque that made Uncle Hank's beating of Jesse look like a big brother administering a mild noogie*.

In case you haven't been paying attention to UNM football, Mike Locksley is still somehow the coach...despite his two year record of 2-22 and the fact that he punched one of his assistant coaches in the face after a game. Needless to say, they don't have high expectations going into 2011. But Pete Fiutak of tells us that there is a glimmer of hope for this team, so don't take them (or any opponent, really, given the non-existant margin for error afforded the Frogs by the national media) lightly.

-CFN 2011 New Mexico preview

-CFN 2011 New Mexico offensive breakdown

-CFN 2011 New Mexico defensive breakdown

-CFN 2011 New Mexico depth chart

*- For anyone else that is a fan of the best show on TV, look for some Breaking Bad-related content on Spit Blood when Season 4 gets underway on July 17th. No, it has nothing to do with TCU sports, but it's the summer and we need filler!

Matt Purke- Where Are You?

Generic Purke Photo

Some of you, like myself, might be seeing all of these TCU summer league rosters, stats, etc. and are wondering where Matt Purke's name is in all of this? We had all heard that he would be pitching in the Cape Cod league this summer, possibly as an attempt to show that he's worth the money he's asking or maybe to hone his skills for another run at Omaha back at TCU. However, his name doesn't appear on a roster anywhere currently, and obviously no stats are out there to show that he's pitching somewhere either. Also, after asking around to a few people who we would think might know of his whereabouts, nobody has come up with a definitive answer explaining his absence. So, there are a couple of theories that could be thrown around...

First, has Purke decided it would be safer to rest an arm that clearly is not where it was in 2010 by sitting out this summer? If so, you'd have to assume that he's coming back to TCU, because the Nationals surely wont be willing to meet Purke's asking price (which is apparently in the same ballpark as the figure's he wanted out of high school) for a guy who hasn't shown the form that made him a top 15 pick out of high school recently. This is my favorite, and in my opinion, the most likely scenario. The Nats have a few Scott Boras clients who they drafted in front of Purke, including projected superstar Anthony Rendon from Rice, and Boras clients don't come cheap (see: Rodriguez, Alex). If the Nats plan on signing their earlier draft picks, which you assume they do and will, then there just wont be enough money to give to Purke as well.

Another scenario, albeit a little far-fetched, is that maybe Purke isn't pitching because he knows he's going to sign with the Nationals, so why bother with the Cape Cod league? If this were the case, then he'd be in rookie ball pretty soon so summer ball wouldn't make sense. Based on what I mentioned above, this seems very unlikely unless the Nats can't come to terms with one of their earlier draft picks and have the money to spend on Purke. However, the Nats did break the bank over the past 2 years signing Stephen Strasburg and uber douche Bryce Harper, so maybe they can't afford their higher draft picks this year. But that doesn't make sense either, since Purke is supposedly looking for first round money. So I just talked myself and the remaining readers into a circle there. I apologize.

So from what I gather, my assumption would be that Purke is not pitching this summer in the Cape Cod league, and I wouldn't expect to see him up there later this summer either. It appears that he is resting his arm, hopefully in an attempt to get it into 2010 form by the time the 2012 season starts and he begins his Junior year at TCU. Basically, I haven't been able to see a logical reason why he signs with the Nationals this summer. I just don't see a scenario where a major league club takes a 3rd round guy for 1st round money, especially since the player in question is facing some lingering health concerns. I'm sure they'd like to see him pitch in the summer in top form before forking over millions. I also don't see why Purke would come down from his current contract demands either, because when he's right, there's no doubt he's a first round talent and he can pitch another healthy year in college and prove that again, but I've been wrong before...a lot.

Lessons in SMU Hate: The Wanna-Be Horned Frogs.

Even their mascot finds it funny that SMU thinks they can be TCU.

