Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Del Conte's chat wrap

Chris Del Conte took questions from fans during his monthly live chat on gofrogs.com yesterday afternoon, and you can read the whole thing here. With the Amon G. Carter stadium renovation is rolling along, you could easily guess that Del Conte fielded quite a few questions from the type of unhappy, complain-for-the-sake-of-complaining type of folks who frequent a certain other TCU-related website and would rather bitch about their parking space being moved than enjoy the fact that our alma mater is finally getting a much-needed stadium upgrade. But he did give us a few nuggets of useful info:

-An architect is working on the renderings for the new locker room, which will be completed in the second phase of construction after this coming season.

-The new scoreboard in the north endzone will be quite an upgrade over the jumbotron that we were so glad to finally get just a few short years ago. It will be high-definition and three times the size of the old one.

-Just under 18,000 season tickets from 2010 have already been renewed as of Monday. Del Conte said he hopes to shatter last year's record of just over 19,000 with a goal of 25,000 season tickets.

-Get ready for Nike to have a bigger impact on the program. Del Conte mentioned that the school and Nike would be rolling out a new "overall branding" of the athletic programs in time for 2012. He also said that Nike & HKS, the architecture firm handling the stadium renovation, have been tasked with finding spaces "in and around the stadium" to honor TCU greats.

-People who put down a deposit for club seats in 2012 will be invited to a "Pick Your Seats Night" sometime this fall. Your butler will be delivering more information on this later in the summer.

-Football is not the only sport getting facility upgrades. Del Conte mentioned that all of the seats in Daniel-Meyer would be replaced over the next few years, and that the school continues to look into a "major renovation" that will be needed when the program moves into the Big East. He also mentioned that they are looking into additional upgrades at Lupton stadium including more suites and new locker rooms and other team facilities.


CFBMN said...

Seems a shame to replace seats in DMC that have barely been used over the years...

Taylor said...

"Your butler will be delivering more information on this later in the summer."