To an outside observer, the TCU/SMU Rivalry is surely viewed with some skepticism. What's the big deal about two small private school, predominantly white upper class fan bases having a pissing contest over who is the best football team in the most NFL of NFL markets? Especially when you consider that, you know, TCU absolutely owns SMU so there's really no argument there, anyway. But, as it has been and as it will always be, SMU will never accept the fact that losing the Armed Forces Bowl in their own stadium does not put them on our level in the football sense. So we will continue to get articles like this one from's Richard Durrett outlining the ways in which SMU can one day ascend to the level of their rival. Or sort of - it's basically a lot of apples to oranges discussion that comes to a pretty unclear resolution and involves a lot of candy coated Administration speak. No, not THAT kind of candy. Ok, well maybe a little. Now that TCU has arrived, dominated and moved on to greener pastures, the local sports writers need a new underdog story, and naturally SMU fits that mold. It's not their fault, it's simply what the job demands. To slip in a Pitchfork Media worthy analogy here, sports writers talking up SMU as the new TCU is kind of like hipsters telling you that old Animal Collective is better than their recent output. It's somewhat contrarian and makes you seem informed, but deep down you know all you're defending is some guy beating a drum and making yipping noises like an asshole. And beating a drum and yipping like an asshole is pretty much SMU Football at present and for the forseeable future.

The general idea of Durrett's article is that SMU needs to act more like TCU if they want to succeed. Which sounds nice, and I suppose imitation is the most direct form of flattery, but let's get serious here. SMU is going to put together some nice, cute little seasons as long as June Jones and his wardrobe hang around Highland Park. But insofar as TCU remains TCU, SMU's ceiling is more Central Florida than the University of.

SMU is KIND OF where we were during the years we all set foot on campus in the early 2000's, although I wouldn't have to do too much arguing to convince you that TCU was on better footing. But for the sake of where I'm taking this, let's say SMU in 2011 is TCU in 2001. Higher caliber athletes are starting to take interest, the donors are coming back into the fold and bowl eligible seasons that were once the rarest of rarities are looking like the new routine. But, as, like life, college football doesn't exist in a vacuum, you have to consider two things. One is that the BCS system is set up a little bit differently than it was a decade ago. And two, by joining the Big East, TCU pretty much drank SMU's BCS milkshake.

If we're being honest with ourselves, in the short time between Utah and BYU leaving the Mountain West and the Big East reaching their hand up our skirt to find the prize inside, our prospects were GRIM. I've written about it before in a more scathing manner, but a Mountain West Conference with Boise State, TCU and Nevada at its helm was not quite the same as Boise, TCU, Utah and BYU, despite what Craig Thompson wanted us to believe. But at the same time, at least we weren't still in Conference USA! Where we had a pretty significant hill to climb to reach BCS relevance, SMU is looking up Mount Everest, and an Everest they must climb with one of Ookie's rapestands up their caboose. In order to be the "next TCU," SMU MUST somehow gain access to all of the BCS goodies. And I'm not quite sure how it is going to happen.

As we've well learned, the BCS is all about money. That's it, there really isn't anything else. This is why it took so long for TCU to be invited to the table in the first place. And now that we have, what incentive does any Conference to throw the Ponies a lifeline? The Dallas market is at once one of the most lucrative in the country and one of the most volatile. Ignoring the ten ton NFL elephant in the room, as well as the 9 ton MLB and NBA and the 0 ton NHL varietals, the Dallas market is UT and aggy first, Tech second, and everyone else third, although Baylor and TCU are clearly on a slightly higher pedestal than SMU. Not to mention where you judge OU to be, which is somewhere between the first and third tiers. So in strictly an NCAA sense, SMU is the 7th horse in their own backyard. That's not good for business. That's not good for anyone associated with the school and wants to see it grow athletically. In their present condition, at best SMU can move up to the TCU/Baylor tier in terms of visibility, but that will require a couple of Conference Championships and at least one BCS Bowl trip. That's at a minimum. And with Baylor and TCU clearly on just as much of a rise as the Ponies, relatively speaking, but with BCS status to boot, that gap is making Michael Strahan's mouth look like a cornerstone of dental perfection.

But even if SMU does those things - not an easy task with Houston, UCF and Southern Miss in their conference, not to mention Boise always being in play for the auto bid - I fear the events of last fall will forever doom the Ponies to second tier status. When the Big East decided that TCU was the prettiest girl at the dance, they pretty much sealed SMU's fate as Metroplex cannon fodder, and I don't see how they can recover without the BCS. And if they ever hope to join a BCS Conference, they really only have three options, none pleasant.

One is if the Big 12 decides to expand back to its namesake and swoops the Ponies off their cocaine powdered noses. However, there are a few problems with this. If the Big 12 does decide they want to regain the revenue and clout they are losing without divisions and a title game, don't you think TCU is at the top of the list, if only to get us away from the East Coast market? And that's assuming that the league completely reverses course from their most recent stance against the Frogs when it made an enormous amount of sense to add us - that they have the D/FW market locked down already, so why take food out of mouths for no apparent reason? If they ever chose to expand, I think option A is Arkansas - not leaving the SEC, but it's always going to be tossed out there for nostalgia's sake - and TCU, option B is TCU and maybe BYU and option C is TCU and SMU, although don't discount the Cougar High factor either. So, assuming that I'm the soothsayer I chalk myself up to be, SMU in the Big 12 looks like a slim, slim option.

The second option would be for the Big East to expand to 10-12 football playing schools, which would mean adding one to three more schools into the mix when you include TCU. Of course, there are all sorts of theories here, none of which looking like they will come to fruition any time soon. The most commonly floated about rumor is that the Conference will have Villanova make the move from FCS to FBS, or vis versa, which is a very logical move since the Wildcats are a current BE basketball member and will not upset that balance. However, if the stories are true, the BE went so far as to extend this invitiation only to revoke at the 11th hour due to concerns regarding the Wildcats stadium situation (they were going to have to play their games in an SMU sized MLS stadium in the 'burbs). So they're reportedly out.

From there you have an assortment of teams in the mix, some logical (UCF, Memphis, East Carolina, Houston) some not (SMU, Notre Dame). UCF makes a ton of sense as it is a big school in a large recruiting area with updated facilities, but current BE member USF, who would be their natural rival, disagrees with this. So they're out for the time being. Notre Dame clearly isn't joining up, happy to keep their indie status in football and BE status in basketball. Which leaves Memphis, East Carolina, Houston and SMU as possibilities. Not exactly a murderers row of football talent, nor a group of schools that are going to add many eyes (read: money). And if they were to add another school in Texas, why would they add one in the same market? Houston would be the only logical choice here, but I still don't see it. Also, SMU lacks a baseball team, which would likely pose some issues as well.

In fact, I don't see the Big East doing much of anything other than coming to an agreement on the Villanova deal. The major issue with Big East expansion is the delicate balance between the basketball only and the football schools. At 17, there will be way too many teams in the basketball conference once TCU joins. You'll recall the back and forth we had with the conference as they initially wanted us as a football only member but ultimately decided that the value we bring to the table in that area overshadows what our basketball team subtracts. The basketball schools are already threatening to break away from the Conference entirely if more schools are added. I doubt the Big East continues to stir that pot.

So SMU's last, and most likely, option is to join the Mountain West in our place and hope to God that Conference eventually qualifies for AQ status. To accomplish this, the Conference is either going to have to add another team to the mix to prop up the Conference - Houston - or have someone rise up from the muck. Which would basically put the Ponies in the same position we were in just a few short months ago - hitching their hopes to Boise remaining top notch and hoping Nevada clones Colin Kaepernick, Fresno State starts backing up their talk by actually winning some of those high profile non-con games, and presuming that Colorado State and Air Force are on the rise. The first part of that scenario is entirely likely; the latter, well, needs improvement.

At the same time, you're also assuming that SMU continues to improve, which is probable but not guaranteed. And let's not forget that, despite all of the improvements they have made relative to where they were when Phil Bennett was still coaching, they still haven't won Conference title and also lost a bowl game at home to the Army. You'll remember, football is at least the third priority in those players' lives. So, that's no bueno. And, no matter what, Boise is going to run rampant through that Conference for the forseeable future, so everyone else is playing for second place.

So there lies the rub - SMU's ceiling is second place in the Mountain West Conference and the Las Vegas Bowl year in and year out, and that's assuming a Conference change happens. Not exactly a bright future, is it?

I appreciate the rivalry with our cross town penny loafer wearing pals. I love how it absolutely burns them up to witness our success, partially at their expense. Love it. And it'd be pretty cool if they could give us a game more than once every 10 years. But, with the current CFB landscape, I just can't see it happening. As many strides as they have made these past few years, the Ponies made their bed when they associated themselves with Craig James. Now they've gotta keep sleeping in it. At least it's better than a Port-a-Potty in Waco, right?

And that's Today's Lesson in SMU Reality Checks.

Morning Dump

Horned Frogs shine in summer baseball leagues
-Where's Purke?

Frogs advance to 100 meter semifinals at USA Championships

Former TCU golfer Derrey pick win on LPGA futures

Be sure to sign up for Spitblood's Countdown to Kickoff Golf Tournament on July 23 at Whitestone Golf Course in Benbrook, TX. 4 man teams, $100 per player. Many prizes will be given out, including the coveted purple blazers to the winning team. Sign up and pay by July 11 to guarantee you and your team's spot. Email or click the link on the right side of the page.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

One Month till the Spit Blood Countdown to Kickoff Golf Tournament

The golf tournament is one month from today on July 23 at Whitestone Golf Club in Benbrook. Again, it is a four man scramble being $100 per player. The $100 gets you the round, food after the round during the awards presentation, and some other goodies that we are working on. If you are planning to play then please go ahead and send your name in to and pay using the link on the right side of this page. The deadline for us to get the final count to Whitestone is quickly approaching, so sign up ASAP. Tell anyone who think might be interested to sign up as well. If you want to play, but don't have a team or have less than four, don't worry about it. We will put you on a team or combine teams with less than 4.

We are working on some pretty cool prizes that will rival those given away from last year. And of course, don't you want the purple blazer? They will be on prominent display. Here is shot of the winners from last year sporting theirs.

This is before the jackets received their patches.

CFN Previews the 2011 Frogs

I'm still planning on posting the scouting reports on each of TCU's 2011 opponents as they become available (although I doubt they do one for Portland State), but today the guys at CFN decided to post their preview of the Horned Frogs themselves. So I'll post their TCU stuff today instead of the New Mexico stuff that I was planning on posting, unless you'd rather hear about the Lobos? I thought so.

"No, the Rose Bowl victory wasn't the culmination of a great run. It might have been just the beginning" - Pete Fiutak

-CFN 2011 TCU preview

-CFN 2011 TCU offensive breakdown

-CFN 2011 TCU defensive breakdown

Frogs land a new kicker

Coach Patterson's staff has found their heir apparent to Ross Evans...and he's 6'3"! Jaden Oberkrom becomes the third player from Arlington Martin to commit to TCU in the past two years (following Deryck Gildon last year and joining Devonte Fields in the the Frogs' Class of 2012), so there is definitely a bit of a talent pipeline there! Now then, what are the odds that GP lets him wear #99 when he gets to TCU?

Erik Miller Signs with Cincinnati


Junior starting pitcher/relief disaster Erik Miller will be taking his, ahem, "talents" to Cincinnati, or at least some low level crappy minor league affiliate. Looks like we will no longer have to see that raunchy porn stache on the mound in Fort Worth anymore. Obviously this isn't an underclassmen we are too concerned with, but best of luck to Erik in the future. Word of advice- learn how to get out lefties and maybe work on your warm-up routine if you're going to be a reliever. I can't speak for everyone, but I wont miss you too much. Here is the link.

Morning Dump

TCU ready to run at USA Outdoor Championships

Notes on a scorecard

Big East in Texas

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scouting the 2011 opponents: Boise State

We're just 72 days away from TCU's season opener, and since you know Coach Patterson and his staff are already scouting the Frogs' 2011 opponents, we figure we ought to as well. And when I say "scouting" I clearly mean just providing links to the team previews done by

And why not start with the biggest game of the season? TCU and Boise State have played each other in bowl games three times in the past decade, including two years in a row with the Poinsettia Bowl and Fiesta Bowl following the 2008 and 2009 seasons- with the Broncos holding a 2-1 edge in the all time series. Adding to this strange rivalry is the fact that, in their only year as conference mates before TCU heads to the Big East, Boise successfully lobbied the Mountain West to move their November 12th game against the Frogs from Fort Worth to the blue turf.

We all know that this game will be a match up between two of the best and most loyal head coaches in America- Gary Patterson and Chris Petersen. And we know that Kellen Moore will return for his 17th year as Broncos QB and that he'll rely a lot on the threat of running back Doug Martin to open up the passing game. But who replaces the super-reliable receiving duo of Austin Pettis and Titus Young? Will kicker/punter Kyle Brotzman be his usual accurate self, or be the "did he really miss that?!?" version that we saw against Nevada last year and in the Poinsettia Bowl in December '09?

-CFN 2011 Boise State Preview

-CFN 2011 Boise State offensive breakdown

-CFN 2011 Boise State defensive breakdown

-CFN 2011 Boise State depth chart
Pharr signs free agent deal with Milwaukee

Rivera has unfinished business at TCU
Muscatine Journal

Frogs' Silmon hoping to atone for letdown at NCAAs

Touching lives with LaDainian Tomlinson

Famous TCU alums

Be sure to sign up for Spitblood's Countdown to Kickoff Golf Tournament on July 23 at Whitestone Golf Course in Benbrook, TX. 4 man teams, $100 per player. Many prizes will be given out, including the coveted purple blazers to the winning team. Sign up and pay by July 11 to guarantee you and your team's spot. Email or click the link on the right side of the page.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TCU: Fort Worth's Team

This week, ESPN's Ivan Maisel is taking a look at the unique challenges faced by college football programs that exist in NFL markets. This is what TCU fans have been preaching for years when fans of other schools that play in cities without major pro sports have belittled our attendance. Today, Maisel takes a closer look at TCU's situation and how they've been able to brand themselves as "Fort Worth's Team" in an attempt to raise their profile out of the shadow of the Cowboys. It's a good read, but see if you can resist cringing when Chris Del Conte compares TCU to Applebee's.

Arrieta Records League Leading 9th Win

Jake Arrieta Jake Arrieta #34 of the Baltimore Orioles pitches against the Washington Nationals at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on May 20, 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Former Frog ace Jake Arrieta picked up his 9th win last night, which ties him for the major league lead with 8 other pitchers, including such names as Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, CC Sabathia, Justin Verlander, and few more. Although the rest of his numbers don't exactly stack up with the rest of those guys (he's only gone more than 6 innings in 3 of his 16 starts and has an ERA of 4.50), it's great to see another former Frog producing at a professional level. Let's hope he keeps this up for the rest of the season, and maybe even earns himself an All-Star appearance. Oh, and to follow up on Lyle's post yesterday about seeking his first career hit- he got it, as well as his first RBI on a bloop single to right field in the first. Congrats, Jake, and keep making us proud.

Also, with the news of Albert Pujols being out for an extended period of time, keep an eye on the possibility of Matt Carpenter being called back up again, although I really have no idea. We will let you know if we find anything out.

Greatest Cake Ever?

"I wish it were winter so we could freeze it into ice blocks and skate on it and melt it in the spring time and eat it!"

Stumbled over to the cake table at the wedding I was at at this weekend to find this masterpiece. The picture doesn't even do it justice. What better way to cap the best season in Horned Frog history than with the best cake mankind has laid eyes on. Even the inside was made of purple cake.

I'm pretty sure I cried when the bride and groom cut the cake. Not out of happiness for them, but out of pure rage for destroying something so beautiful.

Morning Dump

Carder and Brock add to preseason honors

Heart of the city: TCU

SMU looks West for plan of success

What TCU's Casey Pachall and Matt Leinart have in common
Sport DFW

TCU equestrian adds head hunt seat coach

Monday, June 20, 2011

Arrieta on the hill tonight

Forget about Astros-Rangers, Cubs-White Sox or Yankees-Mets. Because clearly, the most-anticipated match up in interleague play every year are the showdowns between the Orioles and Pirates, right? Before you completely scoff the idea, remember the fact that these two teams played each other in the 1971 World Series.

Tonight, former TCU ace and current Baltimore starter Jake Arrieta takes his 8-4 record into PNC Park in Pittsburgh. He'll be looking not only for his first road victory since May 15, but also his first Major League base hit since there will be no DH in this game. Last year, Arrieta was hitless in four plate appearances- going 0-3 with a walk.

As the summer goes on, stick with us as we'll try to bring you up to date on all of the TCU alumni playing in professional baseball. Hopefully we'll have a few more Horned Frogs to root for in the bigs by the end of this season.

Live chat with Schlossnagle @ 1:30pm

We all wish he was a little too busy with a certain tournament up in Nebraska right now, but TCU head baseball coach Jim Schlossnagle has a live chat at 1:30 this afternoon on You can submit your questions now by clicking here.

Morning Dump


Stadium renovations taking shape Star-Telegram

2011 MWC Predictions Athlon Sports

2011 TCU Preview Athlon Sports

Evans and Kelton receive preseason honors

Bowl officials finalize dates for 2011 postseason Star-Telegram

Athletic Department:

Q&A with Chris Del Conte Orlando Sentinel

TCU alum wins LPGA event

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Afternoon Dump

Eight Frogs on Dave Campbell's Texas Football All-Texas College Team

Q&A with Jim Schlossnagle Star-Telegram

New stadium construction photo gallery

...and some video:

Matt Purke Update

Despite the fact that an injury-plagued sophomore season caused him to slip to the 3rd round of the MLB Draft, it appears that Matt Purke may not necessarily be ready to jump into pro baseball. According to Federal Baseball, a Washington Nationals fan blog, the Nats have serious concerns about Purke's signability. They also quote Nolan Ryan as saying that the reason the Rangers passed on Purke this year was because his monetary demands were actually higher than they were two years ago when he was their 1st round pick.

Purke's performance in the Cape Cod League this summer might be the biggest factor in all of his. If he pitches like he did as a freshman and puts the concerns about the health of his arm to bed, it might make the Nationals more likely to meet his demands. But as it sits right now, I think there's a decent chance we get at least one more year of #47 pitching for the Frogs.

Spitblood Golf Tournament

We are getting close to crunch time. The golf tournament is five weeks away. So sign up and pay. Again, if you don't have a full team yet, no big deal, just go ahead and sign up and pay and you can continue to try and get your team together. Or, we can put you on a team that needs players. The tournament is July 23 at Whitestone. We are going to do a little incentive to try and speed up the sign up process. The first 60 people who sign up for the tournament and pay will have their names put into a drawing for a prize at the tournament. We already have a number of teams signed up, so move quickly to get your name in the hat. The prize will not be announced till the drawing but look at the prizes last year and just imagine what it could be.

So get your teams together and sign up. The link is on the right side of the blog. Same as last year, $100 per person, per team. Or, you can email

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stadium Work Continues

Some of you have probably been following the construction of the stadium via the webcams...and then some of you probably have a crappy computer like I do and can't get it to work. One of the taller, goofier friends of Spit Blood sent me this picture earlier this afternoon, showing the progress being made on the video board being installed in the southeast endzone. Chris Del Conte included a picture of this in his weekly Notes on a Scorecard, where he also mentioned that 18,300 season tickets have already been sold. That's nearly 5,000 more than this time last year, and they are hoping to reach 25,000 before the home opener against Louisiana-Monroe on September 17th. With a temporary capacity of about 32,000, that means there will only be about 7,000 tickets remaining for each individual game. I'm no expert on supply & demand, but what that suggests to me is that you better go ahead and buy season tickets before you're forced to buy your way into the game from a guy whose other job is selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door.

J.J. Henry at +1

Thru his first 18 at the U.S. Open at Congressional, J.J. Henry is at +1, currently 4 shots back and in early contention. Let's hope J.J. sticks around for the weekend and doesn't implode tomorrow, not that he's ever done that before...

Oh my God

As this appears to have been done completely non-ironically, it serves two purposes:

1) Provide evidence that you should never, ever become involved with a fraternity at a national level

2) Give a fair warning to any high school kids out there considering spending their college years in Waco

Morning Dump


TCU tops non-AQ mailbag ESPN


Athletic Department:

Obviously it's the start of the slow news time of the year for TCU sports, but that doesn't mean we're going into hibernation. If you've got a good idea for stuff that we should post about during this time in between baseball and the start of football, let us know in the comments section! Or if you're really bold, send us an email and see if we deem you worthy enough to post on your own (don't be shy- you've read some of the shit we allow on here).

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"The Bible" is here!

OK, OK- so there are technically 79 more days until TCU vs. Baylor. But the ceremonial start of football season is here as Dave Campbell's Texas Football magazine, aka "The Bible", has been released! I picked up a copy at lunch, and from what I can tell so far they have TCU at #11 in the nation preseason and Tank Carder is the collegiate Defensive Player of the Year. I've also been told by a friend of Spit Blood that works for the company that publishes DCTF that the decision to put Johnathan Gray on the cover was made before he committed to UT- so that means there could've been a Horned Frog on four straight covers (Hughes winter '10, Dalton summer '10, Patterson winter '11...too bad J. Gray fell for the allure of 6th Street). If the Rangers continue their slide, this magazine (along with season four of Breaking Bad) might be the only thing to tide me over until kickoff in Waco on September 2.

Commitment #12 for 2012

The recent TCU Football Camp held in Kilgore paid dividends already when Coach Patterson received the commitment of Rashodrick Linwood, a running back/receiver from Linden-Kildare High School. Linwood is 5'9", 175lbs and ran a 4.42 at that Kilgore camp. He's also been called "pound-for-pound, the best player in East Texas". Here's his highlight tape:

Baby Dump

Elander joins Mitchell on USA Team - Star Telegram

Everyone bet on Air Force vs. TCU - Colorado Springs Gazette

There's also a Q&A with Jerome Pena on an Orioles website, but it's subscription. And I think the Quidditch team is off for the summer, because I haven't seen anything newsworthy about them since, well, we covered them.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Same Song, New Singer

A common theme throughout the short history of Spit Blood has been to rip on teams that display a ridiculous amount of hubris. Whether it's the "we're the center of the universe" kind emanating from Austin, the "we're taking our awkward Morman ball and going home to play alone" kind from our former conference mates at BYU or the NBA's Team Icarus, we like taking shots at those who think they're invincible.

This brings us back to "THE" hubris from "THE" Ohio State University, which reached it's kharmatic (that's a word, right?) tipping point when school president Gordon Gee decided to open his mouth to criticize TCU. I think we all know how that's worked out for Gordon and his totally heterosexual bow ties. The Horned Frogs are +1 Rose Bowl Tropy while Gee is -1 football coach and -1 hotshot quarterback that will probably sell a ring to Lebron if the "King" thinks he needs to take another shortcut to glory.

Now that Jim Tressel and his equally masculine sweater vests have been forced out of Buckeye Land, Gee has turned the reigns of his school's football program to Jason Biggs...I mean Luke Fickell. The new coach's first order of business: picking up right where his predecessor left off in the denial game. Fickell, an Ohio State alum who had worked under Tressel since 2002, says he didn't know anything about the NCAA rules violations.

Is the NCAA going to accept this, just because the Buckeyes chose a fresh-faced replacement that they'll pay less than 25% of what Tressel was making to be the sacrificial lamb? If Tressel trusted this guy enough to promote him to co-defensive coordinator and the administration trusted him enough to give him the head coaching job, do you really think he didn't know what was going on? It's this kind of repeated attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the NCAA that led to SMU's program being decapitated in the late '80s- a fate I would cheer to see handed down on Ohio State.

Popping my Morning Dump Cherry

Reason #9 to be Excited for TCU Football in 2011 - SportDFW

TCU Athletics Year in Review 2010-2011 - SportDFW (probably not as awesome as Sir Wesley's)

Matt Purke, don't go play for the Natinals please - Federal Baseball, whatever that is.

Dalton be locked the F Out -

Sorry I don't have any links to Dirk getting shitfaced at some club in Miami, Cuban being unable to do anything without looking like a huge tool, any videos of Jason Kidd beating his wife, Rick Carlisle's breakout role in The Mask, or any soundbites of Jason Terry being the cockiest human being this side of Lebron James. It's probably time to shift this thing back to a TCU blog now. Football season is just around the corner...kind of.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Weik signs with Arizona

Despite not being selected in last week's MLB Draft, Joe Weik has signed a free agent contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks organization. Just figured I'd get some non-Mavs material on the blog today for those of you who haven't been watching this on repeat all day.

Morning Dump.


u mad?


Sorry, forgot it earlier. A reminder:

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ummm, Wow!

Seriously? Wow. I'm a TCU homer through and through, and this comes as a huge surprise to me. A very nice surprise. Not the kind of surprise you get a couple days after you sleep with a Tetch girl, but a Christmas morning new nintendo surprise. What is this surprise? The way too early ESPN class of 2012 recruiting rankings. The article is for insiders, so I can't post the link, but here is the list of the top 15:
1. Texas
2. Florida State
3. Alabama
4. Texas A&M
5. Florida
6. Michigan
7. USC
8. Miami (FL, not Ohio, duh)
9. LSU
10. TCU
11. Oklahoma
12. Auburn
13. Notre Dame
14. Texas Tech
15. Virginia Tech

Ok. Don't tell me you're not surprised. It always sux to see UT and faggies in front of us in anything, but on the other side, look at some of the programs we are ranked in front of right now. And yes, this is just right now, so obviously things will change and we will probably be jumped by alot of these schools, but still. Pretty freaking amazing what Patterson and Co. have been able to do in the past 6 months. Keep it up, and hopefully we will stay in the Top 10.